Why Do People Love to Live in Newcastle?

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Why Do People Love to Live in Newcastle?
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If you’re looking to relocate, Newcastle may have popped up on your radar as it’s an increasingly popular place to live. Newcastle has a population of nearly 300,000 people and is often described as the smallest big city in the world.

Famous for its friendly Geordie residents and historic architecture, it’s no wonder Newcastle is often featured in articles about the best cities to live in the UK.

In this article, we’ve put together some information on why Newcastle is a great place to live, to give you a further understanding of why this popular northern-English city is one worth considering for your new home. 

Is Newcastle A Good Place To Live?

So first things first. Is Newcastle considered to be a good place to live in the UK?

The answer seems to be yes! According to a recent satisfaction survey, 56% of Newcastle residents said they were ‘very satisfied’ with life in the Northeast city, the tenth highest-ranked area in the UK.

There are various reasons why this may be the case which we’ll go into in further detail in the section below, but this seems to be due to Newcastle offering a variety of benefits including a good mix between city/rural life, good schools, many job opportunities, and the Geordie culture.

Night time wide shot of Newcastle upon Tyne's quayside, with a view of the swing bridge, Tyne bridge, and millennium bridge

Why Do People Want To Live In Newcastle?

Now, why do people want to live in Newcastle? Here are some key reasons that make those living in other areas of the UK want to move to this popular north-English city.

Property Prices

One of the key reasons why people want to live in Newcastle is the affordable property prices. It’s no secret that property prices in the north of England are significantly less than those in the south, and Newcastle is no exception to the rule.

The average property price in Newcastle is £212,170, with the most popular properties being terraced housing with an average selling price of £188,469. When comparing this with a city of similar size further south such as Bristol, there is a significant difference, with the average property price in Bristol being £395,435. Interestingly terraced houses are also the most popular property type in Bristol, with an average selling price of £393,458.

With the average property price in Newcastle being 46% cheaper than the comparable city in England of Bristol, it’s clear why many people living in more southern areas of England are keen to live in northern cities such as Newcastle.

Geordie Culture

Another main reason why people may choose to move to Newcastle over other UK cities is the famous Geordie culture.

Geordies are known for being friendly and welcoming, which is often combined with a great sense of humour. The distinctive Geordie accent is famous for its own slang and dialect, giving the city a unique culture that not all areas of the UK benefit from.

You can be fairly confident that a Geordie will help you out if you’re lost and looking for directions, plus they’re known to be chatterboxes and will be likely to strike up a conversation if you get chatting in a local pub.


Newcastle is steeped in history, which is another reason why people yearn to live there. 

The history of Newcastle dates back nearly 2,000 years, with life as a Roman fort and key industries being born in the city including printing and wool trade. There’s also some beautiful architecture scattered throughout the city, such as Newcastle Cathedral, Grainger Town, and Newcastle Central Station.

Newcastle is also famous for bringing many ‘firsts’ to the UK including the following:

  • World’s first tilting bridge (Millenium Bridge)
  • Newcastle Brown Ale
  • First inter-city railway line

Job Opportunities

Due to its wide range of industries, Newcastle is also highly attractive to newcomers due to its wealth of job opportunities.

There are currently over 8,000 registered businesses in Newcastle, including Greggs, The Sage Group, Tommee Tippee, and Goldsmiths.

These well-known companies provide many job vacancies for Newcastle residents and newcomers, providing another reason why people may choose to relocate there.


While Newcastle is a fairly large city, it also boasts many rural areas too. 

This combination between city life and country living makes it a highly desirable place to live, as it’s unusual to find such a vibrant city that is surrounded by some incredible landscapes.

Newcastle is surrounded by mountain ranges such as Sighty Crag, Carter Bar, and Tosson Hill, plus the Northumberland National Park is close if you’re looking for a beautiful space to enjoy with family. However, the beauty of living in Newcastle is that you’re never far from the city centre, with excellent transport links including the metro, train services and extensive bus routes.

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