Wigan’s Best Schools

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Wigan’s Best Schools
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“What and where are Wigan’s best schools?” – That’s a common question many families have, regardless of whether or not they’re moving into the town or have deep roots already established. Providing children with quality education will always remain one of the top priorities for families. Luckily, Wigan has plenty of options available. In fact, there are 110 primary schools and 36 secondary schools in Wigan.

In this article, we’ll explore the best high schools in Wigan, along with the best primary schools in the town. We’ll also provide some information about the local area around the schools to help those struggling to decide what area to call home. 

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Best High Schools in Wigan

Here are the top five high schools in Wigan:

Golborne High School

Area: Golborne, Wigan – WA3 3EL

No. of pupils: 1061, but the maximum capacity is 1075.

Ofsted Rating: Outstanding (Inspected in 2023)

Gender: Mixed

Golborne is a town of its own accord, especially with a healthy population of around 24,000. It is located in a convenient location of 5 miles from Wigan and 6 miles from Warrington. Nevertheless, Golborne falls into the area of Wigan. With the high school being awarded an outstanding rating only this year, it is definitely a great school for children. If you’re considering moving somewhere close to the school, then the average property price stands at around £205,000 at the time of writing.

Oakfield High School and College

Area: Hindley Green, Wigan – WN2 4XA

No. of pupils: 300

Ofsted Rating: Outstanding (Inspected in 2018)

Gender: Mixed

Oakfield High School and College offer fantastic education for its students, especially with its outstanding rating given by Ofsted. Located in Hindley Green, property prices at the time of writing are around £194,000, while the nearby Hindley has a lower average property price of £175,000. The area of Hindley is actually a village that falls into the borough of Wigan, which makes for a quiet atmosphere to live in.

Newbridge Learning Community

Area: Platt Bridge, Wigan – WN2 3TL

No. of pupils: 87 (Maximum capacity is 88)

Ofsted Rating: Good (Inspected in 2017)

Gender: Mixed

Newbridge School is purpose-built for Special Education Needs students. As such, we must definitely feature it on our list. It has even managed to secure a Good rating, although the last inspection took place around six years ago, so this is likely to be updated soon.

The area of Platt Bridge is also another town that falls into the area of Wigan. However, it is much more affordable than other areas in Wigan, with average property prices coming in at around £142,000.

St Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic High School

Area: Ashton-in-Makerfield, Wigan WN4 9PF

No. of pupils: 1215 (Maximum capacity 1254)

Ofsted Rating: Good (Inspected in 2021)

Gender: Mixed

This school is located in the town of Ashton-in-Makerfield, which is home to around 24,000 people. It is located 4 miles from Wigan but still falls into the area of Wigan as a whole. There is usually high demand for properties in the area, which is reflected in the current property prices at an average price of £198,000.

Bedford High School

Area: Leigh, Wigan – WN7 2LU

No. of pupils: 1059 (Maximum Capacity 1210)

Ofsted Rating: Good (Inspected 2018)

Gender: Mixed

The last high school on our list hails from the town of Leigh, which boasts a much larger population than other areas on this list, with around 41,000 people living in the area. It is located 7 miles from the centre of Wigan and 14 miles from Manchester. Given such a convenient location, the price of a property is quite reasonable, with average property prices hovering around £183,000.

Best Primary Schools in Wigan

Here are the top three primary schools in Wigan:

Our Lady’s RC Primary School

Area: Aspull, Wigan – WN2 1RU

No. of pupils: 211

Ofsted Rating: Outstanding (Inspected 2023)

Gender: Mixed

First up, we have Our Lady’s RC Primary School, which has successfully maintained its outstanding rating with a recent inspection earlier this year. The school is located in the village of Aspull within the borough of Wigan. It provides a great village atmosphere set within the countryside. Property prices in the area currently stand at around £177,000, making it quite reasonable for what’s on offer.

Woodfield Primary School

Area: Wigan – WN1 2NT

No. of pupils: 211

Ofsted Rating: Outstanding (Inspected in 2014)

Gender: Mixed

The second primary school on our list is Woodfield Primary School, located in the heart of Wigan itself. With a small student population, getting admission may not always be easy. But if you do, it will definitely be worth it. Living close to the school does help with admission. However, average property prices are currently around £222,000 at the time of writing.

St Aidan’s Catholic Primary School, Wigan

Area: Winstanley, Wigan – WN3 6EE

No. of pupils: 349

Ofsted Rating: Outstanding (Inspected in 2014)

Gender: Mixed

Located in Winstanley, St Aidan’s provides a great atmosphere for students to learn. Although the last Ofsted rating was almost ten years ago, and so will be due for an inspection soon. Located in the quiet suburb of Winstanley, average property prices in the area are around £239,000.

But is Wigan a Good Place to Live for Families?

Wigan is definitely an appealing choice for families seeking a new home. The town has fantastic benefits, including above-average educational performance, plenty of family-friendly activities, and even being voted as one of the happiest places to live. What more could you ask for?

Raising a family isn’t always cheap, but the house prices in Wigan certainly help. It boasts an affordable cost of living with lower-than-average rental and property prices, especially compared to other major towns and cities. As you may have noticed from the list of schools above, there are plenty of areas to choose from. Each will come with its own added benefits, whether it’s lower property prices or more things to do.

Wigan is a great place for families, especially with the number of quality schools that children can attend. So if you’re looking for great educational facilities in an even greater area, you should definitely consider Wigan as the place to be, especially with the range of areas available. So if you’re undecided, definitely consider a property to buy in Wigan.

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