Where to Live in Leicester?

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Where to Live in Leicester?
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Choosing the perfect place to call home is an important decision. It could be the difference between feeling well-connected to the local community or feeling lonely. In this article, we’ll take a look at where to live in Leicester. Here, we’ll explore different areas that cater to different needs, including personal interests and budgets.

The city of Leicester is home to around 500,000 residents, split into 37 diverse neighbourhoods. Each area has its own pros and cons, but ultimately is still home to many people who call it home. Where is a good place to live in Leicester? Leicester is very diverse, so finding an area that aligns with your personal interests is really important. 

However, some of the top areas to consider include: 

Clarendon Park 

Clarendon Park is a popular residential area. The unique charm of the area is characterised by the style of housing, which features a mix of Victorian and Edwardian styles. There are a few cafes in the area, and the large Victoria Park is a short walk away. Additionally, the city centre is only 2.5 miles away, which provides convenient access. 


Stoneygate is an affluent and desirable neighbourhood of Leicester. It is characterised by the tree-lined streets and elegant properties that make up the area. Again, the area is only 2.5 miles away from the city centre, which is a short 10-minute journey. However, the local area has enough amenities for day-to-day needs. 


Knighton is another great place to live in Leicester. It is quite a peaceful suburb but still provides great transport links and a strong community. Like the other two areas, it is only a 10-minute car journey from the city centre. 

Where to live in Leicester for students? 

Leicester is home to two world-renowned universities: De Montfort University and the University of Leicester. As such, it draws in students from across the country and globally at large. Many students will look for areas to live to be near other students while being close enough to the university. If you’re a student, consider areas such as: 

Clarendon Park 

Located near the University of Leicester, the area offers a peaceful place to live. Given that it is only a 12-minute walk from the university campus, it’s a great choice. 


Situated close to both universities, Highfields offers a mix of student accommodation and rental properties, with easy access to campus facilities and city amenities. It’s another great choice to get the best of both worlds. 

Where to live in Leicester for families? 

Living in a big city can make raising a family seem like a difficult task. It’s hard to find an area that combines safety and low crime rates with easy access to city amenities. However, there are a few great options in Leicester. Consider the following: 


Oadby is a town in its own right but is still located only 15 minutes away from Leicester city centre, with a distance of 4 miles. There are multiple primary schools in the area and two high schools with easy access. This allows great access to amenities while still providing a reasonable distance away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Where to live in Leicester for religious communities? 

Leicester is home to a very diverse population. There are many who practise different religions, and having access to religious facilities can be important for a sense of community. Take a look at the following: 


 Stoneygate is home to the Stoneygate Baptist Church and an Islamic Academy, which ensures the area can cater to many. For those of other faiths, there are great transport links that provide easy access to other sites of religious worship. 


There are multiple temples and ethnic cuisines located in Belgrave. This allows the area to cater to the large Hindu population who live in the area. 


Evington is known for its diverse places of worship and caters to many from different faith backgrounds. There are multiple mosques, gurdwaras, and churches catering to the various religious communities that live in the area. 

Where to live in Leicester for professionals? 

Professionals working in Leicester need two things: access to work and the ability to network. For that reason, there’s only one place that’s suitable: the City Centre. Here, you’ll be able to network to your heart’s content, as other professionals will also be drawn to the heart of the city. Additionally, due to the great transport links, you’ll be able to get to where you need to be quickly and efficiently. The area is also one of the most affordable places in Leicester to live, as you’ll see in this next section. 

Where is the most affordable area of Leicester? 

For many, choosing somewhere to live will ultimately come down to budget. Luckily, there are many areas in Leicester that can cater to those looking for affordable options. Affordable area to purchase the property: City Centre Property prices are the cheapest in the city centre, with the average price at around £167,167. The cheapest type of property to purchase is flats, which may not be suitable for everybody. However, with access to all the city amenities and transport links, it can provide a great base to call home. 

Affordable areas to rent a property: Blaby, Great Glen, Fleckney 

These three areas of Leicester have an average rental price of around £875 per month. Prices can range depending on the type of property; however, this average combines flats, terraced, and even large properties. Shopping around will help you find something that works. 

Where is the most expensive area of Leicester?

 Now, most people will not look for the most expensive area from the get-go, but being aware of it can help you decide if it is affordable or not. Some of the most expensive areas in Leicester include: 


The average property price in this area is around £393,500. 


The average property price in this area currently stands at £436,333. The prices in both areas are quite high, but once you visit the area, you’ll understand why. The areas are peaceful suburbs that make for great places to live. 

There are many different areas and neighbourhoods in Leicester, each catering to different interests and requirements. Make sure that you take into account your personal factors before looking for the right area. Hopefully, this article will have given you a greater insight into what is on offer in the area. If you are considering a move to a different area and need to sell a flat fast, we can help. Using our services, we can purchase your property regardless of condition or location. We can provide you with an offer to buy your flat based on the actual property value. Simply get in touch to receive your free cash offer.

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