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Sell A Tenanted Property in Swansea

We are we buy any home, the UK’s leading house cash buyers. We can answer any questions you might have, and we can help you sell a tenanted property Swansea. As we are reputable and genuine cash buyers, we use our own funds to purchase customers properties. We have been in the industry for many years and have experience in all kinds of property sales, including selling a property with tenants Swansea.
If you are a landlord, and you are considering selling your rented property, we want to hear from you.

You may wish to sell, but your current tenants don’t wish to vacate the property just yet. If this is the case, you may think you have to wait until they do before you begin the selling process. However, this is not necessarily case. You could either wait and sell with vacant possession, or alternatively sell the property with the tenants in situ.

Although it is possible, selling a house with tenants in situ can be more difficult. There are things you need to consider.

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Selling a property with tenants Swansea can be simple fast and easy.

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    It all starts with a phone call, or enquiry form, to us.

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    We need an initial conversation with you to discuss the details of your property. Once we have this information, we can give you a cash amount offer. This is the amount we can offer for your property. Please remember this is the amount you would receive in full. Unlike estate agents we do not charge fees or commission. This means no deductions and the cash amount quoted is the amount you will get in full.

  • Agree on the offer and complete sale

    We can also discuss your circumstances and agree a completion date. If you prefer, we can complete on the date the tenancy agreement ends. Alternatively, we can complete sooner, and we will simply take over the tenancy for the remaining period.

    Selling a property with tenants can be a little more complex than other property sales but you will have expert independent legal advice throughout. You will be appointed an independent solicitor who will act on your behalf. We cover the cost of this solicitor so as promised you will not pay any additional fees.

    On the agreed completion day, you will receive your final cash offer. This will be paid in full via bank transfer.

Free cash offer within minutes, any location.

Difficulties of Selling A Tenanted Property in Swansea

If you choose to sell with tenants on the open market, you are likely to have the following difficulties: 

  • Very limited pool of interested buyers. Typically, a tenanted property is likely to attract other landlords, but not many other groups of potential buyers. 
  • Withdrawn offers dependant on end date of the tenancy agreement. If your property does generate interest and offers are made this are Lilley to be withdrawn if a new buyer has to wait for a lengthy tenancy agreement period to end.
  • Difficult to arrange viewings. Your currents tenants have the right to refuse viewings. If they do consent they are likely to ask that these viewings are made at their convenience and around their lifestyle. This can become complicated and led to cancelled viewings.
  • Difficult to arrange home improvement work. Your currents tenants have the right to refuse entrance to any trades people carrying out home improvements, such as decorating. If they do consent they are likely to ask that work is carried out at their convenience and around their lifestyle.

Alternatively, you may wish to wait until the tenancy agreement has ended, and the tenants have moved out, before starting to sell your property on the open market. This could take much longer and once tenants have vacated you will no longer be receiving rent on the property. This could have an impact on your financial situation, especially if the property takes a long time to sell.

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Sell A House With Tenants in Situ

A ‘tenant in situ’ is the name given to renter or renters who are living in a property which the landlord is attempting to sell. If there is a legal agreement in place tenants have the right to remain within the property until the end of the agreement, or if no end date is specified within the agreements, tenants must be given sufficient notice.

When deciding to sell your property you need to choose if you would prefer to wait until the tenants have left, and delay the selling process, or sell with sitting tenants.

We purchase both types of properties both those with tenants in situ and those vacant.

So what to do when selling with tenants on the open market is hard work, but you don’t want to wait until the property is vacant? You need to consider a cash house buyer.

A cash house buyer company is an organisation that purchases your home using its own funds. We are the leading cash house buyer in the UK.

As we are the buyer, and we use our own funds, there are no delays or disappointments in the process. We don’t need to source a third-party sale, or obtain investment, or wait for a mortgage offer to be approved. We simply buy your home using our own funds. What’s even better is we can do this in a time frame that suits you.

Most of our customers are seeking a fast sale, but we will take time to understand your specific circumstances and agree a completion date that works for you. If you are selling a tenanted property, either with tenants or vacant, we want to hear from you.

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