Are There Good Job Opportunities in Preston?

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Are There Good Job Opportunities in Preston?
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If you picture yourself in Preston, you will notice that the city is on the rise economically. It holds many business sectors like manufacturing, hospitality, textile, and agriculture. There are lots of different directions people can opt-in Preston to gain employment. 

Apart from local jobs, The Economic Development Authority (EDA) of the City of Preston is entirely devoted to promoting and growing businesses, employment, and community development. So if you want to move to Preston and look out for employment prospects, this article will help you gather all relevant information about Preston’s work environment and quality of life. 

Why is Preston considered a good place to work?

Preston has a thriving job market with various employment opportunities across multiple sectors. The city was listed as one of the best 25 locations to work in the nation by research, underscoring the city’s expanding importance as a commercial location.

Another reason for such exponential growth is that Preston and Lancashire city struck a deal worth around £450 million. This deal involves new investments, infrastructure improvement and transport rehabilitation. Employment opportunities have skyrocketed, booming the local economy. With the way things are planned, the economy of Preston could grow to a staggering £1 billion in a few years. 

Apart from this deal, a new project has been initiated around the Preston City Centre. This new project involves the total renovation of the city station, which will include creating new offices and innovative landmarks. There will be a lot of employment opportunities and revenue generation via this project.

Is Preston a good place to live?

Absolutely Yes! There needs to be no doubt that given the “new deal” and the growing market of the city makes the city worth living. Apart from the employment scope, the city also has an excellent neighbourhood and quality housing options. The houses can be found on rent and bought at affordable prices. You can buy and sell house fast and make lots of profit altogether.  

Secondly, the transportation of the city is also convenient. Motorway is in the vicinity, so you can quickly go to the North or South anywhere of your liking. The train will get you to London within a couple of hours, and Glasgow is a mere 20-minute drive. These reasons are enough to make this city worth living. 

Best Places to Consider in Preston?

Most areas in Preston are considered desirable to live in. Let’s delve into the best places in the city to live in. The city’s outskirts have secure villages, which are considered the safest. If you love rural life, you can opt for those villages. 

Apart from that few neighbourhoods like Woodplumpton, Cottam, and Pentwortham are considered good places to live. There are mixed reviews regarding the City Centre as there is a slightly elevated crime rate when compared to the rest of the city. 

Ashton on Ribble (Egerton Rd.)

This area also has its own perks. First, being close to the city centre. The area is also close to Preston’s “guild wheel,” making this location perfect for investors or residents. A famous 21-mile cycle, walk, and run path circles, Preston, entirely. The nearby ODEON Theater offers all high-quality films. So if you love movies or are a die-hard fan of cardio workouts, Egerton Rd is the place to live. 

Bulmer Street 

Since it’s a new area, many new properties are available here. The shops in the proximity are affordable, and the whole place is within reach of the city centre, making the area all the more attractive for investors. 


This part of Preston mainly consists of Bungalows or homes with parks around. Many hotels and cultural sites are also in the vicinity of this region, like Preston Town Hall, Harris Museum, etc. The famous St Lawrence Church and just a five-minute drive to the M6 motorway add more value to this area.  

Farringdon Park

Considering the fact that this location is close to the entertainment options, provides a high standard of living, and is home to Emblehope House, a retirement property, makes it a great option for retirees. In addition, Farringdon Park may be an ideal location for those who love cycling or jogging since the locality is filled with plenty of green spaces. Furthermore, the average house price in Farringdon Park ranges from £25,000 to £300,000. 

Preston is a dream destination for people looking for a meaningful life and offers diverse employment options. Its growing economy supports a variety of industries and provides a vibrant work environment. It will undoubtedly enhance your lifestyle with reasonable priced accommodation, excellent connectivity, and a dynamic cultural environment. Preston offers and the livability standards it has set.

If you are looking forward to buying a house and that too at affordable prices, Preston is the place for you. Contact us now and check out all the details of buying your own house in Preston. 

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