What is the Divorce Rate in Stoke-on-Trent?

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What is the Divorce Rate in Stoke-on-Trent?
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For those of you who are happily married, in a relationship, or even single, divorce can seem like something that will never affect you. However, statistics show that over the past 50 years, exactly one-third of marriages have ended in divorce, meaning one in three of us will experience it for ourselves.

These are scary figures. A divorce can turn life upside down, so it is important to understand divorce, the statistics around it and what you should do if you find yourself in the position of leaving your spouse, wherever it’s your decision or theirs.

Divorce rates vary from region to region, so let’s take a look at the national and local picture here in Stoke on divorce and delve into how companies like We Buy Any Home can help when marriages fail and assets need to be split, as we are experts in selling a house after divorce.

Average Divorce Rate in the UK

England and Wales witnessed 103,592 divorces in 2020 and divorce rates can vary depending on many factors, with length of marriage a key factor. 

  • On average, the overall divorce rate for all marriages spanning over 50 years, from 1964 to 2019, stands at 31.8%.
  • Of couples who married half a century ago in 1968, 35.3% had experienced divorce by 2018.
  • In contrast, 43.6% of those who wed in 1988 had parted ways by 2018.
  • Additionally, 18.9% of couples married in 2008 had gone through divorce within the first ten years by 2018.

While there has been a decline in divorces within a decade of marriage, it’s important to acknowledge that marriages lasting 30 years or more have faced increased pressures in recent years, rising from 32.7% in 1998 to 43.6% in 2018.

What is the Stoke Divorce Rate?

In Stoke-on-Trent, the divorce rate surpasses the national average by 1.7%. However, when we delve into specific postcode areas, there are further variations. The ST5 postcode area boasts the lowest divorce rate, standing at 3.63% higher than the national average. In contrast, the ST19 postcode area exhibits the highest divorce rate, albeit marginally lower than the national average by 1.2%.

Stoke divorce rate infographic reads: 1/3 UK marriages end in divorce. ST5 - divorce rate in this postcode is 3.63% higher than the national average. ST19 - divorce rate in this postcode is is 1.2% lower than the national average.

Where in the UK has the highest divorce rate?

Norwich takes the unwanted lead in the UK when it comes to divorce rates, standing at 12.8%, making it the highest in the country.

Trailing closely behind are Hastings and Blackpool, both with a 12.1% divorce rate. Several other regions in the UK also experience high divorce rates, including Lincoln at 11.9%, Gosport at 11.9%, Eastbourne at 11.7%, Portsmouth at 11.6%, Torbay at 11.5%, Great Yarmouth at 11.4%, and Plymouth at 11.4%.

These statistics reveal varying levels of marital challenges in different areas, emphasizing the importance of support and understanding for individuals navigating the complexities of divorce and separation. It is hard to know or pinpoint why there are regional variants when it comes to divorce rates, just know that if it does affect you, you are not alone. Whilst it is hard to know why divorce is more prevalent in some parts of the country, it is not hard to understand what you need to do if it affects you when it comes to your property.

What to do if you need to sell your house after divorce

The first thing you need to do is assess your property’s market value, which can help to sell flat fast or any other property type for that matter. Potential this involves a third-party appraisal. Next, you have three options for selling your property:

  1. Traditional Estate Agent: Opting for a brick-and-mortar estate agent may yield a higher selling price, but it often involves an uncertain timeframe. Typically, a property remains on the market for around 90 days before receiving an offer, followed by an additional 8-12 weeks for finalization, extending the process to 5-6 months or more. This can cost you thousands in extra mortgage payments and other household bills, as well as the commission you need to pay the agent.
  1. Online Estate Agents: Online agents offer cost-effective solutions but may lack local expertise and might require you to handle property viewings. Not ideal if you need to work this out with your spouse.
  1. Professional Cash Home Buyer: Choosing a professional cash home buyer provides a swifter resolution. While the selling price may be slightly lower, the advantage lies in flexibility, with the possibility of closing within a week, saving on legal fees. This is also the only way to guarantee a sale.

You might wonder whether you need a solicitor too. It’s entirely possible to manage the sale independently, especially considering the rising associated costs. Reputable cash-buying services, such as We Buy Any Home, often cover all legal fees, offering potential savings.

Speaking of expenses, traditional property sales can be costly. In 2023, anticipated costs include estate agent fees (1-3% of the final sale price), conveyancing fees (around £1,690 including VAT), an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) (£60 – £120 including VAT), and removal company charges (approximately £1,181 for a 3-bedroom house 50 miles away). Additional expenses might arise, such as mortgage exit fees and early mortgage repayment charges. It all adds up!

How We Buy Any Home Can Help

If you’re going through a divorce and seeking a swift home sale in Stoke-On-Trent, We Buy Any Home specializes in selling homes fast. Our efficient process helps you transition smoothly to the next chapter of your life, all while avoiding estate agent fees. Reach out to us today for a no-obligation consultation and simplify your journey while saving on legal costs. We’re here to support you in moving forward after your divorce in Stoke on Trent.

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