Is Wigan a Nice Place to Live?

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Is Wigan a Nice Place to Live?
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When selecting a town or city to call home, there are many factors individuals would consider, from job opportunities to family-friendly environments and overall affordability. Moving to a city like Wigan is no different. However, the primary question most people would have is whether Wigan is a nice place to live. That is exactly what we’ll cover in this article. We’ll explore things like crime rates, the overall atmosphere, and affordability as well.

Are people in Wigan friendly?

One of the biggest factors when moving somewhere new is the people around you. It can either make or break your experience. Many people who live in busy cities like London know that it’s very rare for strangers to strike up a conversation. In fact, it’s pretty much the norm to keep your head down and get to wherever you’re going. However, in smaller towns like Wigan, you will find that there is a warmer, friendlier community.

Let’s not forget that Wigan has been awarded the title of the happiest place in the UK on more than one occasion. When respondents were interviewed about why they had selected Wigan, there was one common response: friendly people and a strong sense of community.

It’s fair to say, then, that the people in Wigan are friendly. But it does help if you have similar interests and can take part in activities/events where you can meet others. Whether that’s frequenting the local pub or taking an interest in the local rugby community, no doubt you’ll be able to find others with similar interests.

Is it safe to live in Wigan? 

Now, a friendly community is all well and good, but just how safe is it to live in Wigan? One way to assess this is by taking a look at the crime rates in Wigan. Recent data produced by the Office for National Statistics indicated that Wigan had a rate of 111.6 crimes per 1,000 people. Compared to England and Wales at large, this figure is higher than the national average of 89.3.

However, this does not automatically indicate that Wigan is an unsafe place to live. Nearby Manchester has an average crime rate of 126.7, while during the same period, the City of London Area records a whopping crime rate of 819 per 1,000 people.

As with any town or city, there are always areas that attract more crimes than others. As a result, if you avoid those places with higher crime rates, you can live peacefully without being confronted by dangerous situations.

What is the nicest part of Wigan?

So now that you’re actively seeking the nicest parts of Wigan, where do you go? Luckily, there are plenty of options available. The Metropolitan Borough of Wigan covers 25 different wards, each offering many different areas. There isn’t just one area of Wigan that is the best, as that would be too biased.

However, some of the nicest parts of Wigan include:

  • Ashton-in-Makerfield
  • Appley Bridge
  • Wrightington
  • Orrell
  • Gathurst
  • Worthington
  • Newtown

The most affordable area of Wigan?

If affordability is important to you, then Wigan is perfect. Regardless of which area you choose, it will always be more affordable than major cities such as Manchester or London.

Currently, the most affordable area of Wigan is Ince, where the average property price currently stands at just over £130,000. There is a mix of housing types available, including terraced houses and semi-detached properties, offering good value for money. The area benefits from excellent transport links, with convenient access to major roadways and public transportation, making it an attractive choice for commuters. There are also schools conveniently located in the area, which may also appeal to families looking to move to an affordable location.

The most expensive area of Wigan? 

Now, if you’re interested in just how expensive the most expensive area of Wigan is, we’ve got you covered. It is the village of Standish, where the average property price stands at just over £250,000. The properties in the area are what you’d expect, such as expansive detached homes rather than flats. There are great schools in the area, along with other exceptional amenities, making it a desirable choice for families and individuals looking for a peaceful place to live.

Average commute time to nearby cities 

One of the biggest attractions of living in a town like Wigan is being able to commute to other cities. As Wigan is much more affordable than living in a major city, individuals can save money while living in a more peaceful environment away from the hustle and bustle. Wigan has great commuter links. Take a look at the following commute times from Wigan:


  • Train commute: Approximately 41 minutes to Manchester Victoria, 56 minutes to Manchester Piccadilly.
  • Car commute: Around 45 minutes via the M6-M62 route.


  • Train commute: Approximately 45 minutes to Liverpool Lime Street.
  • Car commute: Around 44 minutes via the M58.


  • Train commute: Approximately 18 minutes to Bolton.
  • Car commute: Around 31 minutes via the M61.


  • Train commute: Approximately 10 minutes to Warrington Bank Quay.
  • Car commute: Around 33 minutes via the M6.

All in all, Wigan is a nice place to live. It provides a more affordable alternative than living in a major city like Manchester, yet those areas are still within reach. Additionally, the local community is warm and friendly, making it an attractive option to call home.

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