The Best Areas to Live in Preston

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The Best Areas to Live in Preston
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When it comes to choosing the best areas to live in, one must consider essential metrics such as income, housing, transport, safety, and healthcare. Considering these, Preston’s high rating on PwC Good Growth Cities index is a testament to it being one of the best cities to live in the UK. The good employment rate mainly attracts the younger population to Preston, thanks to the £434 million city deal centred on creating new job opportunities. Woodplumpton, Broughton, Cottam, Penwortham, Fulwood, and Hutton are some desirable areas in Preston’s neighbourhood. 

On the other hand, the surrounding areas like Grange, Brookfield, Fishwick, and Callon Estate are considered less desirable. Preston always tends to score very highly in the surveys related to the quality of life in a city. This score considers crime rate, average salary rates, and house prices. Since We Buy Any Home primarily purchases residential properties in Preston, we can guide you about the best areas to live in.

Is Preston Property Market Worth Investing In?

According to the House Price Index, the Preston property market has seen an upward trend over the course of the past four years. There are many options to buy and sell property in Preston. This mainly includes online portals and local estate agents. However, these options can be time-taking, costly, and incredibly stressful. It might also involve processes that require expertise. For instance, excessive paperwork and dealing with solicitors.

Unfortunately, not everyone is well-versed in the complexities of selling their properties. Also, it is difficult to find a trustworthy company nowadays. You shouldn’t be selling your property if you’re inexperienced. You might end up selling your property at a much lesser value. There may be times when you need instant cash. Unfortunately, not everyone has cash readily available. This is where you need the services of cash-buying companies.

While many companies in Preston claim to be cash buyers, they do not provide the actual market value for your property. Even if they provide you with a good rate. There are a number of hidden charges that can cause a loss. Another problem is the delay tactics that the company uses to pay your funds. They utilise this time to find new buyers for your property.

There are a number of reasons why the property market in Preston is flourishing. The biggest reason is that it is a new city and currently in its developing stage. For instance, the Preston and Lancashire City Deal is helping improve infrastructure and boost employment. Therefore, many people are considering investing in the Preston property market. Let’s look at some of the best areas to live in Preston.

Egerton Rd, Ashton-on-Ribble

Egerton Road is one of the most sought-out places in Preston. In this area, Victorian and Edwardian houses range in price from £250,000 to £500,000. Apart from that, this location has an increasing number of apartments and terraced properties available in the £50,000 to £363,000 price range. These can be ideal to be used as buy-to-let properties. 

This location is well within reach of the city centre. Another factor that makes this location ideal for investors is that it is closer to the “guild wheel” of Preston. It is a popular 21-mile cycle/walk/run route around the whole of Preston. You can enjoy your favourite movies at the ODEON Cinema near this area.

Bulmer St, Ashton-on-Ribble

Since Ashton-on-Ribble is a new area in Preston, you can find many first-time properties here. It is famous for terraced properties, mostly used as buy-to-let properties. Bulmer Street is also closer to Fishergate, where you can enjoy shopping with friends and family. 

The main type of residents in this area is suburbanites. You can find many small independent shops selling affordable items in this area. Apart from that, high-end luxury brands are also present. This location is also within reach of the city centre, making it even more attractive for families. Moreover, this location is also closer to the popular 21-mile cycle/walk/run route. The house prices in Bulmer Street also range from £50,000 to £363,000.

Farringdon Park

Houseshares and flats are quite easy to find in this area. Farringdon Park is home to Emblehope House, a retirement property. Considering this location is closer to the entertainment options and provides a high standard of living, it is a fairly good option for retirees. Farringdon Park is graced with plenty of green spaces. Some other similar places in Preston include Avenham Park, Winckley Square Gardens, and Miller Park. 

This might be your ideal location if you love cycling or jogging in the early morning. It is also closer to the Farringdon Park local fitness and sports club. The house prices in Farringdon Park range from £25,000 to £300,000. This location is attractive because it is within a few minutes drive from the M6, M65 & M61 motorways.


This area has many properties, including flats, bungalows, and huge detached houses. This is one of the safest locations in Preston. Ribbleton is closer to Flag Market and The Harris, where you can enjoy weekly events throughout the year. There are lots of beautiful buildings to be seen near Ribbleton. For instance, you can find Georgian-period buildings around Winckley Square at a distance of 8 minutes, serving as one of the main attractions of Ribbleton.

Moreover, it is much closer to the main landmarks of Preston. These include St Walburge’s Church and the Minster Church of St. John the Evangelist. The house prices in this area fall between the range of £16,000 to £399,900.


Rental property in Fulwood is available at a very reasonable rate. For instance, you can find a five-bedroom house for rent at around £1,400 per month. This makes this place attractive for first-time buyers and investors. The Royal Preston Hospital is located 5 minutes away from Fulwood. Considering that this location is within reach of the city centre, it is ideal for families. You can visit the nearby Conway Park and Haris Park to enjoy a peaceful walk. You can reach the M5 motorway through Garstang Road within 5 minutes from Fulwood.


This part of the city provides great accommodation options. Most of the housing properties present in this area are bungalows or park homes. You may also find boutique hotels and large luxury suites. Barton is closer to many important buildings in Preston, such as the Harris Museum, the former Corn Exchange, the Preston Town Hall, and the Miller Arcade. It is also home to the beautiful St Lawrence’s Church. Considering that the M6 motorway is 5 minutes away from Barton, the property dealers and cash-buying companies have no problem selling property in this area. The house prices in Barton range from £75,000 to £630,000.

Where is the Best Area to Live in Preston

Due to the improving infrastructure and expanding businesses, Preston is an ideal city to live in. While Preston offers a multitude of areas suitable for investment, some parts of the city are still better than others. In this article, we discussed some of the best areas in Preston and the types of properties present in those areas. We Buy Any Home provides you with the easiest solution to sell house fast in Preston. We use our own funds to buy your house and have a proven record of providing seamless cash-buying services in Preston.

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