Is Newcastle an Affordable City?

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Is Newcastle an Affordable City?
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Newcastle is one of the most popular areas to live in the northeast of England, due to its infectious Geordie humour, popular culture, and famous transport system. But is Newcastle an affordable city to set up your home?

In this article, we’ll discuss whether Newcastle is expensive or cheap to live in, as well as some reasons why people may choose to move to Newcastle and some pros and cons of living in this popular northern area.

We’ll also provide a brief overview of cheap/expensive locations within the UK as a comparison.

Is Newcastle A Nice City To Live In?

Newcastle is a highly popular city, and many residents of Newcastle would be quick to recommend it. With its friendly Geordie locals and rich history, there are many reasons why Newcastle is suggested as a nice city in which to live. 

Offering both rural spaces and vibrant city life, Newcastle provides the best of both worlds to a range of different people moving to the area.

Why Do People Move To Newcastle?

There are many reasons why people choose to move to Newcastle. 

Here are a few key reasons why people may decide to relocate to this popular city:

  • Job opportunities – Newcastle is known for its thriving industry, particularly when it comes to shipbuilding and engineering, which create many job opportunities for new residents.
  • Universities – Newcastle is home to 4 universities, offering over 150 study programs to prospective students. Young people move to Newcastle from across the UK and overseas to study at one of Newcastle’s prestigious universities.
  • Affordability – Newcastle is a more affordable area than other large cities in the UK such as London or Manchester. This could draw people in who are looking to live in a busy area but don’t want to pay premium living costs – more on this later.

Is Newcastle An Affordable Place To Live?

So is Newcastle an affordable place to live?

The short answer is yes, particularly when compared with other large cities. For example, the cost of living in Newcastle is 7% cheaper than Leeds, 9% cheaper than Manchester, 13% cheaper than Birmingham, and a staggering 37% cheaper than London. 

With these figures, it’s clear why people may choose to move to Newcastle as living costs are more affordable than other areas.

What Is The Cheapest Area Of Newcastle?

While Newcastle is affordable as a whole, there are some areas in Newcastle that are cheaper than others. 

Benwell is an area that is very affordable, with average property prices of £131,485. This is significantly cheaper than the average property price of Newcastle as a whole which is £207,752, and far cheaper than the average UK property price of £285,000.

Another affordable area of Newcastle is Walker, with average property prices of £135,002.

Why Is Newcastle So Cheap?

There are several reasons why Newcastle is considered to be an affordable area to live.

One key reason is low housing costs as detailed above. Other reasons include affordable transport expenses such as the Metro line, and general low cost of living when compared with other areas. 

It is also thought that the north of England doesn’t suffer the same inflation increases as the south of the country, which naturally would impact on the cost of living.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Living In Newcastle?

Here are some pros and cons of living in Newcastle if you’re considering moving to the area.


Alongside the affordable cost of living, many residents cite the friendly community and rich culture as advantages of living in Newcastle. 

The Georgie sense of humour is very popular and stands out from other cities. There are many great attractions to visit in Newcastle as well such as local beaches, castles, museums, and cathedrals.


As with any city, there are also some cons to living in Newcastle.

One of the main ones is the weather. The north of England isn’t blessed with consistent sunshine, so if you’re adverse to rain Newcastle may not be the city for you.

It’s also a fair distance from other major cities such as Birmingham or London, so this is worth bearing in mind if you’ll need to commute to other large areas.

Which Is The Cheapest City In The Uk?

In terms of the UK as a whole, there are other areas that are also very affordable. 

Below we’ve listed some affordable areas in the UK along with their average property prices:

What Is The Least Affordable City In The Uk?

Unsurprisingly, London is the least affordable city in the UK, with an average property price of £769,230.

The cost of living in London is also very high, making it a very expensive place to live.

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