The Best Areas to Live in Swansea

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The Best Areas to Live in Swansea
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Swansea, the picturesque gem in South Wales, offers striking coastal scenery, a myriad of parks, and a great quality of life. No wonder then that Swansea is quickly becoming a sought-after location for families and commuters desiring an affordable yet desirable place to live.

As cash house buyers, we have been investing in Swansea property for many years, so if you are thinking of taking the plunge and investing in property in Swansea, we can help guide you.  Boasting excellent educational institutions and plenty of employment prospects, affordable living arrangements, and a thriving cultural landscape, Swansea presents an array of opportunities across the city. But like everywhere, where you end up living will be driven by affordability and your budget.

So, what are the top residential areas in Swansea? In this article, we’ve identified 10 standouts to help you make an informed decision.

Top Residential Areas in Swansea

Derwen Fawr

Derwen Fawr, is not just a convenient location near Swansea University, local hospital, and a main city park, but also a place of tranquillity. Being surprisingly serene for a relatively central area, it offers a balanced lifestyle with excellent public transport links and the added benefits of Sketty and Singleton Park nearby. Its strategic location within the catchment areas of Bishopston and Olchfa, two of Swansea’s premier state schools, makes it a worthy consideration for families. Furthermore, its property prices are affordable, with an average of £299,141 over the last year, showcasing a steady growth of 5% from the previous year and 9% since the 2016 peak of £273,637.

The Mumbles

Experience the allure of coastal living with The Mumbles, a charming seaside locale peppered with boutique shops and a lively nightlife scene. Beyond its appeal, it offers residents convenient access to essential amenities while keeping them connected to the city centre. It’s an ideal place for working couples or retirees who value unique living experiences. Even though property prices are slightly higher, averaging £433,369 over the last year, the lifestyle that The Mumbles offers justifies the investment.


Immerse in the tranquillity of nature with Parkmill, a picturesque rural settlement nestled in the Gower Peninsula, the UK’s first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. An ideal spot for retirement, Parkmill’s properties averaged £330,000 over the last year. Although property prices decreased by 11% from the previous year and are 19% down from the 2012 peak of £407,750, this presents an attractive opportunity for prospective homeowners to own a slice of this natural paradise.


Uplands offers a balanced city-fringe lifestyle, presenting both the vibrancy of central Swansea and the amenities needed for daily life. Housing some of Swansea’s most prestigious properties, it’s an appealing choice due to its various bars, restaurants, and cultural offerings like the Dylan Thomas Museum. With an average property price of £224,398 over the last year, Uplands showed a promising growth trend of 5% from the previous year and a significant increase of 19% from the 2020 peak of £188,547.


Immerse yourself in the serene charm of rural Welsh life in Llanmadoc, a quaint village in North Gower. With stunning beaches, a 13th-century church, and a peaceful lifestyle, it’s an idyllic location, although at a higher price tag. Over the last year, properties averaged £396,667, representing a 30% decrease from the previous year and a 14% drop from the 2012 peak of £462,490, making it an opportune time to invest in this area.


Murton provides a delightful village setting with access to local amenities, beaches, and central Swansea, making it an excellent choice for homeowners of all ages. Despite its proximity to Bishopston School, properties have an average price of £431,573 over the last year, showing an impressive 24% increase from the previous year and a staggering 51% rise from the 2019 peak of £285,671.


Situated in the broader Mumbles area, Newton is perfect for those desiring quieter living while enjoying all the benefits of the Mumbles and Swansea City. The past year saw Newton’s properties averaging at £476,992, a growth of 9% from the previous year and an impressive 24% increase from the 2020 peak of £383,660.


Located just down the road from Parkmill, Penmaen is a delightful haven in close proximity to two of Swansea’s finest beaches, Oxwich and Three Cliffs. The area offers a beautiful blend of Parkmill’s features, along with the added benefit of coastal living. The houses can reach prices of up to £600k, suggesting an area of high demand and desirability.


Penllergaer, a popular suburb of Swansea, is favoured by working families for its quick and convenient access to the M4, making commuting a breeze. This, coupled with a welcoming community, makes Penllergaer a fantastic option for anyone considering relocating. Last year, properties here had an overall average price of £308,214, seeing a promising growth of 21% from the previous year and a significant increase of 30% from the 2019 peak of £236,339.


Bordering Murton, Kittle is a place of tranquil charm. This area offers similar perks such as accessibility to schools, Mumbles, and Swansea centre, but with a much quieter lifestyle – perfect for those craving a peaceful suburban life. Properties in Kittle saw an average price of £363,666 over the last year. This represents a steady growth in the property market, with prices 7% up on the previous year and a 2% increase on the 2020 peak of £356,800. Most sales during the last year were detached properties, fetching an average price of £347,999, suggesting the area’s popularity among families and those seeking a more spacious home.

As you can see, Swansea, presents a rich array of investment opportunities for both property owners and potential buyers. From the chic appeal of The Mumbles to the peaceful allure of Llanmadoc, each area offers its unique charm and lifestyle.

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