Everything You Need to Know Before Moving to Sheffield

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Everything You Need to Know Before Moving to Sheffield
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If you’ve done any research into the best places to live in the UK, Sheffield’s name has probably popped up more than once. Yes, it’s the greenest city in the UK (possibly Europe). But what are some of the more quirky things about Sheffield you can only know about from living here? In this blog post, we’ll let you know some Sheffield secrets before you move in. We’ll also give you an overview of the current housing market and the costs of living.

What makes Sheffield Unique?

The friendly faces of Sheffield

It’s not uncommon for people from Sheffield to talk to you like they’ve known you for years. If you’re moving from less personal cities where strangers seldom speak to each other, like London, Sheffield’s brand of friendliness may surprise you. But you’ll quickly grow to love how warm and straightforward people from Sheffield invariably are. 

Thanks to the city’s strong community spirit, Sheffield has been affectionately called the largest village in England. An online study by WordTips recently revealed the Sheffield dialect to be the world’s favourite accent from Britain.

Sheffield’s hilliness 

Whether Sheffield is like Rome and built on seven hills may or may not be true (it’s the subject of constant debate amongst locals). Regardless, it’s probably the hilliest city in the UK. If you plan on going everywhere on foot, prepare for constant ups and downs. If you’re accustomed to flatter terrains, Sheffield will take some getting used to. Walking in Sheffield is also a free way to stay fit and healthy.

Sheffield’s microclimate

We all know Britain’s favourite pastime is complaining about the weather. Due to our island status, it’s pretty unpredictable anywhere you go. But in Sheffield, that’s even more the case. Why? Sheffield’s altitude ranges from 10m to over 500m above sea level, and this variation can make the weather vastly different across the city at any given time. Some areas are especially prone to rain and snowfall. You must be prepared for sudden weather changes if your job involves travel. You won’t catch people complaining about it, though. 

What is it like to live in Sheffield?

Sheffield’s accolades have kept piling up in recent years, from being named the best place in Europe for a city break to having one of its neighbourhoods included in The Telegraph’s list of the 51 coolest places in the world. But awards aside, what is it like to live in Sheffield?

Brilliant health services and schools

In Sheffield, you’ll have access to excellent healthcare. According to surveys by quality of life tracker Numbeo, Sheffield’s healthcare system scores very high for the overall quality of life city. In this regard, Sheffield is a better place to live than nearby Manchester and Leeds.

Although the NHS has been going through well-publicised troubles for some time now, Sheffield boasts dozens of highly-rated GP practices. 

Schools are important to consider if you plan to raise children in Sheffield. Ofsted currently rates at least 20 Sheffield schools as “Oustanding”, with dozens more rated “Good” according to Ofsted’s strict criteria. 

Endless things to do

There’s something for everyone in Sheffield. Music lovers, foodies and sports fans will find no shortage of things to do. The city’s rich musical heritage underlines a buzzing scene of venues and festivals. The renowned Tramlines Music Festival is held in Hillsborough Park every summer.

For sports, there’s a club in every major team sport, not least two professional football teams. Sheffield also has one of the best arts and theatre scenes outside of London. And here’s something that might surprise you – Sheffield was recently chosen as the UK’s foodie capital.

World-class employers

Sheffield was once the powerhouse of the global steel industry. From that foundation, the city has grown into one of the UK’s advanced manufacturing and engineering hotspots. Big players like Boeing, McLaren and Alcoa have headquarters in the city. Alongside the likes of Irwin Mitchell, the top 50 law firm, these global companies make Sheffield an attractive option for high-skilled workers. 

Other massive employees in Sheffield are the two universities, Sheffield Hallam University and The University of Sheffield. The NHS, DWP, HSBC and Sky also employ thousands in the city. 

Sheffield has become synonymous with innovation, and sectors like digital & tech and education are flying high. But small businesses are also booming. Not long ago, Sheffield was selected as the best city outside London to start a business.

You can learn more about job opportunities in Sheffield here

Perfect for an outdoor lifestyle

Sheffield is revered for its open space, in no small part, thanks to the Peak District sitting right on its doorsteps. It’s why the city has taken on the “Outdoor City” moniker. If you like to hike, mountain bike, or climb, there is no better city than Sheffield. 

When you live in Sheffield, you can trek up a peak in the afternoon and return to the city by the evening to dine in a Michelin Guide restaurant. All in less than a 20-mile round trip. The city has a wealth of urban greenery and parks with sprawling views of Sheffield’s skyline. 

Is it expensive to live in Sheffield?

Despite its long list of merits, on the whole, Sheffield is an affordable city. Let’s crunch some of the numbers.

According to Rightmove, the average price for a property in Sheffield was £238,147 over the last year. That’s about £120,000 less than the UK average. Very few cities have the balance of affordability and quality of life that Sheffield has. 

We alluded to it earlier, but Kelham Island is considered one of the coolest places to live in the world, and it’s right in the heart of Sheffield. The suburbs Hillsborough, Crookes and Norton Lees also rank high. On the higher end of the price range, Sheffield offers Dore, Ranmoore and Fulwood, to name a few. 

Everything is cheaper up North, as the old saying goes. That’s especially true for rent, where it is 61.4% lower in Sheffield than in London. Excluding rent, living costs are 20.4% lower than in London. 

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