The Best Commuter Towns for Swansea

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The Best Commuter Towns for Swansea
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Swansea is one of the most up-and-coming cities in the whole of the UK. With affordable housing and a growing jobs market, many people are looking to move into the area and start a new life for themselves and their families.

But of course, not everyone wants to live where they work or work where they live, which is why across the UK many people choose to commute to their place of work each day, and Swansea is no different.

So where do people commute from and to in Swansea? Let’s take a deeper look into the commuting picture and list the best commuter towns close and further afield from Swansea.

Where do people commute from?

According to local statistics, every day 27,000 people commute to Swansea for work and leisure. Many of these come from areas that include:


Travelling by train from Swansea to Cardiff typically takes about 1 hour and 5 minutes, though the quickest services operated by Great Western Railway or Transport for Wales can whisk you there in a mere 51 minutes. With approximately 59 departures daily on this well-used route, this is a popular route for commuters into and out of the city.


The train journey from Newport to Swansea has an average duration of 1 hour and 21 minutes, but on the speediest Great Western Railway services, you could reach your destination in just 1 hour and 5 minutes. 46 trains operate daily on the route, making it one of the most popular services.


Barry to Swansea typically takes about 1 hour and 52 minutes, covering a distance of approximately 32 miles. You can expect to find around 56 trains servicing this route each day, with advance fares beginning at £8.60.


You can reach Swansea from Llanelli in under 30 minutes by train, with frequent services available throughout the day.

Where do people commute to?


Trains from Swansea to Carmarthen typically take about 49 minutes, and approximately 56 trains are servicing this route daily. 

London Paddington

On average, the train ride from Swansea to London Paddington lasts around 3 hours and 7 minutes, covering a distance of about 162 miles. With around 30 trains operating daily on this route, advance ticket purchases can start from £32.

Manchester Piccadilly

The Swansea to Manchester Piccadilly route is served by approximately 17 trains each day. The trip generally takes about 4 hours and 36 minutes to cover the 147 miles.

Fishguard Harbour

The average train journey from Swansea to Fishguard Harbour takes 1 hour and 43 minutes, although the quickest services can complete the journey in just 1 hour and 28 minutes.

Cardiff Central

The train journey from Swansea to Cardiff Central is typically a swift 52-minute commute.

The Cost of Living in Swansea 

Swansea is an affordable place to live, particularly when benchmarked against larger cities.

The home buying landscape in Swansea has been on an upward trend too, with an average property value of £201,047. Terraced homes, fetching an average of £150,223 are the most sought-after thanks to their affordability. The appeal for semi-detached homes is also on the rise though, with sales averaging at £206,591, while detached homes have been trading at an impressive average of £315,447 in some of the best areas to live in Swansea.

Rental fees swing based on location, with one-bedroom city centre flats ranging between £600 to £800 monthly, making them 23% cheaper than other big cities such as Manchester.

Despite economic uncertainties, Swansea’s property market has seen a 2% price hike from 2022 and a remarkable 16% uptick since 2020 when the average stood at £173,352. These encouraging figures depict Swansea as a thriving hub for both residential property buyers and investment prospects.

What to do in Swansea 


  • Swansea comes alive at night with a variety of bars, pubs, and clubs that cater to different tastes. Wind Street is the heart of the action with its range of drinking and dancing venues, from the retro Flickering Light speakeasy to the historic No Sign Wine Bar.
  • The seafront Mumbles Mile is famous for its coastal pub crawl, with highlights like the traditional Pilot of Mumbles. In the city, The Westbourne combines good food and modern amenities, and Noah’s Yard in Uplands stands out with its quirky character. Brewstone offers a wide selection of beers, and for those who prefer a chain pub, Pitcher and Piano near Wind Street has diverse offers.
  • Clubbers can enjoy Bambu Beach Bar’s Tiki atmosphere and Latin music, while Popworld appeals to pop lovers with its vast cocktail menu. Revolution is a versatile venue that transitions from a cocktail bar to a bustling dance floor as the night progresses.
  • All these spots promise a memorable Swansea nightlife experience.


  • Swansea shines as a top shopping destination in Southwest Wales, offering an extensive range of retail options.
  • From high street favourites to unique independent boutiques and specialist stores, there’s a rich variety for every shopper.
  • For indoor shopping adventures, the Quadrant Shopping Centre, Swansea Market, and traditional arcades offer sheltered and diverse shopping experiences.
  • The Quadrant, home to big brands and the latest trends, provides a comprehensive shopping experience with department stores, coffee shops, and even a Post Office, complemented by convenient parking and transport links.
  • Oxford Street, at the heart of the city centre, is a pedestrianized haven that draws thousands of visitors weekly.
  • The iconic Swansea Market, the largest indoor market in Wales, offers over 100 stalls of local delicacies, fresh produce, and a wide array of goods.


  • The Gower Peninsula, Britain’s first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, is a must-visit for its breathtaking beaches and surfing spots.
  • city’s maritime quarter, the Maritime Quarter, houses the National Waterfront Museum, which delves into Wales’s industrial and maritime heritage.
  • For art enthusiasts, the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery showcases an impressive collection, and Swansea Museum, the oldest in Wales, offers a dive into local history.
  • Plantasia, a tropical haven, and the Dylan Thomas Centre, dedicated to the legendary Welsh writer, provide unique indoor experiences.
  • Swansea’s active scene is well-catered for with the LC, an indoor waterpark and leisure centre, while the Swansea Bay Rider land train presents a leisurely way to enjoy the scenic waterfront.

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