What To Do in Leicester

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What To Do in Leicester
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If you’re considering a move or perhaps a visit to Leicester, you may be wondering what to do in the city. As the 111th most populous city in the UK, you can be rest assured this city will have something for everybody. 

In this article, we’ll uncover the top family-friendly places to visit, explore the attractions for young adults, and discover the amenities for the elderly generation. So, join us as we delve into what Leicester has to offer. 

What to do in Leicester for young adults

Young adults are hard to please – there’s no escaping it. But if you finally manage to get them out of the house, you’ll be pleased to know there are places for them to enjoy in Leicester too. Here are our top three suggestions.

Leicester City FC – King Power Stadium

Leicester City FC enjoys top-flight football in the English Football League; their stadium is also conveniently located in the city centre. So for young adults, visiting the stadium can be a great day out. 


The average ticket price to watch a live match is around £121, although getting a ticket requires an account, and availability is dependent on the number of home priority points you have. 

However, if you’d still like to visit the stadium, then a 90-minute tour will cost adults £15, and concessions are priced at £8. 

Getting there:

The stadium is located near the city centre and only a short distance from the University of Leicester. 

Social Climbing

Social Climbing in Leicester is the first bouldering establishment in the city. It finally fills the void for the latest craze to hit the UK. Bouldering is essentially rock climbing but minus the ropes and harnesses and takes place over safety mats. It’s a fun way to try something different while staying active. 


Social Climbing offers both one-off visits and a monthly membership option. For a one-off visit, it will cost £11 for adults and £10 for students. There is also an extra £3 charge for the first time you visit and a £3.50 charge for shoe rental. 

Getting there:

The centre is ideally located in the Highcross shopping centre on floor L. 

Highcross Leicester

Now, our next suggestion is the main shopping centre in the city. Highcross is home to over 120 stores and restaurants, which is guaranteed to keep you busy. The shops and restaurants include all the famous household names you’ll be used to, along with a few hidden treasures too.  

Getting there:

The shopping centre is located directly in the heart of the city so you shouldn’t have any problems getting there. 

What to do in Leicester for families?

Finding the perfect place to spend time with families is difficult, and if you have young ones to think about, it’s even harder. However, Leicester offers plenty of different amenities that will cater to families of all types. They include venues that cater to active families and also places to enjoy nature and wildlife. Here are our top three suggestions:

Boost Trampoline Parks 

 This trampoline park is designed to let your kids unleash their energy in a safe and fun-filled environment. Additionally, due to its size, it can also accommodate your little one’s friends too, making it the perfect place for any event. 

With over 40 trampolines, there’s enough space for everyone. In fact, they even cater for children under 5 with a supervised and secure experience. 


In terms of pricing, it will cost £11, and socks will cost an additional £2. 

Getting there:

Getting to Boost Trampoline Park is quite easy; it is a stone’s throw away from the Highcross shopping centre in the city centre. The address is 11 St George St, Leicester LE1 1QG.

Tropical Birdland

Next up, we have Tropical Birdland. The perfect place to enjoy free-flying birds from around the world. In fact, they have over 250 birds spaced throughout their 6.5 acres of land. 

For young families, this is the perfect place set in the countryside, with plenty of open space and fun activities on offer throughout 


Tropical Birdland is quite a cheap activity, with prices ranging from £5.25 for children under 15 and £7.75 for adults. 

Getting there:

Tropical Birdland is located on Lindridge Lane, LE9 9GN. It is about a 25-minute drive from the city centre. By car, you can take the A47 and Hinckley Rd for the easiest route. 

Twinlakes Park

Now our final suggestion is Twinlakes Park. It has everything you need all in one location. Yes, that includes a theme park, a water park, a farm and even an indoor play area. The park itself is an outdoor attraction, so you’ll need the luck of some good weather if you decide to go. 


Pricing for children and adults starts from £19.95, while toddlers will cost £15.25,

Getting there:

Now this suggestion is located around 20 miles from Leicester in Melton Mowbray. However, just due to what it offers, we had to include it on our list. 

You can expect a 45-minute journey via the A607 from the city centre. 

What to do in Leicester for elderly people?

Now for the elderly generation, there’s still plenty on offer in Leicester. Let’s take a look at our top three suggestions.

University of Leicester Botanic Garden

Spread across 16 acres, this garden in the region boasts picturesque grounds and greenhouses, showcasing a wide range of features and environments. At the heart of it, all lies a meticulously restored Edwardian garden. It is the perfect place to walk and perhaps even get some inspiration for those who enjoy gardening. 


The best thing about this attraction is that it is entirely free, making it an extremely affordable activity. 

Getting there:

The garden is located close to the city centre in the Oadby neighbourhood. While buses are also available every 20 minutes, using routes 31, 31E, and X3. The garden itself is on Glebe Road. 

Leicester City Market

Next up, Leicester Market is definitely a great place to browse and shop. The market itself is around 800 years old, while the current site is 700 years old. 

Getting there:

Located in the city centre, you won’t struggle to find the market. Follow directions to the postcode LE1 5HB for accessibility. 

Abbey Park

Our final suggestion is Abbey Park. It is a great place to relax and admire the open green spaces. The River Soar also flows through the park giving it a great riverside atmosphere.

Getting there:

The park is open from 8 AM to 6 PM, seven days a week. It is a short 12-minute journey from the city centre by car. If you prefer to use public transport, then bus routes 4, 5, 6A, and 54 will get you there in around 15 minutes. 

Bottom Line – Is Leicester a fun place to live?

Leicester is a fantastic place to live and has everything for everybody. Keep in mind that the suggestions we have listed are only some examples. There is so much more on offer. The city caters to every preference, hobby and requirement that you can think of. 

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