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Cash House Buyers Sheffield

If you’re looking for the fastest and cheapest way to sell your house in Sheffield, look no further than We Buy Any Home. With house prices in Yorkshire and The Humber increasing by 13.9% in 2022 and sales decreasing by 31%, now may be the best time to consider a fast house sale to avoid the hassle and money spent trying to sell on the open market. Our passionate team is here to help you sell your Sheffield property regardless of its location, condition or size. You’re welcome to fill in our enquiry form to receive a free cash offer today.

Free cash offer within minutes, any condition, any location.

How it works

We can’t speak for other cash house buyers in Sheffield, but when you work with We Buy Any Home you can expect a quick and easy house-selling experience. Here is how it works:

Free cash offer within minutes, no legal fees, any location.

  • Fill out our contact form

    First, you request a free, no-obligation quote by calling us or filling in our contact form. If you stick the kettle on, make a cup of tea or coffee and begin filling out the form, you’ll have it complete before you’ve finished your cuppa. It’s that easy.

  • Cash offer in 24 hours

    Within 24 hours, one of our experts will contact you to discuss your details before making you our best cash offer. You have no obligation to accept, and there’s no charge for the quote. At the very least, on our call, our team would be happy to give you some free expert property advice in Sheffield.

  • Sale agreed

    If you decide you’d like to proceed, we’ll send over our simple paperwork for you to fill in and return – don’t worry, it’s much shorter and easier than estate agents’ paperwork.

    Now you’re well on your way to selling your property. You don’t even have to pay for a solicitor. We’ll hire them to represent you free of charge. Plus, we’ll send two local, independent RICS surveyors to carry out their own valuation of your home. We do this so you can confirm with a third party that our offer is completely fair and honest. 

    After the valuation report and legal check, it’ll almost be time to go. We’ll provide the final price, and you’ll give us your preferred completion date.

    Done deal: The sale is complete, and you’ll receive your cash funds. It’s that easy.

Free cash offer within minutes, any condition, any location.

How can I find a cash buyer for my house in Sheffield?

When choosing a cash house buyer, the most important thing is to verify they’re genuine. That means choosing a company with a history of following through on its promises and delivering great deals for its customers. At We Buy Any Home, we pride ourselves on doing just that.

One way you can verify that a cash house buyer in Sheffield is genuine is by asking for evidence that they can buy your property with their own funds. Some companies pretend to be cash house buyers but are actually brokers that want to buy your property on behalf of a third party. Because they don’t have their own funds, they fail to deliver on their promise to buy your home fast and will delay until they can secure funding from a buyer. In the end, you could be waiting months even though you were promised a fast sale. When you work with We Buy Any Home, we will not hesitate to provide evidence of our funds so you can feel confident we’re a genuine cash house buyer in Sheffield.

When looking for a cash house buyer, be aware that it is not uncommon for these unethical companies to make an initial offer that’s equal to market value before scaling back their offer once they’ve got you interested. At We Buy Any Home, we readily admit that we can’t offer you full market value for your home. But we can make our best cash offer straight away and guarantee you a fast sale.

Some predatory companies will try to lock you into selling to them by having you sign an “option agreement” on your property. Once they place the option on the land registry, they can lower the offer after a survey, leaving you stuck with the unfair price. You don’t get this kind of predatory service with We Buy Any Home. Our simple and transparent contract doesn’t tie you down if our offer changes. If the price changes by so much as a penny after the RICS survey of your property, you are entitled to walk away from the deal.

Can you trust cash house buyers?

We understand that using a cash house buyer is different from the traditional way of selling a property, so it’s fine to be sceptical when you first hear about it. However, our company is the biggest and one of the oldest cash buyers for a reason. We’ve consistently provided a faster and cheaper way for people in Sheffield to sell their property. As a result, we maintain an “Excellent” rating on Trustpilot and 4.3 stars on Google Reviews. Over the years, we’ve been featured on Channel 4 and ITV, and in publications including The Mirror, The Telegraph and Hello!

Although there are some untrustworthy cash house buyers, we have no doubt that most companies are trustworthy, although none are as good as us! We know most companies are legit because We Buy Any Home has led the way as a founding member of the National Association of Property Buyers, a not-for-profit organisation set up to improve industry standards. Since then, it’s hard to illegitimate companies to stay in business. But here are a few tips for finding out if a company is trustworthy – and you’ll find all of these apply to us. 

  • They’re a member of The Property Ombudsman, the regulator for property buying that sets a strict code of conduct.
  • They don’t hide the identity of their key members. A legit cash buyer will name their founder and/or directors, and you will be able to find them on sites like LinkedIn. 
  • They aren’t listing properties elsewhere like on Rightmove. Undercover estate agents that claim to be cash house buyers but are really brokers and/or use third-party funding do this.
  • They use their own funds to buy your property.
  • They’re a real company that’s registered with Companies House.
  • They don’t send dense, convoluted contracts that are designed to deceive you.
  • They have strong reviews on real review sites like Trustpilot and Google Reviews. 
  • They don’t make a huge, unrealistic offer for your home and promise they’ll sell it fast.

FAQ’s for Cash House Buyers in Sheffield

We’ve helped people from all walks of life and in all circumstances to sell their homes fast. Some of our customers have experienced recent financial difficulty or need a quick sale to avoid home repossession. We also commonly help couples filing for divorce to sell their home quickly. Many people use our service because they want to downsize their home, are moving abroad or are looking to sell an inherited property. No matter your circumstance, we can help you.

What kind of people use cash house buyers?

We’ve helped people from all walks of life and in all circumstances to sell their homes fast. Some of our customers have experienced recent financial difficulty or need a quick sale to avoid home repossession. We also commonly help couples filing for divorce to sell their home quickly. Many people use our service because they want to downsize their home, are moving abroad or are looking to sell an inherited property. No matter your circumstance, we can help you.

What percentage of the market value will you pay?

As with all genuine cash house buyers, we can’t pay full market value while buying a house fast. After all, as a business, we do need to make a profit. However, we’re committed to offering the best price possible for your home, and unlike our competitors, we can pay 80-90% of market value. What’s more, we’ll always beat any genuine offer by another company. Curious about what you could get from us? Receive a free cash offer today.

How do you calculate the value of my home in Sheffield?

When we talk to you on our first phone call, we’ll make an initial offer. It’ll be based on the details you’ve given us about your home as well as data from Land Registry, RightMovePlus, and other third-party sources. If you like our offer and would like to proceed with selling your home to us, we’ll send up to 2 RICS-qualified surveyors to your home to do an independent valuation. We’ll then take the average of these valuations to determine the true market value of your property. Our final offer will take that figure into consideration. If our final offer is lower than our first offer, you are completely free to walk away from the deal; you will not be locked into selling to us.

Which part of Sheffield do you buy property in?

We buy property in every part of Sheffield and the surrounding areas.

Are cash buyers better than estate agents?

We are not necessarily better than estate agents in all ways, but if you are in certain circumstances and you want to sell fast and without spending any of your own money, we most definitely are better.

Do you ask for any upfront costs?

None. When you sell with us you won’t have to spend anything. We take care of fees, and there are no hidden costs.

Do you buy property for yourself or others?

Unlike other companies that act as brokers, we buy properties with our own funds. In the future, we will either sell the property or rent it out.

How do cash house buyers in Sheffield make money?

We make money by reselling properties at full market value. After we’ve bought a property, we’ll either put it on the open market right away for sale or to let, or we’ll renovate it first. You can, of course, sell your property on the open market yourself to get full value. But by working with us, you trade the full price for a fast, easy, and cheap sale. You could end up making more money by selling to us because you’ll avoid having to pay estate agents, bills and council tax while your property sits on the open market.

Can I be sure that We Buy Any Home is right for me?

When you work with us, you can feel confident that you’re in the hands of the UK’s leading cash house buyer. While we can’t guarantee everyone loves us (is there anyone who can say that?), if you look at our reviews, you’ll see the overwhelming majority of our customers were more than satisfied with our service.

Can I get an online quote to sell my home fast?

Yes, you can, and you have no obligation to accept. Why not find out how much you could get? Fill in our enquiry form to receive a free cash offer today.

Get a free cash offer for your home in Sheffield

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The benefits of using a cash house buyer

If you’ve been trying to sell your property on the open market, and all you’ve got so far are estate agent fees and dirty carpets from house viewings, maybe it’s time to consider an alternative. Or maybe you’ve had a sudden change of circumstance or personal issue that means you need to sell fast. Whatever your reason for selling, there are many benefits to using a cash buyer for your house in Sheffield.

It’s fast

With a cash buyer for your house in Sheffield, it should be a much cheaper process than through the open market. Here at We Buy Any Home, we cover all administrative charges, solicitor fees and valuation costs, this is all completed free of charge. We provide a competitive cash house buyer valuation that will allow you to sell.

It’s cheap

Using a cash house buyer in Sheffield is the cheapest way to sell your home. People often underestimate the costs of selling their houses. And it’s not just estate agent and solicitors fees you have to worry about. While your property is on the market, you’ll still have to pay bills, mortgages and taxes. As time goes by, the net price you’ll get for your home will gradually drop off. None of this is the case when you use We Buy Any Home. We don’t charge you a penny for our fast service, and we don’t even take a commission.

It’s simple

Unlike estate agents, we don’t overwhelm you with paperwork. As the UK’s leading cash house buyer, our process is straightforward from start to finish. We don’t need to view your property in person to give you an initial offer. Of course, to meet legal requirements, we will send certified surveyors to your property in the later stages, but this will be a quick visit.

You can sell with us regardless of where you live in Sheffield

We buy properties throughout the steel city and the surrounding areas. Whether you own a property in Heeley, Beighton or Ecclesfield, you can it sell with us. You don’t have to worry about the condition of your property or its size. We’ll take it off your hands regardless. Want a free quote? Get a cash offer today by filling in our enquiry form.

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