Why Should You Live in Nottingham?

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Why Should You Live in Nottingham?
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The echoes of a legend. Hallowed sporting grounds. A renowned music scene. These only scratch the surface of what Nottingham has to offer, and yet it’s one of England’s most underrated cities. If you want to move to an affordable and exciting city, look no further than the Queen of the East Midlands. We Buy Any Home has detailed some of the best things about Nottingham to help you decide if the city’s for you. 

Nottingham is an affordable place to live

Chances are you’ve thought about ways to be smarter with money in the last couple of years. Living somewhere cheaper is one of the best ways to do so. It’s easier said than done because you’ll have to up and move. But once you’re living somewhere more affordable, you’ll immediately start spending less money. Nottingham is the perfect place to move if you want to live cheaply in a vibrant city. 

Let’s put things into perspective. Research by cost of living tracker Numbeo shows Nottingham to be 19% cheaper than London (excluding rent). While rent is a whopping 63.2% less than in London. How does it compare to other nearby cities? Renting in Nottingham is cheaper than its neighbour Leicester, and restaurant prices are lower than in Derby.

Affordability is all well and good, but it doesn’t mean much if the quality of life is low. Fortunately, Nottingham ticks this box, too. The city has been voted one of the best places to live and work in the UK. The availability of healthcare, clean air and the growing local economy contribute to this. It led 41.7% of Nottingham residents to describe their health as “very good” during the 2021 national census, an increase from the 2011 census. 

House prices are where Nottingham really shines. As of December 2023, the average asking price for a house in the UK is £355,177, as reported by Rightmove. On the other hand, the average property in Nottingham was priced at just £254,681 over the last year. 

Although house prices have risen in recent years, Nottingham remains an affordable city for housing. Large detached properties in suburbs like West Bridgford and Beeston would easily be worth two or three times as much in other cities. Whether you want to live in a quiet suburb or a quaint city apartment, you’ll find your dream home in Nottingham. 

Nottingham is steeped in history

Many English cities are affordable, but how many of them have the history and cultural significance of Nottingham? Only a few. If you want to live somewhere with a rich backstory, Nottingham could be for you. 

Robin Hood and his Merry Men have made Nottingham famous worldwide, and their legend still permeates the city today. A marathon, a public transport system and a long country footpath are all named after the heroic outlaw. You won’t have to go far if you want to get up close and personal with the legend. In Sherwood Forest, you can retrace his steps and behold the Major Oak, one of Britain’s oldest trees and Robin Hood’s hideout. 

Nottingham Castle, where Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham had their showdown, is also central to the city’s historical narrative. Perched on a hill in the city centre, the castle is a constant reminder of Nottingham’s medieval prestige. One of England’s oldest pubs, the Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem is built into its rock. Plus, hidden deep beneath the castle is the city of caves, the UK’s largest network of caves. There are over 800 dotted around the city centre. 

Although visitors bring £2 billion a year to Nottingham, making it the city with the 6th best visitor economy, these famous sites are more than just tourist attractions. Robin Hood and Nottingham Castle are a source of pride to Nottingham locals and add to the city’s unique charm.

Beyond that, Nottingham’s history as an industrial powerhouse still casts a shadow over the city. The Lace Market was the site of Nottingham’s huge lace industry. Today, the square of red-brick buildings is one of Nottingham’s most iconic areas and is a protected heritage zone. 

Sports also play a crucial role in Nottingham’s history. Notts County FC is the world’s oldest Football League club, while their rival Nottingham Forest is one of the most decorated clubs in England. In their late 1970s to early 80s heyday, the club lifted back-to-back European Cups. 

Curious about what else there is to do and see in Nottingham? You can learn more in this blog post. 

Nottingham is a green city with brilliant public transport 

Want to live in a green city with clean air? Nottingham might be one of England’s bigger cities, but you’ll have no trouble escaping to a more natural setting.

Parks and open spaces cover 20% of the city’s surface. Highlights include the Arboretum, a vibrant and well-kept park close to the city centre with over 800 trees. It’s rumoured to have been the inspiration for Neverland in J. M. Barrie’s classic Peter Pan. 

Wollaton Park is the most acclaimed park in Nottingham. It sprawls over 500 acres and is the perfect getaway from the hectic city. Even when busy, you’ll easily find a quiet spot to bask in nature, read a book or exercise. Wollaton Park is located 4 miles away from the city centre, but Nottingham’s top-quality public transport makes it accessible from anywhere in the city. The park’s centrepiece is Wollaton Hall. The grand Edwardian country house was constructed in the 1580s and is one of the city’s most recognisable features. 

We mentioned Nottingham’s excellent public transport, but how good can it be? Anyone who has lived or visited Nottingham will tell you how easy and convenient it is to use Nottingham’s buses and trams. 

Most bus stops have an electronic timetable that counts down the minutes of a bus’s arrival. There are 1800 of these electronic timetables throughout the city, so you’ll never be left in the dark wondering when your bus is going to show up. And you’ll have no trouble getting a bus anytime, night or day. There’s even a bus specifically for travel to East Midlands Airport. Few cities have the quality and quantity of buses as Nottingham.

But that’s not all there is to Nottingham’s world-class public transport system. Nottingham’s trams are perfect for a congestion-free commute or a reliable trip across the city. Tickets are affordable and trams run every 7 minutes in the week (reduced to 3 minutes in city centre zones). With all this in mind, it’s easy to see why Nottingham has won awards for its public transport system.

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