Where to Live As A Young Professional in Preston?

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Where to Live As A Young Professional in Preston?
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Preston is rapidly becoming the preferred choice of residence for many people. The city remains a top performer in the northwest region of England. Preston, in recent times, has scored above average for different categories that are seen as important for economic prosperity.

Some of these categories include employment availability, work-life balance, and the skill set of the population. In fact, recent forecasts have shown the Preston and Lancashire City Deal is expected to result in 20,000 new jobs and over 17,000 homes. Young professionals relocating to Preston must consider what the city is like and what are the best places to live

What Is Preston Like?

In recent years, Preston has seen a tremendous amount of development and has now become a dynamic city that’s known for its continuous evolution. The city is home to mesmerising outdoor spaces and parks like Ashton Park, Wicketfist Art Studio, Teesside Koi and Aquatics Aquarium.  

As a young professional who plans to live in Preston, you need to know that the council of the city has recently implemented a project called the Preston model. The underlying fundamental of the model is to promote community wealth building in Preston. This entails that benefits of local growth are invested back into local areas to foster economic activity. 

As a result of this initiative, young professionals who plan to live in Preston are likely to have access to more employment opportunities. This can help them secure a sustainable source of income. These professionals can then use this income for affordable housing and to enjoy leisure activities like bowling or visiting a mall.

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What Are The Best Places To Live In Preston? 

Preston, due to its employment opportunities and amenities, is attracting quite a lot of people. In fact, recent forecasts have shown that the city’s population is expected to increase in the coming years. It can reach around 338,400 by 2025 and 345,500 by 2028. Some of the best areas of Preston for young professionals include: 

Farringdon Park

Farringdon Park is a location that offers a high standard of living and has different entertainment options that young professionals are likely to enjoy. But that’s not all. It’s also home to plenty of green space. This makes it the perfect spot for young professionals who want to go for a jog or do a little cycling before or after work. The recent rise in real estate prices shows that the region is becoming popular. Young professionals living in the area can expect to earn just over £29,000 per annum.


Ribbleton is a great option for young professionals and has an average salary of £27,000 each year. The region has different accommodation options for young professionals, including flats, apartments, semi-detached homes, and detached homes. Real estate prices in the region have increased but continue to remain affordable. The region is also home to some great attractions and amenities like theatres, art galleries, aquariums, and more. 


This is another region in Preston that’s suitable for young professionals as it offers a wide range of accommodation and employment options allowing them to earn around £29,000 per annum. In addition, it’s also home to some fascinating attractions that serve as suitable leisure options for young professionals. Common examples of such attractions include the Teesside Koi & Aquatics Aquarium, South Park, and the Identity Theatre. 

Egerton Road, Ashton-on-Ribble

Egerton Road is one of the most preferred regions to live in Preston. The region offers great housing options and also has an increasing number of apartments and terraced accommodations available. Like all others, the region is suitable for accommodation and employment and also offers great leisure activities. Young professionals can earn just under £30,000 per year and can spend their free time in a museum, watching a movie, or enjoying go-karting.


Fulwood is another great region where young professionals can work and live in Preston. It offers suitable accommodation options and employment opportunities. Those looking for employment can expect to earn around £29,000 per year. Prices for houses in Fulwood are increasing steadily, and growth has been slow over the last few years. It’s also home to different attractions such as Wickerfish Art Studio and the Woodfold Fisheries Lake. 

What Is The Cost Of Living In Preston? 

Cost of living is an important factor to consider for young professionals who want to live in Preston. The average salary in Preston is around £34,000 per year or a little over £2,800 per month. Preston is considered to be a region that is inexpensive. In fact, the average cost of living in Preston is £438 per month without rent and £940 per month with rent. Given this, it can be said young professionals can afford to live in Preston. 

Preston is a city that is becoming an increasingly popular choice for residence and investment. Young professionals looking to move to Preston can expect to have a wide range of employment opportunities, affordable housing, and fascinating amenities. Some of the best areas to live in Preston include Barton, Fulwood, and Ribbleton. We can help you sell flat fast and move to Preston. So, don’t wait. Contact us today to learn more!

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