Where are the Best Places to Live in Bristol for Families?

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Where are the Best Places to Live in Bristol for Families?
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Bristol is a friendly, cultured, and bustling city nestled in the lovely southwest of England. It embodies the perfect blend of tradition and innovation, with a unique blend of historic architecture and cutting-edge developments. 

What’s more, Bristol’s welcoming spirit can be felt in the warm smiles of its residents and the diverse cultural events that dot the city’s calendar. You’ve never far from a crisp craft cider or artisanal coffee shop when you’re in Bristol. 

But, is it a good place to raise a family? In this blog, we explore whether it’s worth moving to Bristol with a young family, explore the most prosperous areas, and clarify where to avoid. 

What Are The Nice Areas To Live In Bristol?

The best area to live in Bristol will depend on your personal preferences and 

priorities. Some may prefer the picturesque streets of Clifton, known for its elegant Georgian architecture and vibrant cafe culture. Others might find Southville’s friendly community and thriving arts scene more to their liking.

Check out our list of the nicest areas to live in Bristol according to the locals. 

St George

The beautiful St. George is close to St. Georges Park. Its tranquil atmosphere and lush green space has become popular with young families, married couples, and young professionals alike. 

St George offers a range of housing options, including period properties and modern developments, catering to a wide range of preferences. The average house price comes in at £312,719 as of October 2023. 

What’s more, St George has great links to the city, handy transport options, and a community-oriented neighbourhood. So, if you’re seeking a place that combines the best of both worlds, St. George might be the perfect spot for you to put down roots and call home.


Clifton is a popular and well-known area of this beautiful city. Known for its close proximity to the clifton suspension bridge and picturesque Avon Gorge.

What’s more, Clifton offers a vast range of boutique shops, cosy cafes, and upscale dining options, and the well-preserved Georgian and Victorian townhouses exude a sense of grandeur. It’s no wonder Clifton is one of the most popular areas to live in Bristol.

However, this popularity comes with a hefty price tag. With an overall average price of £443,969, Clifton is among the most expensive areas to live in Bristol.


Southville is another popular place to live in Bristol. It’s a close walk to the Harbourside and city centre, and the range of great primary schools makes it a great choice for those with small children. 

In addition to its practical benefits, Southville boasts a unique charm with its colourful terraced houses and vibrant street art, contributing to the neighbourhood’s character. The eclectic mix of residents and a thriving arts scene add to its overall appeal.

Because of its close proximity to the city centre, you can expect to pay an average price of £405,671 to live in this attractive area. Although this is pricey, the property prices are a testament to Southville’s popularity, the quality of life it offers, and its ever-increasing demand.


Hengrove is an up-and-coming neighbourhood that is steadily gaining recognition for its suburban charm and excellent amenities. 

Nestled in the southern part of the city, Hengrove offers a refreshing escape from the bustling city centre while maintaining accessibility to essential conveniences. What’s more, Hengrove boasts a mix of housing options, from traditional family homes to modern developments. It’s known for its sense of community, with friendly neighbours and local events that help create a welcoming atmosphere. 

You can expect to pay an average of £309,530 for these amenities, making Hwengrove one of the most affordable locations on the list!

What Are The Disadvantaged Areas of Bristol?

According to the 2021 census, the most disadvantaged areas of Bristol are as follows:

Barton Hill

Barton Hill is close to Temple Meads train station and is located in Bristol’s culture-rich eastern quarter. 

However, according to a 2021 survey, 71% of Barton Hill suffered from some form of deprivation and an above average crime rate. 


Hartcliffe, like many neighbourhoods facing socio economic challenges, has had its share of struggles. It has a depravation rate of 71.9% and an above average crime rate like Barton Hill. 

Knowle West

Knowle West is also a disadvantaged area of the city. With a depravation rate of 61.8%, it isn’t recommended for those new to the city. 

Sell Up Fast And Move To Bristol

Bristol is the perfect combination of modern architecture, history, and culture. You’ll never be bored with its range of funky bars, cool cafes, and vibrant street art. Plus, the range of parks, schools, and career opportunities make it the perfect location for everyone from young professionals to new families.

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