Everything You Need to Know Before You Move to Leicester 

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Everything You Need to Know Before You Move to Leicester 
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Preparing for a move to Leicester? Then this one’s for you. In this article, we’ll cover everything you might need to know before moving to Leicester.

We’ll cover the costs, things on offer and safety, amongst other important aspects you may be concerned about.

Let’s get started. 

Living in Leicester

So what can you expect should you move to Leicester? Well, it’s a big city, make no mistake about it. However, compared to somewhere like London, you’ll find Leicester to be much more commutable with less traffic, although still busy nonetheless. The best thing about living in the city is how you can go from busy city-like features to complete peacefulness for families in the suburbs in a short drive. Essentially, it’s a city that has something for everybody. 


Leicester is packed full of different types of amenities. Whatever you’re looking for, you can be sure Leicester will have something available. 


Leicester is home to many primary and secondary schools, and several private schools are also available. Ofsted lists 151 different options. From those 151 schools, eight have been awarded an outstanding grade. So, this should be fine for those with young families looking to get their children into good schools. 


While many university students typically move out and travel, many can choose to save money and stay at home in Leicester. Leicester provides world-renowned universities on its doorstep. They are the University of Leicester, DeMontfort University, and Loughborough University, with a little bit of travel involved.

Shopping Centres

Leicester competes with other major cities by providing plenty of shopping options. The three main ones are, of course, Highcross, Haymarket, and Fosse Park. Throughout those three, you’ll have access to all the brands that you could possibly need, along with many other dining options. 


Speaking of food, Leicester provides culinary delights from all over the world. You’ll never be short of options, and again, whatever particular cuisine you may be looking for, Leicester will definitely cater to you. 


Leicester is a well-connected city, so you will never run into any issues of getting around. This includes road, rail and even air. Major cities like London and Manchester are just over 100 miles away so that you can expect a journey of 2 and a half hours. Meanwhile, East Midlands Airport is also located close by to Leicester.

Cost of living

If you’re looking to move to Leicester, you may be worried about the costs of living in a city. Although there has been a cost of living crisis up and down the country, Leicester has also been affected. However, if you can find work from an easily commutable location, you may find that it is still a much better option than other cities. Let’s look at the cost of housing and renting to break it down. 

Cost of housing 

If you’re looking to purchase a property in Leicester, the current average sold prices are as follows:

  • Flats – £148,220
  • Terraced house – £213,349
  • Semi-detached house – £271,690
  • Detached house – £401,311

When you compare these prices to the UK average property price of £264,500, you’ll find that Leicester performs particularly well, especially with terraced and semi-detached houses. 

With that said, is it worth investing in property in Leicester? Well, there is a definite demand for property in the area; as mentioned earlier, that includes students and local residents. Let’s take a look at the current rental market in Leicester to give you an idea:

Cost of renting

For those looking to rent property in Leicester, plenty of properties are available, including different types to cater to everybody. 

For example, the current monthly asking price for a room is around £890, while a flat will set you back £1000. Meanwhile, a house will, on average, cost about £1200 a month. Keep in mind that these are averages, and some of the more in-demand areas in Leicester will undoubtedly cost more. 

For reference, here are some of the best areas to live in Leicester:

Best areas to live in Leicester

As a quick overview, the following are the most in-demand areas that most residents choose to live in or aspire to move to eventually:

  • Evington
  • Oadby
  • Narborough Road
  • Mountsorrel
  • Wigston
  • Kibworth
  • The Cultural Quarter
  • Clarendon Park
  • City Centre
  • Loughborough

Broadband speeds

If you’re looking to move, one of the most important things to be aware of is broadband speeds. Whether working from home, catching up on the latest show, or entertaining an avid gamer, there’s nothing worse than having a slow internet connection.

In Leicester, you’ll have access to the popular and well-known broadband providers. That includes Virgin, BT, Sky, Openreach and so on. This means you’ll never be stuck for choice. 

At the time of writing, the following are the current median speeds that you can expect in Leicester:

  • Download Speed – 137.93 Mbps
  • Upload Speed – 26.29 Mbps

However, remember that you may experience slower internet speeds in some areas. In contrast, in others, you’ll never have a complaint.

Crime rates

Leicester has a crime rate of 40.4 per 1000 people. This is above average; however, let’s not forget that the city has a population of almost 400,000 people, so crime will always be present in some shape or form. Also, Leicester is quite large, and crimes condensed in certain areas contribute to the overall figure more than other ‘safer’ areas. Typically, the neighbourhoods further out from the city centre attract less crime. 

Leicester is a great city to call home. Its location, amenities, and choice of different neighbourhoods make it a great contender for one of the best cities in the UK. You’ll be almost certain to find something that suits you.

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