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Selling a home at the best of times is stressful, complicated and can put strains on even the strongest of relationships and even the healthiest of finances. However, not everyone can sell from the strongest of positions and selling at these times of life is when people really can suffer.

This is why many people turn to We Buy Any Home. As a national home-buying company purchasing properties for cash and within 7 days across the UK including throughout Stoke, we offer a fresh approach to house selling and are an ideal option for those who are experiencing difficulties with selling their property.

Free cash offer within minutes, any condition, any location.

Explore your options with We Buy Any Home

Sell House Fast

As well as being extremely stressful, selling a house in Stoke via traditional estate agents and new online portals can leave you with not as much profit as you may expect. This is because estate agents will charge you either a flat fee or a commission of around 3% on a selling price, you’ll need to cover legal and survey costs – more than once if your sale happens to fall through at any stage – and of course, you’ll still need to cover your monthly mortgage and household bill on the property until you sell, which in Stoke is currently on average 139 days.

If you add up 5 months’ worth of bills it will run into the thousands, costs you do not need to pay if you use a sell house Stoke specialist like We Buy Any Home. 

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Cash House Buyers

As cash house buyers, we buy any house Stoke wide with our cash reserves and are not reliant on third parties unlike some of our competitors which makes us an industry-leading home buyer that provides one of the safest and surest property selling services. We can make an offer for your property within 24 hours and make the full payment within days if needed.

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Sell Flat Fast

Looking for a fast flat sale and want to know how much your apartment is worth? We Buy Any Home Stoke is a local and quick way to sell flats for cash, whether you have a tenant in situ or are experiencing issues with selling on the open market due to issues with cladding. 

In the past year, the selling price for flats in Stoke has risen by an astonishing 57% – more than any other property type – with the average price of a flat now £109,000 versus £69,000 a year ago. With flats in demand, we can offer you a price that although will be below market value could see you get a very healthy return especially when you consider you will not need to pay any commission, legal fees or ongoing monthly bills. 

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Sell With Tenants

Trying to sell a buy-to-let house or flat adds an extra layer of complexity for landlords. The rights of tenants must be adhered to and as a result, many are finding that yields are not as they once were and many renters are actively looking to find properties that can offer more space as a result of lockdowns. 

Whatever your situation, you can rely on We Buy Any Home to help. We’ve purchased hundreds of buy-to-let properties with tenants in situ and can guarantee you the highest cash offer, you’ll have no fees to pay and you can sell in a timeframe that suits you

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Free cash offer within minutes, any condition, any location.

Market trends in Stoke

  • Average price of a property in Stoke stands at £ 163,000.

  • Average time on the market in Stoke is  days.

  • Amount of properties sold in Stoke in 2021 was 7,583.

  • Property prices in Stoke fell 2% from previous year.

How it works

We Buy Any Home is completely transparent throughout the process of buying your home. We buy Stoke properties in as little as 7 days and can have a cash offer with you within 24 hours. Here’s how it works…

Free cash offer within minutes, no legal fees, any location.

  • Complete enquiry form

    First, you will need to submit an initial enquiry form. One of our representatives will then give you a call and discuss your property.

  • Receive a cash offer

    You’ll receive a cash offer from us over the phone. If you decide if you would like to proceed, then all you have to do is complete and return our simple paperwork

  • Final offer is made

    We then instruct solicitors. We instruct 2 (max) qualified surveyors/valuers to assess your property. Following the valuation report and legal check, a final price is provided. You confirm a completion date that is suitable for you. The sale completes and you receive the funds. 


Days it takes to sell a house in Stoke

We can buy your house within 7 days.

Why choose We Buy Any Home over estate agents?

We buy Stoke properties for cash and have been doing so for over 14 years. Unlike some of our competitors, we put you, the seller, first. Our initial phone call is designed to get an understanding of what you need to accomplish and with this in mind, we get to work making you the best offer we can to leave you feeling in control of your sale. 

The advantage of using We Buy Any Home over estate agents is that we can guarantee a sale in as little as 7 days rather than the average of 2 months in the Stoke region. We can also guarantee:

  • No home viewings apart from a visitor by a surveyor
  • No waiting for buyers to arrange a mortgage
  • No chasing up solicitors or estate agents constantly for updates
  • Total transparency
  • No commissions

Free cash offer within minutes, any condition, any location.

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Why use We Buy Any Home?

We Buy Any Home.com is the UK’s leading home buying company. Unlike many of our competitors, we are a genuine cash house buyer company with over 300 years of combined experience in buying homes across our multi-talented team. As well as being vastly experienced and having featured in major publications such as The Daily Mirror and on ITV, we have several USPs that make us stand out from the crowd. 

  • Founding member of NAPB (The National Association of Property Buyers)
  • Combined 300 years of experience
  • 100% Cash buyer – No third-party buyers
  • Member of the Property Ombudsman (government-approved regulatory body)
  • UK’s No1 home-buying company
  • Award-winning brand

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Frequently asked questions specific to Stoke

Call our team of experts: 0800 774 0004

Will I get less for my home than if I use an estate agent

We typically offer a price that is 80%-85% of a property’s ‘value’ according to estate agents. However, if you look at the value of a house being shown on an estate agent’s website, the price you will see a property being advertised at will usually be well more than what the property is worth in the market. By the time the property is sold, the owners may have waited many months to find a buyer prepared to come near to that price, and even then the sale will probably proceed at a price significantly lower than the price advertised. Plus agents often inflate prices by claiming to be able to sell for a higher price, to secure the chance to sell the property against competition from other local agents.

At We Buy Any Home, we calculate the true market value of your property using actual data of comparable sales achieved recently, and the most sophisticated valuation software.

When you put all this together, plus add on the time saved and amount of bills you don’t have to fork out for whilst trying to sell and you’ll be surprised at how little the amount your receive differs from an estate agent valuation.

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Does my home have to be in perfect condition

We buy Stoke homes in every condition imaginable. As long as you are honest with us from the outset so we know what condition the property is in so we can make a realistic offer to save time in the process.

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Are you based in Stoke

Our headquarters are in London’s Square Mile, in the iconic Gherkin building, meaning we are well-known in the industry and highly visible. However, we buy properties nationwide and have been buying and selling Stoke homes for over 14 years. Unlike our competitors, we know the local markets so can give a personable, local touch that will make you feel at ease from the start no mater whether you are based in Hanley or Burslem.

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What types of property do you buy?

We will buy any house in Nottingham. That includes all types of domestic properties. Flats, terraced, detached, bungalows, we offer cash for everything.

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I am interested. What do I need to do?

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