Why Should You Live in Wigan?

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Why Should You Live in Wigan?
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If you’re currently on the fence about living in Wigan, then this article is for you. Moving to any town or city can be daunting simply because there are so many unknowns to deal with. To help put you at ease, we’ve prepared this article that will cover everything you need to know about living in Wigan. In typical We Buy Any Home fashion, we’ll also cover the property market. 

So rest assured, we’ll be leaving no stone unturned in this one. 

Let’s get started with the most important question. 

What to expect in Wigan

Let’s make it clear from the start: Wigan is definitely a nice place to live. That’s not just our opinion. In fact, Wigan has been recognised in the past as being one of the happiest places to live in the UK. So with that said, you can understand there are definitely reasons why you would want to move to Wigan. 

In two words, Wigan is all about culture and community. It’s a town with a population size of just over 300,000 people, and in this day and age, having a community is difficult to imagine. However, Wigan succeeds in building community through the success of its sporting teams, namely the Wigan Warriors, who have achieved great success over the years. Additionally, the local football club, Wigan Athletic FC, have also enjoyed moments of success, although they currently languish in the English League One. Nevertheless, the locals will always have something to connect with. 

Beyond sports, Wigan is a town located in the borough of Greater Manchester. Wigan is a quiet, tranquil town that has plenty of green areas and access to nature through its canals and the River Douglas. So, while there are plenty of amenities within Wigan that include restaurants and bars, for those wanting more, the cities of Liverpool and Manchester are both only a short 40-minute drive away, which is why commuting from Wigan is a very convenient option. 

Selling your current property

If you’re looking to sell your current property to move to Wigan, we can help. Here at We Buy Any Home, we know a thing or two when it comes to buying and selling property, especially when you’re dealing with time constraints. 

Getting a property sold quickly isn’t always easy, especially when going down the traditional route of listing with an estate agent and waiting for buyers. Not only do you have to wait for the right buyer to materialise, but in the meantime, your future plans are affected by a sphere of uncertainty. 

That’s where we come in. 

As cash house buyers, we have the funds available, so there are no last-minute issues caused by financing delays. Additionally, we are not affected by issues such as location and the cosmetic condition of a property. The speed at which we can operate is determined by you (the seller). So, if you need to sell quickly, once you’re happy with the cash offer, we can finalise a sale in as little as seven days or whenever is the most convenient date for you. 

To put this into perspective, here’s how it would work in Wigan. 

Selling your Wigan property fast

While we’re on the topic of selling a property in Wigan, here’s a quick overview of the property market in Wigan. According to Zoopla, the average sold price of property over the last 12 months is £159,566. The average price then varies according to the type of property; take a look below:

  • Flat £88,434
  • Terraced £118,465
  • Semi-detached £173,000
  • Detached £271,822

So, if you’re looking to purchase or sell a property in Wigan, those are the average prices that you’d be looking at. 

However, for those looking to sell a property fast, there’s another key piece of information you need. That is the average time on the market for an unsold property in Wigan. Current data for Wigan shows that the average is 133 days or just over four months. Of course, for some people, that can be quite a long wait, especially when there may be other important life events happening at the same time. That’s where we come in. The above information for property prices is based on the current market trends. This information, alongside official Land Registry data, is what we use when we calculate our free cash offer. To get yours, complete our online enquiry form, and we’ll be in touch. 

Getting around Wigan

If you find yourself very reliant on public transport, then you won’t struggle in Wigan either. Local transport within Wigan is managed by TFGM (Transport for Greater Manchester), so you’ll be able to get bus and train tickets to help with daily commutes. 

Wigan is a very well-connected town, and you’ll be able to commute locally and to further out cities through buses, trains, and private transport. As mentioned earlier, Manchester and Liverpool are both only 40 minutes away by car. Additionally, the closest airports are also located in both Liverpool and Manchester, which is quite convenient. 

Other local towns and cities include Bolton, Warrington, and St.Helens, which are all a short journey away. 

If being close to a train station is important to you, then areas like Highfield, Ince-in-Makerfeld, and Worsley Hall are great options. However, if you are commuting out of Wigan via the motorway, then areas like Highfield, Pemberton, and Kitt Green will provide better options. 

What is there to do in Wigan?

Wigan has plenty of amenities on offer for all types of people. The top three attractions (in our humble opinion) are as follows:


As mentioned earlier, Wigan is known for its sports. Both Wigan Warriors and Wigan Athletic play at the DW stadium. So, if you’re considering living in Wigan, you should definitely consider paying a visit there. There are many other events held at the stadium throughout the year, including fundraisers and networking events, so there’s plenty on offer. Additionally, for sports fans, Manchester and Liverpool are close by, meaning easy enough access to world-class football. 


Wigan offers plenty in the way of restaurants, bars, and clubs, so you’ll have plenty of options available. Some popular suggestions include The Coven, Fat Olive, and Red Door Bistro. Between them, you’ll have plenty of options available to last a long time.


There are plenty of options to enjoy the outdoors in Wigan. This includes public parks like Mesnes Park or a long walk along the Leeds-Liverpool canal that runs through Wigan. For a truly scenic walk, you can try the Three Sisters and Viridor Woods route, which is an easy route for most walkers but still an enjoyable experience. 

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