Where Should Families Moving to Preston Buy?

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Where Should Families Moving to Preston Buy?
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Preston’s property market is performing incredibly well due to the affordable house prices, low crime rates, and good employment opportunities. The average rental yield of Preston ranges between £163,925 and £291,190. While the whole of Preston is an ideal place to live, still, some areas are much more expensive. Before moving to Preston, it is imperative for you to consider the facilities that you might require.

For instance, if you’re a businessperson who often has to go to the airport in nearby locations such as Liverpool and Manchester, you should choose a location closer to the motorway network. On the other hand, if you have young children in your family, you should prefer a location closer to schools and parks. Before you finalise a location in Preston, let’s look at the facilities you should look out for in your locality.

Facilities To Look Out For In Cities

A good city allows its residents to move around its public spaces as independently and safely as possible. It also allows the citizens to participate in initiatives and events of all kinds (cultural, sporting, social) regardless of discrimination. Children of all backgrounds can attend a school or work without encountering difficulties or security issues. 

Some of the most pertinent attributes of a good city include cleanliness, infrastructure, environmental balance, and the presence of good systems (education, communication, transport, and finance). A good city encourages inclusivity and ensures the needs of the differently-abled.

The sidewalks in the streets should be wide enough; they are not too high and are equipped with slides to allow the passage of wheelchairs and pushchairs. Moreover, the crossings must have acoustic signals to facilitate the path of the blind while shops, restaurants, bars, hotels, and generally, all commercial establishments should have doors large enough to make entry accessible to anyone. 

Furthermore, the toilets must be built in such a way as to favour accessibility to anyone who wants to use them. Below, we will explore some of the ideal locations in Preston for families to live in.

Bulmer St, Ashton-on-Ribble

The property prices in Bulmer Street range from £50,000 to £363,000. There are many first-time properties to be found here, considering the rapid construction of terraced and semi-detached houses in this area of Preston. While this location has all types of properties available, it is mostly famous for terraced properties. If you’re in the mood to enjoy shopping with friends and family, you can also visit Fishergate, which is closer to Bulmer street. The residents living in this area belong to diverse communities. But mostly, this area is dominated by suburbanites. Many small shops selling affordable items can be found in this area. You can also find high-end luxury brands around this area. One of the biggest reasons this area is attractive for families is that it is closer to the city centre. The crime score for Ashton-on-Ribble is 17/100, which is fairly better than the surrounding areas.

Farringdon Park

The average property prices in Farringdon Park range from £25,000 to £300,000. If you’re looking for houseshares and flats, Farringdon Park is the perfect place to live. Moreover, if you’re looking for a retirement property, you can find Emblehope House here, an age-exclusive housing. It is a fairly good option for retirees since it provides a high standard of living. There are many entertainment options in the area. Walking and cycling in the Farringdon Park Community Centre is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. The local fitness and sports club is a major facility that serves many fitness and sports enthusiasts alike. The crime score for Farringdon Park is 3/100, which is not impressive compared to the surrounding areas.


The property prices in this area fall in the range of £16,000 to £399,900. This area has many properties, including flats, bungalows, and huge detached houses. This is one of the safest locations in Preston. Ribbleton is closer to Flag Market and The Harris, where you can enjoy weekly events throughout the year. There are lots of beautiful buildings located in the Ribbleton area. For instance, you can find Georgian-period buildings around Winckley Square at a distance of 8 minutes. Moreover, it is much closer to the main landmarks of Preston, including St Walburge’s Church and the Minster Church of St. John the Evangelist. The crime score for Ribbleton is 17/100, which is fairly better than the surrounding areas.


The house prices in Barton range from £75,000 to £630,000. The majority of properties located in this region are bungalows or park homes. Barton is among the most expensive areas in Preston. Many important buildings are located in Barton,  such as the former Corn Exchange, the Preston Town Hall, the Harris Museum, and the Miller Arcade. The beautiful St Lawrence’s Church is also situated in Barton, making it a nice tourist place. If you’re a businessperson who needs to travel often, Barton is an ideal place, considering that the M6 motorway is 5 minutes away. The crime score of Barton is 59/100, which is better than all the other locations in Preston.


Fulwood is known for properties available at a very affordable rate. For instance, you can find a decent five-bedroom house for rent in Fulwood at around £1,400 per month. Another factor that makes this place attractive for your family is that Royal Preston Hospital is just 5 minutes away. This location is also closer to the city centre. If you want to enjoy a peaceful walk in the park, you can always visit Haris Park and Conway Park. Fulwood is highly preferred by the students considering it is near the University of Central Lancashire Preston campus. It is also near Preston’s city centre, where you can enjoy shopping and dining with friends. Both these locations can be accessed using the bus service. There are a number of amenities available in Fulwood where you can enjoy shops, pubs and parks. The crime score of Fulwood is 17/100, which is fairly better compared to the other locations in Preston.

How Can Cash-Buying Companies Help You Relocate?

Before you relocate to a new location in Preston, you might want to sell your old property. However, selling a property is not an easy task. There are lots of technical elements involved that need to be taken care of. This includes deciding the market rate of the property, looking for an appropriate buyer, legal work and financial paperwork. 

While selling your old property in Preston seems lengthy and daunting, it is recommended that you use the services of a cash-buying company, such as WeBuyAnyHome. You simply need to visit their website and enter your details. You’ll get your free cash offer within minutes of your request. There are no hidden charges, and you can receive your funds within seven days of approaching the cash house buyers.


Companies like We Buy Any Home take away the headache of putting your property on sale, negotiating with potential buyers, and then managing the paperwork regarding the sale of your property. With Preston’s cash house buyers, you will likely get a good sale price. If you want to sell your property fast, using the services of cash-buying companies like We Buy Any Home is the best idea.

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