Swansea Job Opportunities

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Swansea Job Opportunities
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In the past Swansea, like other parts of Wales, was often overshadowed by the capital Cardiff, with most people heading to the capital in search of jobs and to live. But Swansea has managed to carve itself a piece of the cake in recent years and now is viewed as one of the most appealing places to live and invest in across the whole of the UK.

If you are asking yourself why, a key reason is the increase in the amount of jobs in the area. With jobs comes opportunities to earn more money and support yourself and your family. This breeds a more active property market, more investment in services and before you know it the whole area is on the up and up.

If are you considering a move to Swansea or perhaps thinking of investing in this dynamic Welsh city, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll now take an in-depth look at job opportunities, key industries, and major employers in the area. Whether you’re a young professional, a job seeker or an investor, Swansea offers a range of opportunities that are too good to ignore.

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What Jobs Are in High Demand in the UK?

The UK economy has not been performing too well recently, in part due to labour shortages in some key industries, all of which was not helped of course by COVID or Brexit. But this has created a situation whereby people with certain skills or experience in in-demand industries can easily get jobs and good wages too. Key industries worth looking into include:


The NHS in the UK is urgently seeking qualified individuals for roles ranging from nursing and physiotherapy to pharmacy and medicine. Amid a critical shortage of healthcare talent, these skills will be highly valued and in constant demand.


 The digital world is your playground if you have coding skills. Programmers and software developers are among the most coveted professionals in the UK’s current job landscape. Whether you have a degree in computer science or IT, you’ll find numerous doors open to you—complete with attractive salary packages.


As a cybersecurity specialist in the UK, you’ll safeguard companies against hacking threats. Not only are these roles abundant, but they often come with compensation that reflects their importance.


For those captivated by the wonders of science, a multitude of career opportunities await. Roles ranging from biochemistry and geophysics to archaeology are on the Home Office’s Shortage Occupation List, signalling a robust demand for scientific minds.

What Industries Are Thriving in Swansea?

When it comes to industry and employment, the health industry leads the way in Swansea, making up 16.3% of the jobs in the area. If you’re considering a healthcare career, Swansea offers opportunities in a variety of roles.

Fastest-Growing and Declining Industries

In terms of industry trends, the Arts, Entertainment, Recreation and other Services sector is making waves in Swansea. This sector saw a remarkable 29% job growth since 2020, increasing from 3,500 to 4,500 roles.

On the flip side, manufacturing in Swansea has been contracting, witnessing a 17% decrease in job roles from 6,000 to 5,000 between 2020 and 2021. In a broader Welsh context, the wholesale industry faced the steepest year-on-year decline, with roles dropping by 34%.

The Future is Digital

If you’re interested in future-proofing your career, take note that the Information and Communication sector in Swansea is on an upward trajectory. The industry has seen an 11% increase in roles over the past year, outpacing the rest of Wales.

Who are the Biggest Employers in Swansea?

Swansea is home to many public sector employers such as the local Council, the DVLA and the Department for Work and Pensions. Plus the local NHS trust is always recruiting for healthcare professionals, no matter you’re qualifications or experience. All of these employers offer great career advancement and job security. Before you make the move, reach out to these even if they are not advertising and see if there are any vacancies you could interview for.

Economic Snapshot of Swansea

Swansea remains a crucial part of the Welsh economy, contributing to 8.4% of Wales’s total GDP. Among Wales’s 22 local authorities, Swansea ranks 2nd in terms of GDP and 5th in GDP per capita.

As for the employment landscape, the average full-time salary in Swansea is a competitive £33,492 as of 2022. The city accounts for a significant proportion of the 1,470,000 jobs reported in Wales. It ranks as the 2nd unitary authority in terms of total jobs and 10th when considering job density.

From thriving industries to major employers offering a variety of roles, there’s something for everyone in Swansea so now’s the perfect time to call the city home.

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