The Pros and Cons of Living in Preston

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The Pros and Cons of Living in Preston
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Located in the North West of England, the city of Preston is part of Lancashire County. Preston became England’s 50th city when it was given the status in 2002. As of 2023, the metro area population of Preston is approximately 334,000.

If you are looking to relocate from a busy city centre to a more peaceful and spacious environment, the city of Preston is the perfect option for you. With a rich history, diverse cultural heritage and a modern outlook, this city offers you an excellent quality of life. 

In this article, we’ll explore why Preston is worth living in and the pros and cons of moving to the city. So let’s get started.

What is the quality of life in Preston?

Ranked 11th out of 51 UK cities in 2023 in the Good Growth for Cities Index, Preston is once again the best-performing city of the North West region. The overall quality of life standard in Preston was rated above average as it beat some of the biggest cities of the UK like Manchester, London, and Liverpool. 

Although the job availability, housing, transportation and safety were rated above average, Preston saw an average rating in healthcare, income and work-life balance, too. However, the environment and high streets and shops were rated below average in the 2023 index. 

According to a survey conducted by comparethemarket, Preston is the second most calming location in England, with the least amount of noise pollution at only 12.50 out of 100. Hence, the quality of life in Preston is amongst some of the top cities in the entire country.

Is it worth living in Preston?

Yes, Preston is amongst the best cities to live in England. With an excellent standard of life, the city provides you with all the necessary facilities and places for recreational activities.

The city has a mixture of modern and historic architecture, with some of the most famous Victorian-era buildings being the landmarks. In the city centre, you’ll find the Harris Museum and art galleries, which are an attraction for local folk and foreigners alike. 

If you are looking for leisure activities, the city has various parks, such as Ribbleton Park. These parks offer both adults and children a place to relax and enjoy different activities.

Preston offers you affordable rates compared to most cities in the country. Living by yourself in Preston will cost you around £700 with our rent, which starts from as low as £687 per month. 

Lastly, nothing can beat the excellent transportation facilities of Preston. Whether you are looking to travel within the city or across cities, the impressive Preston Bus and the train station are at your service. 

Where not to live in Preston?

As per CrimeRate, the Preston Town Centre is the most dangerous neighbourhood in the entire city. You may choose other parts of the city when looking for a place to relocate. Additionally, if you are an individual who needs to commute to a different city for work, you may consider the commuter towns of Preston as a viable option. However, living in the middle of the city can be a hassle while travelling to and from other cities.

Are Preston people friendly?

Indeed, the people of Preston are friendly, helpful and responsible citizens. According to a Lancashire Post conducted interview, residents have mentioned a strong sense of community amongst the Preston folk and stated that everyone likes to help each other.

Preston topped the charts of the top 10 family-friendly towns and cities in the UK in 2023. 

You are sure to find tons of vibrant social events, a happening nightlife and an overall friendly environment throughout the city.

What is crime like in Preston?

Preston was given an above-average safety rating with a growth of in the Demos-PwC Good Growth for Cities report 2023. During the period between October 2022 to September 2023, Preston ranked 46 out of 99 different postcodes in England and Wales.

Preston experiences 36.7 crimes per 1000 people in a year. There has been a 10.7% decrease in violent crimes over the last 12 months, with the total violent crimes amounting to 19,186.

Overall, crime in Preston is on a steady decline, with the local authorities keeping a close eye on everyday proceedings. The official surveys and reports rate Preston as the safest city to live in the North West.

Why do people move to Preston?

One of the most important reasons for people to move to Preston has been the expensive housing costs in all major cities of England. 

The city also has a vibrant cultural heritage that welcomes new residents. Preston has some of the most famous Victorian-era buildings for architecture enthusiasts. Its recreational facilities, such as the parks, are perfect for families. Moreover, the location of the city is in close proximity to cities such as Manchester, Liverpool and London, allowing you to commute to and from Preston for work.

Preston Pros:

The city of Preston offers you a wide range of benefits. Whether you are relocating for work, looking to invest in real estate or moving with your whole family, Preston accommodates all your needs. Given below are the pros of living in Preston:

Affordable Housing

Probably the biggest benefit of living in Preston is its affordable housing market. Compared to all major cities in England, Preston offers considerably cheaper rent and housing prices. 

Lower Cost of Living

Compared to other cities, Preston offers you a cheaper but healthy lifestyle. The standard of life you maintain in London for £6,101.2 can be maintained in Preston for £3,400.0.

Excellent Transportation

Travelling is a big part of any individual’s everyday life. Preston makes your life easier with affordable Preston Bus service within the city and the local Train service for inter-city travel.

Close Proximity

Preston’s location allows you to commute to nearby cities for work with ease. With cities like Manchester and Liverpool being approximately an hour away, you can travel to and from work without much hassle.

Peace and Quiet

Unlike the bigger city centres that are overcrowded due to urbanisation, Preston is your place for a peaceful, spacious environment with the lowest noise pollution in the entire country.

Preston Cons:

Just like any other city, Preston has its drawbacks. Depending on your lifestyle requirements, these drawbacks may be a reason for you to discard the idea of living in Preston.

Lower Income

The average income in Preston is £34.5k annually, which is £5.5k less than the UK average.


According to the Demos-PwC Good Growth for Cities report, Preston experienced a decrease in its health rating in 2023. 

Limited Shopping Options

Although you will find all the necessities of life in Preston, finding a wide variety of shops and brands may be difficult. 

Key Takeaways

Your lifestyle requirements, preferences, and priorities will determine whether you move to Preston. On one hand, Preston is an excellent place with a great lifestyle, modern facilities and recreational centres. 
However, the limited employment opportunities, lower healthcare standards and fewer shopping options may prompt you to choose otherwise. Sell flat fast and consult WeBuyAnyHome to make an informed decision today.

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