Does Preston Have Good Transport Connections?

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Does Preston Have Good Transport Connections?
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Preston is gaining rapid popularity in the United Kingdom (UK), and recent statistics have shown that the city currently has a population that is expected to increase in the coming years. The city serves as a great option for investment or residence as it offers affordable accommodation and ease of access to employment and recreational opportunities. 

If you’re looking to relocate to Preston or take up residence, you can rest assured knowing that the city has great transportation options. You can commute to and from work with ease and visit recreational centres whenever you want. A bus, train, or taxi will always be available to take you wherever you need to go. 

Is Preston A Good Place To Live?

The short answer is yes!

Over the past few years, Preston has seen an immense amount of regeneration and development. Some of the development projects include a city centre and the Preston Western Distributor road scheme. The new transportation network consists of three roads that include: 

  • Edith Rigby Way
  • William Young Way
  • Avice Pimblett Way

These allow residents to commute easily around different parts of Preston and the Fylde area. The project was designed to improve access to new housing developments and the motorway and to promote walking and cycling. Preston, apart from transportation, also has desirable employment opportunities and an affordable cost of living. 

In fact, the city is expected to have around 20,000 new jobs as a result of the Preston and Lancashire City Deal. Statistics also show the average salary in Preston is around £34,000 per year. All these factors combined contribute to Preston’s firm stance as one of the best places to live in the UK. 

Can You Get Around Preston Without A Car?

Commuting to different locations, be it for work or recreational purposes, is quite easy for those who choose to live in Preston. The city has a wide range of hassle-free transport options, such as buses, trains, bike rentals, and taxis. The availability of these options ensures that residents can commute from one place to another without any hassle.  

Where Can You Commute From In Preston? 

Preston is a city that is divided into residential, industrial, and recreational areas. Some of the best commuter towns in Preston include:

  • Ribbleton
  • Fulwood
  • Barton

These areas, and many others like them, have a wide range of transportation options that residents can use to commute to and from their desired locations. If you’re living in Preston without a car, you can rest assured knowing that buses run in all parts of the city and the local routes are operated by Preston Bus

In addition, buses to nearby villages, cities, and towns are operated by Stagecoach and Lancashire County Council. Preston residents who want to commute to cities that are not in close proximity can avail Megabus and National Express transport options from the bus station on Ormskirk Road. 

Residents can also commute to other cities like London and Manchester from the train station near the Fishergate Shopping Centre.  

What Modes Of Transportation Are Available In Preston? 

Preston is home to various transportation options, and those looking to relocate to the city can arrive by different motorways such as M6, M55, M61, and M65. You can also come to Preston by train since the station is one of the main stops on the main line. If you wish to arrive by air, the city is within an hour’s drive from nearby international airports. 

Once you’ve arrived in Preston, you choose from different modes of transportation that are suited to your needs. Let’s look at each one in more detail. 


Preston is a well-connected city, which makes cycling a feasible mode of transportation. You can rent a bike from the Leisure Lakes Bike Hub, located near the Preston Train Station and drive around the Preston Guild Wheel to reach different parts of the city. The transport charges, however, will depend on the type of bike you rent.


Preston Bus is the primary mode of transportation you should choose for intercity travel. The Preston bus station is famous for its capacity of 80 double-decker buses and parking spaces for 1,100 cars. Prices for the tickets start from £5 and go up to £238. These prices vary based on the destination and transport requirements. 


Taking the train is another feasible transportation option as it not only allows you to go to other cities but also allows you to travel to different districts within Preston. The price and duration of your commute depend on the destination. If you were to travel from Preston to Manchester, the commute would be around 50 minutes, and the charges would be around £6.


When it comes to driving around in Preston, you can either hire a taxi or book a private vehicle. The duration required for the commute will depend on the traffic conditions and destination. Taxi fares in Preston start from £2.20 and continue to increase based on factors such as time of day and commute requirements pertaining to luggage and destination.


Walking is another great transportation option if you truly want to explore the city. You might not be able to commute to locations that are a bit too far on foot. However, if you start at the St George’s Shopping Centre, some great locations like WinckleySquare and the Miller Arcade will only be a short walk away.

Final Thoughts 

Preston is rapidly becoming known as one of the best cities in the UK. It offers affordable accommodation, a low cost of living, and a wide range of transportation options. So, what are you waiting for? Sell house fast and relocate to Preston today! 

To make your way around or to and from Preston, you can take a cab, bus, or train. If you’re in the mood for exploration, you can even commute using a bike or on foot. Contact us now to learn more.

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