Sheffield’s Commuter Towns

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Sheffield’s Commuter Towns
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As one of the UK’s biggest cities, Sheffield is surrounded by a lot of commuter towns and suburbs. In this blog, we’ll lift the lid on what it’s like to commute to Sheffield before presenting 5 of the best commuter towns.

How many people commute to Sheffield? 

Every day, 63,000 people commute to work in Sheffield, according to the city council. 51% of commuters live within 5km, and 91% live within 20km. 

What’s more, Sheffield is said to be the least congested city in the UK. 

The average commute time is only 23 minutes, 4 minutes less than the national average. It’s great news for people living and working in Sheffield because shorter commutes are associated with decreased stress and better health.

Car drivers comprise 58.9% of commuters, while 21.1% use Sheffield’s respectable public transport system. Read more about the transport links in Sheffield.

As the greenest city in and one of the biggest cities in the UK, Sheffield offers the perfect balance of city and countryside life. Here are 5 of the best commuter towns with top transport links, local green space and low crime rates.

Norton Lees 

Situated 4 miles south of Sheffield city centre, Norton Lees is an idyllic suburb well suited to commuters. The area is known for being one of the safest in Sheffield and is popular with families and older people. 

What’s more, it sits between two of Sheffield’s top-rated parks, Mersbrook and Graves. Despite its considerable merits, Norton Lees is surprisingly affordable. Properties had an average price of £246,788 over the last year.

If you live in Norton Lees and work in the city, you’ll find it easy to drive in by joining up with the A61 adjacent to the suburb. It also takes just 20 minutes to cycle to the heart of Sheffield.


For a taste of true countryside life, consider Catcliffe. The village has a population of 2,000 people and is located 4.3 miles from Sheffield city centre. Catcliffe also has the benefit of being within 2.5 miles of the town of Rotherham. 

Travelling to Sheffield city centre only takes 25 minutes from Catcliffe. Plus, the village enjoys easy access to the M1 motorway. 

Catcliffe is a convenient place to live for people working at Sheffield’s famous Advanced Manufacturing Park. The hub spearheads Sheffield’s lucrative technology and manufacturing industries and is home to global companies like Rolls Royce and McLaren.

Catcliffe is one of the most affordable areas in Sheffield. In the last year, the average property was priced at £156,063. It makes houses in Catcliffe approximately £30,000 cheaper than the average Sheffield property. 


Found barely two miles north of Sheffield, Hillsborough is an area that’s constantly improving. It’s now very popular with young professionals who prioritise a short commute and a lively, yet safe place to live. 

Sheffield Supertram is arguably the city’s best mode of public transport, and it stops in the centre of Hillsborough. Tickets will be capped at £2.80 for a single journey from October 31 2023, providing cheap travel through Sheffield. The trams also run frequently throughout the day and night. 

Part of Hillsborough’s appeal is its good selection of independent and high-street retailers. Everything you need is within a stone’s throw of the suburb. 

And it wouldn’t be a Sheffield suburb without a designated green space. Hillsborough Park is an excellent place to exercise, walk the dog or spend time with the family. 

Such is Hillsborough’s growing popularity that the average house price increased by 9% over the last year. Even so, Hillsborough is more affordable than nearby Crookes and Walkley. Properties had an average price of just £217,625 over the past year.


Named the 50th coolest place to live in the UK by wellness brand Naturecan, Broomhill is a fantastic option for Sheffield commuters. It lies less than 2 miles outside the city centre and is well served by buses. It also takes just 20-25 minutes to walk to the city centre from Broomhill. 

In addition to its Victorian houses, Broomhill is known for its excellent pubs and restaurants like El Toro and The Nottingham House. Independent shops are aplenty in the area. The most notable being the Record Collector, Sheffield’s best-known record shop.

The area is a favourite amongst students, bringing a lot of money to the area. But the vibrancy and location of Broomhill also make it attractive to young professionals. Thanks to its closeness to the city and local attractions, including The Drama Studio and Sheffield Botanical Gardens, there’s no shortage of things to do. 

In the last year, properties were priced at £289,517 on average.


Making our list is another area with a Sheffield Supertram stop. This time it’s Halfway, a location a bit further out from the city. The village rests in the south-east corner of Sheffield, some 8 miles from the city centre. But commuters enjoy swift access via the A57, and it’s only a 20-30 minute drive to town depending on the time of day. 

Housing is affordable in Halfway, with the average property priced at £215,573. It’s a popular area for property developments, and new houses are regularly built here. It makes Halfway an up-and-coming area with an eye on the future. 

Halfway has a good selection of amenities, but anything missing is likely to be found in neighbouring Mosborough, less than a mile away. Mosborough offers a wider range of pubs, including The Alma and Ridgeway Arms, plus several takeaways. 

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