Nottingham’s Most and Least Affordable Postcodes

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Nottingham’s Most and Least Affordable Postcodes
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Although Nottingham has a reputation for being a cheap place to live, there’s a gulf between the city’s most and least affordable postcodes. We Buy Any Home has identified some neighbourhoods on either side of the price range to give you a snapshot of Nottingham’s housing market. 

The most affordable postcodes in Nottingham

NG7: Hyson Green

North-east Nottingham’s large NG7 postcode area features several affordable neighbourhoods. While Radford and Basford stand out as areas with cheap housing, we’ve decided to shine the light on Hyson Green, where properties had an average price of £145,520 over the last year. 

The most common property type in Hyson Green is terraced houses, which had an average price of £136,125 according to Rightmove. Flats were similarly affordable. On average, they were priced at just £91,200. 

It would be hard to argue that Hyson Green is one of Nottingham’s stand-out locations. But it has many assets for a place with such affordable housing. One of which is its proximity to the city centre, making it an ideal location for city commuters to live. Impressively, it has a wide variety of amenities and facilities on its doorstep, as well as a selection of good schools.  

NG11: Clifton

Lying approximately 5 miles south of the city centre is NG11’s Clifton. This expansive suburb is known for its affordable housing, good public transport and a wide variety of amenities. 

£215,573 was the average property price over the last year, some £40,000 cheaper than the Nottingham average. Terraced properties made up the bulk of the sales in Clifton in the last year. On average, they sold for £188,084. 

As is the case with most areas with cheap housing, Clifton doesn’t have the best reputation in Nottingham. But reputation clearly doesn’t tell the whole story about what it’s like to live somewhere. What’s undeniable about Clifton is that it’s on the up. New houses are regularly being built, and the area is safe and has easy access to nature. 

NG8: Bilborough

If you’re looking for a cheap place to live in Nottingham, Bilborough is well worth your consideration. The suburb is a mere 3-4 miles from the city centre and offers affordable housing stock (priced at only £216,503 on average).

The area is home to several good schools in addition to one of Nottingham’s largest colleges, Bilborough Sixth Form College. The college boasts famous alumni in politics and entertainment and consistently achieves high A-level results. 

Notably, the countryside is barely a stone’s throw away from Bilborough, and there is hardly a more convenient place in Nottingham to access the M1. 

The least affordable postcodes in postcode

NG7: The Park

The Park lays claim to the title of Nottingham’s most exclusive neighbourhood. 

It earns its crown not least due to the considerable house prices in the area. It’s also a private housing estate where residents must pay an additional tax for the upkeep of the estate. 

Although The Park sits closely beside the city centre and cheaper neighbourhoods in NG7, it’s something of a sanctuary of peace. An array of Victorian and Edwardian properties adorn its tree-lined avenues while gas lamp posts illuminate the polished roads. Underlying the aesthetic is a historical narrative. The Park Estate used to be the royal hunting park for the kings and dukes of Nottingham Castle. 

The average house price of £385,707 may not make it the most expensive area in Nottingham. But when we isolate detached houses, the price skyrockets to £801,404. There are many grand detached houses in The Park, and some have been converted into flats.

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N12: Edwalton

The spacious and serene suburb of Edwalton is one of Nottingham’s most desirable locations. 

Situated roughly 6 miles from the Nottingham city centre, Edwalton enjoys a village character while offering easy access to the city. Local attractions are minimal besides a handful of pubs and restaurants, a golf course and the old Anglican church. As such, the suburb is very popular amongst high-earning professionals or retirees looking for a slower-paced domestic life. 

As of 2023, properties in Edwalton had an average price of £564,162, which far exceeds the Nottingham average of £256,411. What’s more, detached houses had an average selling price of £789,700, with many such properties selling for more than £1m. 

NG2: West Bridgford

Edwalton’s sprawling neighbour West Bridgford is a famously in-demand suburb located just 2 miles south of the city centre. It’s a safe and idyllic area with large houses and plenty of green spaces. 

Unlike other entries on this list, West Bridgford boasts its own high street dotted with a range of independent shops and big-brand stores. It’s also home to two acclaimed sporting venues, Nottingham Forest’s City Ground and the Trent Bridge Cricket Ground. 

Its schools are a major selling point of the area. The West Bridgford School is an Ofsted “Outstanding” state school, and several quality primary schools are local. Combined with the area’s safety, the schools make it an ideal place for families to live.

Rightmove states West Bridgford properties had an overall average price of £400,653 over the last year. Detached houses commonly fetch more than £600,000. 

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