The Best Places to Live in Sheffield

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<strong>The Best Places to Live in Sheffield</strong>
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Sheffield is called The Outdoor City for a good reason. No other city in the UK has a national park within its boundaries. Indeed, not many cities in Europe can make such a claim. But its seemingly endless greenery isn’t the only thing Sheffield has going for it. Its many unique and charming neighbourhoods also present excellent value to property buyers. If you’ve got your eye on a move to a city in England, Sheffield should definitely be on your radar. Here’s a list of just some of the top places to live in Sheffield. 

Norton Lees

Norton Lees could be the place for you if you like living somewhere peaceful but with easy access to the hustle and bustle of a city centre. This charming suburb has an incredibly rural feel despite being so close to town. Nestled between two large, well-kept parks, the streets are lined with leafy trees. It’s clean, it’s friendly and it’s surprisingly affordable. According to Rightmove, properties in Norton Lees had an overage average price of £240,855 over the last year. For all this area offers to families and people desiring a slower pace of life, it has excellent value. 


Would you like to live somewhere with a constant buzz and sense of vitality? Then Crookes should be on your radar. Although this area sits on the doorstep of The University of Sheffield campus, it’s not only students who enjoy what Crookes has to offer. Families and professionals of all ages are proud to call Crookes their home. Residents take advantage of the breadth of amenities, pubs, and shops. Plus, it’s only a fairly short walk into the city centre, and it’s known as a very safe area. 

One thing that could put you off Crookes is its hilliness. But it’ll definitely keep you fit! And you’ll regularly be greeted by fantastic views out of the city. As far as property prices go, Crookes averaged £256,968 over the last year, which is higher than the Sheffield average. Due to its popularity, houses sell quickly in this area. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t hidden bargains to be found. 

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City Centre

If you like to live in the middle of the action, with lots of things to do and excitement around every corner, look no further than Sheffield’s city centre. Despite its relatively small size, there’s an array of affordable properties in the heart of the city. Take Kelham Island, which rests on the fringes of the city centre. Recently ranked the 35th Coolest Neighbourhood in the World by Time Out, it’s as affordable as it is trendy. Rightmove data shows that the average Kalham Island property was priced at just £169,070 over the last year. This is a reasonable price for city centre living. Plus, Kelham Island is buoyed by its abundance of independent shops and ease of access. You’ll find it’s the perfect place to live if you work in the city. Other central options worth keeping in mind are St. Pauls and the recently redeveloped Park Hill. 


If living somewhere aesthetically pleasing is a priority for you, don’t miss overlook Dore. This beautiful suburb on the edge of the Peak District is known as one of the more expensive areas in Sheffield. But Dore’s benefits more than justify the house prices. Green and quiet, Dore is popular with families due to its excellent schools and with retirees who love the village feel despite it sitting only 6 miles away from the city centre. Manchester is only about 40 minutes away from the local train station, making it ideal for commuters. Dore provides the best of tranquil village life and the excitement of the city. Rightmove claims properties in Dore had an average price of £579,693 over the last year. This is considerably higher than Sheffield’s average of £230,303 But, if Dore is in your price range, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better place in the UK that’s so close to a city. 


Fulwood is another peaceful and friendly area in Sheffield. You can’t go wrong with it if you’d like to live somewhere with a sense of community. Cherished by senior people for its transport network and amenities, Fulwood is filled to the brim with high-quality housing. Plus, it’s one of the safest places in Sheffield. Its look and feel are similar to Crookes, but it has a much slower pace, making it ideal for families, professionals and retirees. Homes in this serene suburb are on the expensive side, however. The average price was £531,640 over the last year. But like Dore, Fulwood’s spacious and classy properties usually justify their price tag.


If you want a bit of everything we’ve written about in this post, consider moving to Hillsborough. With an average property price of £203,774, houses in this area could cost double that if they were in other parts of Sheffield. Whether you’re a professional who relies on public transport, a retiree with a budget, or a family that wants good schools, there’s a lot to like about Hillsborough. Everything Sheffield has to offer is on your doorstep. If you want peace, you’ve got it. If you want to have fun, you haven’t got to go far. 

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