4 Ways You Can Sell Your Property Yourself

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<strong>4 Ways You Can Sell Your Property Yourself</strong>
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Have you considered selling your property – but are keen to avoid the typical estate agency route?

Selling a house by yourself is completely possible in the UK, and is more common than you might think. When less of the commission from a sale goes to an estate agent, there is more money going into your pocket. Furthermore, selling the property yourself may give you autonomy over aspects of the selling process which you might otherwise have to consult other people for.

However, it is important to understand what you are getting yourself into before selling your property yourself. Some routes (such as selling to a cash house buyer) are quick and easy, but selling on the market can be much more challenging without an estate agent. Make sure you get independent advice before jumping into any decisions.

But once the decision has been made, and you are ‘sold’ on selling your property yourself… here’s 4 different ways that you can make that happen.

1 – Sell to a Cash House Buyer

Selling your property to a cash house buyer, like WeBuyAnyHome, is a quick and easy to complete the process. With some companies, it is possible for your property to be sold within 7 days, making it a stress-free way of selling your house yourself.

When you sell to a cash house buyer, you will typically receive less money for your house than you would’ve likely received ‘on the market’. However, you can also save money by avoiding estate agent’s commissions and (in some cases) legal fees.

Our industry experts at We Buy Any Home have more than 300 years of combined experience in the property sector. We have bought thousands of properties across the entire country, from Aberdeen to Portsmouth, Manchester to Newcastle. We are the UK’s biggest cash house buyer for a reason, and our team members are regarded as the most trusted property buyers in the country.

2 – Sell Your Property at Auction

Another way you can sell you property yourself is through an auction. Once again, this method can enable you to sidestep the costs of an estate agent’s commission, as well as the legal fees of a solicitor.

On the other hand, auctions can come with the risk of not getting the price you wanted for your property. The auction house will also usually take a percentage of your fee for the property.

3 – Selling via Online Websites

In this digital age, it is increasingly common for people to advertise that their home is ‘for sale’ via online websites. This can sometimes be enough to generate substantial interest and find a suitable buyer.

Some of the most popular online websites for advertising your house includes:

  • RightMove
  • Zoopla
  • OnTheMarket

These websites are filled with users who are looking for their next dream home.

You should ensure that you price your property appropriately when listing a house on these websites, as it can have a major effect on the number of enquiries you receive. If in doubt, you should speak with an independent valuer who can give an accurate estimation of your property’s value.

4 – Take Care of the In-Person Marketing

Not everything needs to be done through online websites or outside facilitators. Estate agents may help you with the marketing of your property – but if you choose to sell by yourself, then you can still do many of these things yourself.

At a very small expense (or no expense at all, in some cases) you may be able to:

  • Arrange open days
  • Put leaflets through doors
  • Buy a ‘For Sale’ sign and put it outside your house
  • Place an ad in local newspapers

A major hurdle in selling your property is getting it seen by enough potential buyers. All of these marketing methods can help you to do that – and, with a bit of luck, you may be able to attract a suitable buyer all by yourself.

Advice for selling your property yourself

Selling your property yourself is no small task – so, you should ensure you are thoroughly prepared. If in doubt, an outside (independent) opinion can be valuable, so you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for expert help if you encounter any hurdles.

You should also make sure that all the correct paperwork is in place. If you hire a solicitor, they can do this for you – but if not, then do thorough research on everything you need when selling your house. WeBuyAnyHome’s house selling checklist may be able to help you with this.

Sell your property with WeBuyAnyHome

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