Best Areas for Families in Leicester

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Best Areas for Families in Leicester
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Are you considering a move to Leicester with your family or looking for lucrative buy-to-let opportunities? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will guide you through the finest areas in Leicester to focus your search on. 

Unlike student-based tenancies that fluctuate with the academic year, families provide a more stable and long-term rental commitment. Making it perfect as a buy-to-let opportunity where you are also less likely to deal with the pains of problem tenants. Additionally, living in areas where there are other families too can provide more of a community feel. In large cities, being near like-minded individuals is a necessity to help you feel at home. 

Whether you’re seeking a perfect family home or aiming to attract families as tenants, focusing your search on these sought-after neighbourhoods will undoubtedly lead to a successful outcome.

Let’s get started. 

Clarendon Park

Nestled within Leicester lies the sought-after residential haven of Clarendon Park, inviting families and investors alike. This vibrant neighbourhood boasts a distinctive blend of Victorian and Edwardian architectural styles that lend an air of timeless charm to its streets.

Enveloped by an inviting atmosphere, Clarendon Park offers a delightful array of amenities and conveniences.

One of Clarendon Park’s greatest assets is its proximity to the city centre, a mere 2.5 miles away. This convenient accessibility ensures that families can easily access the vibrant heart of Leicester, with its myriad of cultural attractions, shopping districts, and entertainment options.

When it comes to catering to the needs of a growing family, Clarendon Park excels with its array of essential amenities. The area boasts reputable schools that provide a solid foundation for children’s education, while nearby dentists and medical facilities offer peace of mind for health and well-being.

As an investor, Clarendon Park presents an enticing opportunity. Over the past year, property prices have witnessed a remarkable surge, with an average price of £290,000. This upward trajectory underscores the undeniable demand and desirability of the area, making it an appealing prospect for buy-to-let ventures.

Knighton Fields

Knighton Fields presents an exceptional living opportunity for families in Leicester. This tranquil suburb combines a peaceful ambience with excellent transport links and a thriving sense of community. With a mere 10-minute car journey, residents can easily access the vibrant city centre, ensuring the best of both worlds.

Education plays a crucial role in the decision-making process for families, and Knighton Fields delivers. The esteemed Knighton Mead Primary Academy offers an exceptional learning environment for young minds to flourish. Additionally, Ellesmere College extends its educational services to the area, providing a SEND satellite campus to cater to diverse needs.

One of the standout features of Knighton Fields is its affordability. With an average property price of £222,187, it falls below the citywide average of £279,000. This attractive price point opens doors for families seeking a comfortable home within their budget.


Nestled in the southern region of Leicester, Wigston stands as a popular suburb that offers residents the perfect balance between small-town charm and convenient access to the city’s offerings. From a well-equipped leisure centre and a community library to doctors’ surgeries and an array of delectable takeaways, Wigston caters to every need.

Transportation is a breeze in Wigston, with outstanding links to Leicester and beyond. A quick five-minute connection to Leicester’s ring road and the nearby M69 or M1 motorways opens up a world of possibilities. A mere 20-minute bus journey takes you to the city centre, with the added option of catching a mainline train to London, offering unparalleled convenience for both work and leisure.

Education options in Wigston are plentiful, ensuring families have a range of choices. Outstanding primary schools like All Saints Primary School, Glenmere Primary School, and Little Hill Primary School provide a solid foundation for young learners. Secondary education is well-served by Wigston Academy and Wigston College.

With an average property price of £262,204, Wigston offers exceptional value for money compared to the citywide average. Families will find an ideal location with an affordable price tag, making Wigston an enticing choice for those seeking a thriving community in Leicester.


Kibworth, situated in Leicestershire’s Harborough district, comprises two civil parishes: Kibworth Beauchamp and Kibworth Harcourt. With a population of just over 6,000, these villages offer a close-knit community feel. The addition of Kibworth Primary School and Kibworth Mead Academy ensures quality education for children in a nurturing environment. 

Kibworth boasts excellent connectivity, with the A6 providing a 22-minute journey to Leicester city centre. Local bus services connect Kibworth to both Leicester and Northampton, facilitating easy travel for residents.

The average property price in Kibworth is higher than the Leicester average, at £353,359, but it indicates the significant demand for properties in this area. 


Located just south of Loughborough, the picturesque village of Mountsorrel rests alongside the serene River Soar. With a population of over 8,000 residents, this historic village enjoys an enviable location in the region.

Presently, three bus routes serve Mountsorrel, ensuring frequent connections to both Leicester and Loughborough. The nearby A6 provides convenient access, with a short 15-minute drive to Loughborough and a 21-minute journey to Leicester, making it an ideal choice for commuters seeking a rural haven.

Families will find the local primary school, Christ Church & St Peters C Of E, conveniently located within the village. Additionally, the presence of two local parks and nearby green spaces adds to the appeal, providing ample opportunities for outdoor recreation and a nurturing environment for young families.

With an average house price of £268,000, slightly below the Leicester average, Mountsorrel offers excellent value for homebuyers and investors alike. 


Oadby, a distinct town in its own right, offers the advantage of being a mere 15-minute, 4-mile journey away from Leicester city centre. This convenient proximity ensures easy access to amenities while providing a comfortable distance from the bustling city atmosphere.

The area boasts multiple primary schools and two high schools, making education readily accessible to residents. This accessibility adds to the appeal of Oadby, ensuring that families have convenient options for their children’s schooling needs.

With an average property price of £357,772, significantly higher than the city average, Oadby reflects its status as an affluent area. The higher property prices align with the overall desirability of the town.

In conclusion, Leicester offers a diverse range of areas that are perfect for families looking to settle down or investors seeking buy-to-let opportunities. Each neighbourhood mentioned in this article possesses its own unique charm and advantages, catering to different preferences and needs.

Investors can tap into the stability of family-based tenancies, while families can find neighbourhoods that foster a sense of community and provide essential amenities. The varied property prices reflect the desirability and value each area offers.

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