How To Advertise On Rightmove Privately

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How To Advertise On Rightmove Privately
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Most property searches begin on portals. These sites work exclusively with estate agents, so you won’t be able to advertise your home on them if you’re not using one. But there are lots of other ways to find a buyer.

One, which avoids estate agent fees and the hassle of marketing your home yourself, is to work with us. We make the process simple by buying the property with our own cash funds, so you’re not waiting for the right person to come along. What’s more we can complete a sale in just seven days.

Other online options

Although nothing can match Rightmove for influence and reach just yet, there are sites which allow private sellers to list their homes. The House Shop, for example, allows you to create a listing for free, paying for add on services as and when you need them. On these sites private sales are often listed as FSBO – for sale by the owner.

Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree also allow you to list your home for free. You can then pay to boost your advert so more people see it and target it to those it’s most likely to appeal to. Asking your friends and connections to share your advert is also a good way to generate interest. Equally you should get the word out on Instagram, Twitter and in any local forums and groups you can find.

There is also an online estate agent which charges a flat fee that may work out cheaper than a traditional agent and are able to list properties on Rightmove and Zoopla. However costs can run into thousands of pounds in some parts of the country and they do not provide the same personal service or local knowledge of a high street agent.

When to sell without Rightmove

How you sell your home depends on the housing market at the time and your priorities. There are some scenarios in which you may not need access to Rightmove, for example:

  • The market is moving very fast. When homes are selling quickly for their asking price it means there’s a lot of competition among buyers. They’ll be keen to be first to spot a new property for sale and won’t limit their search to online portals.
  • If you live in a desirable location, you may find someone drops a note through your door offering to buy your home. If you’re keen and happy with their offer there’s no need to use an estate agent who would normally list it on Rightmove or Zoopla.
  • You are confident in taking photographs, creating floorplans and writing descriptions of your home and uploading them to sites such as The House Shop. Or you’re happy to pay someone else to do them for you (freelancers can be found on sites such as PeoplePerHour). Remember if you’re selling privately without an estate agent you’ll also be hosting viewings and managing negotiations when you receive offers.
  • Auctioning your home is a way to sell it relatively quickly. Some auction houses list properties on portals but many rely on their own catalogues and the fact buyers at auction are often well-researched developers who keep an eye on what is on offer. But auction commissions are expensive at between 2% and 3% plus VAT.
  • Selling to a home buying company is a fast and cost-effective option. For example, we can buy your home in just seven days and do not charge any fees, although we will offer slightly under the market value for it.

Marketing offline

Most home buyers are from the local area, so don’t give up on more traditional marketing techniques that might attract people looking to buy nearby. These include putting up your own ‘for sale’ sign and posting adverts in local newspapers and magazines.

You could also create your own printed details, similar to those used by an estate agent, and put them up in local shops. Targeted leafleting may pay off too. If your home is particularly suited to a certain demographic, perhaps it’s ideal for a first time buyer, it’s worth posting them in areas where there are lots of people in rented accommodation.

Keep spreading the word with friends and colleagues. It’s free and there’s a good chance they’ll know someone searching for a new home.

Working with us

Not only do we buy homes quickly while making the process as smooth as possible, but we also do not use estate agents so your home won’t be listed on Rightmove.

Because we buy any house from our own cash funds there is no need to advertise your property. If you’d rather keep the sale private this will help ensure nobody knows you are moving. You also won’t be waiting around for a buyer and your home won’t be part of a chain that could break down.

Once we’ve agreed on a final price and a completion date, we’ll stick to them. You know when you’ll be moving when your mortgage repayments will stop and when funds will be in your account. If you’d like to chat about our service and how we could help you, please get in touch.

Free cash offer within minutes, any condition, any location.

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