How to Sell a Property After a Divorce in Newcastle

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How to Sell a Property After a Divorce in Newcastle
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If you’ve recently become divorced from a partner, you may be thinking about how you’d go about selling your Newcastle property. 

It’s likely that you lived in the property with your ex-spouse prior to separation, and there may even be young children residing in the property too.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of how to sell a property after a divorce in the Newcastle area. This will include how the process works, the quickest ways to sell a house after a divorce, as well as some information on the rights to the property after a separation.

How is a House Sold After a Divorce?

When a divorce occurs between a married couple, there are a number of ways that a matrimonial home may be dealt with. In some cases, one of the spouses may live in the property, particularly if there are young children involved. 

However, if the decision has been made to sell the house once a divorce has been completed, a court order can be made to ensure that the house is put on the market as part of the divorce settlement. 

A court order of this type is known as a Property Adjustment Order. This can be instructed as per an immediate sale of a property, or may also allow the property to be sold at a later date – for example, if young children are living in the house, it may be agreed to wait to sell the property until they have finished full-time education to ensure as little upheaval to their lives as possible.

If the property is jointly owned by both spouses and one party refuses to sell, courts can become involved to help the couple come to a resolution.

Quickest Way to Sell a House After a Divorce?

Divorces can be long and stressful, which is why many divorced couples look for the quickest way to sell a house after a divorce.

There are a few quick ways to sell a house after a divorce if time is of the essence. We’ve included a few of these below if you’re looking for a quick sale on your Newcastle property after having divorced:

  • Sell the property at auction – Putting your property up for sale at an auction rather than the open market can be a significantly quicker process, cutting out the need to multiple viewings and lengthy estate agent processes. However, you may find that your property will sell for less money, and some buyers don’t like purchasing properties at auction due to the competitive process involved.
  • A property buying company such as We Buy Any Home – As the number 1 property-buying company in the UK, we can help you to sell your home quickly, while still achieving a great price for your Newcastle property. You could receive your funds in as little as 7 days. Get a free cash offer via our website here.

Rights to Property After Separation

Once a couple has separated via a divorce, there may be questions as to what rights each party has over any property involved.

If you’ve lived in a matrimonial home with your ex-partner while you were married, you are entitled to a share of the property regardless of who owns it. This is often because one person may contribute to bills for the household while the other pays the mortgage, or one spouse may be the primary caregiver over young children that also reside in the property.

When a property is being sold by a sole owner and the other spouse doesn’t give consent, this is where issues can arise. In this situation, the non-owning partner may register matrimonial home rights with the HM Land Registry to ensure they can still reside within the property.

If the property is jointly owned, the separating couple will need to agree on what happens to the house after they separate. One spouse could buy the other out and remain living in the property, or the house can be sold before the funds of the sale are split equally. Mediators may need to become involved, if the couple cannot agree, to ensure a fair resolution is reached.

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