Does Newcastle Have Good Transport Connections?

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Does Newcastle Have Good Transport Connections?
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Newcastle is a major city in the UK, with many people deciding to live in the area due to job opportunities, education purposes, or because they love the Geordie culture. Regardless of why people move to Newcastle, one of the main reasons this city is so popular is due to its transport connections.

From the metro line to a local airport, Newcastle has great transport connections that allow its residents to travel both across the city and outside of it with ease. 

In this article, we’ll explore the different transport options that Newcastle has to offer, plus some details on the popularity of public transport in Newcastle and how easy it is to live in Newcastle without owning a car. 

Does Newcastle have good public transport?

Let’s start with public transport. How easy is it for Newcastle residents to get around?

Bus Services

Many local bus services operate in Newcastle, making it easy for residents to get around the city by bus. 

Many commuters use the different bus routes, with many nearby suburbs such as Jesmond, Gosforth, and Heaton being home to commuters making their way to the city centre for work.


One of the most well-known and popular public transport choices in Newcastle is the Tyne and Wear Metro, an overground and underground rail system that allows quick travel across Newcastle and surrounding areas. 

With over 60 stations accessible via metro travel, it’s easy to get from Newcastle city centre to Sunderland, the airport, and both North and South Tyneside seafronts.

Train Travel

If train travel is your preferred method of public transport, you’ll be pleased to hear that Newcastle has two mainline train stations – Newcastle Central and Manors Railway Station.

This makes it easy to get from Newcastle to other nearby major cities with ease.


For the jet setters out there, you’ll be pleased to hear that Newcastle has its own airport located just over 7 miles from the city centre. It’s the main airport in the northeast of England and offers both internal and external flights.

Newcastle’s airport is highly popular with London commuters, with regular flights to the capital city.

Boat Travel

Lastly, Newcastle is well known for its popular ferry services, allowing residents and visitors the choice of travelling by boat to Europe from the International Ferry Terminal. 

The terminal is around a 15-minute walk from the nearest metro station and is situated 8 miles east of the city. 

How many people use public transport in Newcastle?

It’s estimated in the 2021 census that just 1.7% of people in Newcastle took public transport to work. 

The majority of people travelled to work in a private car (53.5%), and 2.6% of people rode a bike or walked to work. 23.4% of people chose to work from home and therefore didn’t have a workplace commute. 

Can you get around Newcastle without a car?

Newcastle is easily accessible without a car due to its large number of public transport options. 

There are many bus services including Nexus, Stagecoach, Go North East, and Arriva, plus the metro makes it super easy to zip across the city with little effort. 

Newcastle is known for being a small, compact city which is easy to navigate via public transport or on foot, 

Is Newcastle a walkable city?

Newcastle is thought to be a very walkable city, ranking as the 4th most walkable city in the UK according to a study carried out by Workthere. 

Newcastle is thought to be one of the best cities if you want to commute to work on foot with green spaces nearby, with walkers being an average of just 258m from the nearest park or green space. This is less than any other city in the UK!

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