Nottingham’s Best Commuter Towns

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Nottingham’s Best Commuter Towns
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When you think of a long commute, you probably imagine super early rises and idling in heavy traffic. Just minor inconveniences, right? Actually, we now know from numerous studies that long commute times can be much more damaging than that. They’re linked to worse health outcomes, higher levels of stress and reduced productivity. 

Some people genuinely enjoy a long commute to work. But, if you’re like most people, you’d benefit physically and mentally from a commute that takes less than 30 minutes. Fortunately, there are many places you can live in Greater Nottingham for a short journey to work in the city. And you don’t have to be living in the thick of the busy city

In 2010, 2014 and 2018, Nottingham received the highest public satisfaction score for its highways and local transport, beating out over a hundred other local authorities. As much as we all complain about traffic and delays, Nottingham is clearly one of the best in the country for public transport. The award-winning Nottingham City Transport does an amazing job at providing buses to nearly all parts of the Nottingham area and beyond. Plus, the city has a reliable tram line and good road networks. 

In the calendar year of 2021, the average commute time by car stood at 27 minutes in the UK, according to Transport Statistics Great Britain. If you’re working in Nottingham and want to commute in and out of the city as quickly as possible, consider some of the following locations. 


Beeston is a popular commuter town known for its exceptional transport links. With it being only 3.4 miles southwest of the city centre, it’s quick and easy to get into the heart of Nottingham from this expansive suburb. In a car, it’ll only take 15 minutes, and the route is straightforward. 

Beeston residents can also take advantage of several bus stops, all with live electronic timetables. Buses typically take just 20 minutes from Beeston to the city centre. Many lines go all over Greater Nottingham, so you’ll have no trouble getting around, no matter where you work. Due to the prevalence of bus-only lanes, it’s a very efficient way to travel. 

Beeston is also well-served by cycle lanes. On average, it just 23 minutes to get to the city centre on a bike. You can even cycle along the Beeston Canal path for a more picturesque route to work. 

If you’re happy to take the train to work, Beeston has its own railway station that’s part of the Midlands Main Line. It’s an incredibly cheap way to travel into the city and your fastest option, with the average journey taking just 7 minutes. 

Beeston is more than just a great commuter town. It consistently features on lists of the best places to live in Nottingham due to its safety and affordability. Everything you need is within a short distance, like high street shops, GP surgeries and gyms. We recommend the area to all types of people because it has something for everyone. 


Hucknall, a town sited 7 miles north of Nottingham, is another fantastic option for commuters. When you live here, you’ll be spoiled for choice of public transport. 

Nottingham’s popular tram service goes all the way from Hucknall in the north to Clifton in the south, with plenty of stops in between, such as the city centre and QMC hospital (a massive Nottingham employer). Trams run every 7 minutes between 7 am and 9 pm on weekdays. Service also begins early in the morning and continues late into the night. 

Buses from the centre of Hucknall usually reach Nottingham centre in 25-30 minutes. For an even faster journey, you can hop on the train at Hucknall Town railway station and arrive in the city in as little as 13 minutes.

Of course, public transport is not everyone’s cup of tea. The 2021 census revealed that 45.1% of all people in employment travelled to work by driving a car or van. If you prefer to be in full control of your journey to work in Nottingham, Hucknall could suit you. The average commute by car takes just 23 minutes, although times may vary due to traffic conditions. 

Living in Hucknall offers an equal balance between peace and excitement. You can easily escape to the countryside when you live here, but it’s just as simple to get into Nottingham. 

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Burton Joyce 

The leafy suburb of Burton Joyce occupies the middle ground between a small town and a large village. Residents have no complaints. It’s a serene riverside community with a countryside feel and convenient transport links to Nottingham. As such, it’s ideal for those who like to escape to a sanctuary of peace after a hectic day at work in the city.

You’ll only have to drive for about 25 minutes to get into the city from Burton Joyce. It’s a simple route straight along the A52 where congestion is usually minimal. Alternatively, trains from Burton Joyce can get you there in just 11 minutes on some services. The average train journey is 25 minutes, however, with 13 total services each day. 


Ruddington is well worth your consideration as a top commuter area in Greater Nottingham. A large village located 5 miles south of the city centre, Ruddington has been celebrated as UK’s top 10 boroughs for quality of life. There’s a decent amount of things going on nearby, with three museums and a varied pub and restaurant scene. But it’s also known as a quiet and friendly area. 

In terms of commuting, Ruddington is only a 15-minute drive to the city centre. Whether you work in Nottingham’s booming financial and business services industry, or in education at one of the city’s many schools and universities, you’ll find it easy to commute from Ruddington. 

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