Where to Live in Bristol?

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Where to Live in Bristol?
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Are you looking to upsticks and make a move to Bristol? There’s never been a better time. Nestled along the banks of the River Avon, Bristol is a popular and beautiful location for families, couples, and young professionals. A vibrant city with a community feel, you won’t be disappointed with the experience that awaits you. 

Read on to learn everything you need to know about the most desirable areas in Bristol, where to avoid, and how to navigate the cost of living in Bristol for 2024.

Check out our top 4 areas for Bristol living. 


Clifton is quintessential Bristol. With beautiful Georgian townhouses, gorgeous views across the docks, and proximity to the Clifton Suspension Bridge, it’s easy to see why Clifton is one of the most sought-after parts of the city. 

We love Clifton for its boutique shops, cosy pubs, and delicious restaurants. No matter your taste, this beautiful area will have something for you. However, these views don’t come cheap, and Clifton is one of the pricier areas of the city. 


The aptly named Redland is a beautiful and affluent part of Bristol. Just a stone’s throw from Clifton, you’ll find gorgeous Grade I and Grade II-listed red sandstone buildings still adorned with their original house names. You’ll also find mouthwatering bakeries, artisan coffee shops, and beautiful green spaces to explore.

Redland is a popular choice for families due to the large, detached homes and proximity to excellent schools. 


Bedminster is the perfect choice for couples and young professionals looking to enjoy the hubbub of city life while still enjoying the distinct and vibrant neighbourhood atmosphere. 

Bedminster is located south of the river and is packed with industrial charm. It was built around the local coal mining and tobacco industry. You can still find the trendy red Tobacco Factory in its original spot. However, it’s now a local landmark where you can find theatre shows, bars, and restaurants— the perfect ‘third place.’ 

Moreover, Bedminster hosts Europe’s most significant street art and graffiti festival,’ UpFest, which is perfect for those with artistic tendencies. 


Harbourside is another area packed with industrial charm. The old warehouses and factories have long since become trendy flats, making them the perfect spot for young professionals or couples. These flats offer beautiful views of the harbour or the docks and are close to Bristol’s thriving social scene. 

However, Harbourside isn’t all hustle and bustle. The waterfront ambience is complemented by scenic walking paths, creating an ideal setting for strolls and moments of relaxation. No matter your preference, Harbourside offers the perfect balance for city living. 

Areas to avoid in Bristol and why

You may want to avoid these three places when picking your new Bristol home.


Easton is situated right in the centre of Bristol and, like many inner-city neighbourhoods, has its challenges. Easton, unfortunately, has an overall crime rate of 112 crimes per 1,000 people at the time of writing. This is substantially higher than the UK average of 75.88 crimes per 1,000 people

Despite this, Easton has excellent links to the city and surrounding areas, and residents enjoy a thriving artistic scene. Banksy allegedly lived in Easton in his early days as an artist!


Horfield is located on the outskirts of Bristol, right on the boundary between Bristol and South Gloucestershire. Horfield has made this list due to an overall crime rate of 108.8 crimes per 1000 people. This includes 5.7 burglaries per 1,000 people and an average of 46 violent and sexual offences per 1000 people. 

On the plus side, Horfield has some beautiful green spaces and recreational areas contributing to its appeal. Horfield Common, for example, is the perfect place for a lovely picnic, a leisurely walk, or a coffee and cake combo in the local cafe. 

Whitchurch Park

Whitchurch Park is another beautiful Bristol green space that experiences a higher-than-average crime rate. There are an average of 98 crimes per 1000 people, of which 43.8 are violent or sexual offences.

Despite this, Whitchurch Park is known for its community and family spirit. Plenty of green spaces, community events, and parks exist. 

Demand for property in Bristol

Bristol is famous for those seeking a city home with a community feel. Houses take an average of 162 days to sell, proving that Bristol buyers carefully select properties that align with their preferences and lifestyle before deciding.

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Cost of living in Bristol in 2023 

The cost of living in Bristol is higher than the UK average. A family of 4 can expect to pay £2,792.60 to maintain the average lifestyle. This is without a rent or mortgage. The average UK family can expect to pay £2,700, including rent or mortgage. 

Bristol’s higher-than-average cost of living can be attributed to the vibrant cultural scene, thriving economy, and desirability. The demand for homes drives the prices up, and visiting the range of bars and restaurants increases the overall living expense. 

Average property prices in Bristol

The average property price in Bristol is £386,178. This is broken down into the following property types:

Detached home

Detached homes in Bristol sell for an average of £545,725. You can expect to pay more in sought-after areas like Clifton, where the average detached house price is £713,172. 

Semi-detached home

Semi-detached homes in Bristol usually sell for around £415,379. 

Terraced Home

You can buy a terraced home in Bristol for an average of £382,078. These tend to get snapped up quickly, and most homes sold in Bristol in 2023 were terraced. 


Flats tend to be a lower price due to the smaller floor space. The average flat in Bristol sells for £278,455


Bungalows in Bristol go for an average of £366,000

Average rent in Bristol

You can expect to pay an average of £1,760 per month to rent a property in Bristol. The average flat is rented for £1,695 per calendar month (PCM), and the average house is available for £2,047 PCM. 

The average cost of bills in Bristol

Bristol is no exception to the higher-than-average bills we’ve been paying recently. The average utilities cost in Bristol for two people is £202. This includes water, electricity, gas, and the internet.

The average salary in Bristol

The average salary in Bristol is £35,000, slightly above the UK salary of £34,963

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