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Sell your flat fast in Bristol

Wondering how to sell your flat fast in Bristol? It’s certainly become tricker in the last few years. 

Since the Grenfell Tower Disaster in 2017, the Government has introduced new legislation stating that any flats covered in the same unsafe cladding as the Grenfell Tower need to be removed and replaced— often at the expense of the flat owner.

As a result, homebuyers are hesitant to purchase any flats without the proper cladding in case they find themselves slapped with a hefty maintenance bill. Even those determined to sell can find themselves blocked by tricky mortgage applications or being denied proper insurance. In fact, it is estimated that 300,000 flat sales have fallen through as a result of this legislation. 

Is there a way around this for those looking to sell flats quickly Bristol? Enter We Buy Any Home!

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How it works

Can You Sell a Property Quickly?

The simple answer? Yes! With cash property-buying companies like We Buy Any Home, you can sell flats quickly in Bristol. Let’s take a look at the quick and easy 3-step process.

Free cash offer within minutes, no legal fees, any location.

  • Get in touch

    We’ll need some details via the online form to make our initial offer. This includes your flat number, address, postcode, and county. We then compare this information to other similar properties in our secure database of UK flats and houses. Using this, we can get you a quote in as little as 2 minutes!

  • Cash offer in 24 hours

    We’ll then put you in touch with one of our friendly sales agents. We’ll explore whether you’ve found a new home, your expectations with timings, your reasons for selling, and when you need your funds. Plus, you’ll get the chance to ask any questions you may have about the flat sale, including any concerns you may have about your cladding.

  • Sale agreed

    Finally, it’s time to find a solicitor and organise a survey. We can organise for up to 2 RICS-qualified surveyors or valuers to come and assess your property, as well as recommend a friendly and professional solicitor to act on your behalf. Our final offer will be based on the findings of the surveyors. Once you’re happy with the sale price, it’s time to sign on the dotted line and complete your fast flat sale.

Free cash offer within minutes, any condition, any location.

FAQ’s for Sell Flat Fast in Bristol

It doesn’t have to be! Selling flats Bristol can be quick and easy if you use a cash-buying property company like We Buy Any Home. For example, we can make you a cash offer in as little as 2 minutes and have the cash in your bank in 7 short days. Interested? Get your no-obligation quote to sell your flat quickly in Bristol.

Is it hard to sell flat fast Bristol?

It doesn’t have to be! Selling flats Bristol can be quick and easy if you use a cash-buying property company like We Buy Any Home. For example, we can make you a cash offer in as little as 2 minutes and have the cash in your bank in 7 short days. Interested? Get your no-obligation quote to sell your flat quickly in Bristol.

How much does selling flat Bristol cost?

The cost of selling a flat can vary based on several factors, including your location, the value of the property, and the method you choose to sell. For example, estate agents will take 3-5% of the value of your flat sale, as well as conveyancing fees, getting your EWS1 certificate, surveys, and solicitors fees. And this is before you consider the repairs and renovations required!

Luckily, We Buy Any Home is in a position to buy your house as-is. No repairs or costly renovations. Instead, we offer a streamlined solution that eliminates many of the traditional costs associated with selling a flat. When you work with We Buy Any Home, you won’t need to factor in estate agent commissions, conveyancing fees, EWS1 certificate costs, or extensive surveys. Our goal is to simplify the process and save you from the financial burden of these expenses.

What is the average rent in Bristol?

In 2023, the average rent of houses and flats in Bristol came in at a whopping £2,117, according to home.co.uk!

How We Buy Any Home Works

We Buy Any Home is the largest and most experienced cash-buying property company in the UK. We are in a position to make you a cash offer on your flat in as little as 2 minutes, and can have the cash in your bank in 7 days.

Even better— we’re prepared to buy your flat as is, cladding and all! No expensive repairs or renovations, just a simple, easy flat sale so that you can move on to your next home. Other cash-buying property 

companies are saying no to flats covered in cladding; Our commitment to providing a hassle-free solution sets us apart. We understand that navigating cladding issues can be overwhelming and financially demanding. That’s why we’re willing to take on the responsibility of addressing these concerns. When we say “as-is”, we mean it!

If you’re looking to sell a flat quickly in Bristol, We Buy Any Home has you covered.

The benefits of selling your flat with We Buy Any Home

No cladding worries

Got cladding blues? No problem. We Buy Any Home is willing to purchase your flat as is, cladding and all. You don’t need to stress about costly repairs or renovations. This is a game-changer for those who’ve been held back by cladding-related concerns.

Fast and efficient

We can make you an offer on your flat in as little as 2 minutes, and have the cash in your bank in 7-10 days. Fast. Efficient. Reliable. 

No chain, no fuss

Property chains can be a headache. With We Buy Any Home, you don’t need to worry about a chain falling through. In fact, your chain ends with us.

Bypass the ESW1 hurdle

The EWS1 certificate backlog got you down? We Buy Any Home isn’t tied down by these requirements. You can sell your flat without the need for this certificate, saving you time and stress.

Cash offers

When you sell your flat to We Buy Any Home, you’re dealing with cash buyers who are ready to make you a competitive offer. No more bank approvals, no more loan uncertainties— just quick and straightforward transactions.

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What is flat cladding?

Since 2017, the government has introduced strict guidelines on the cladding surrounding flats to ensure they are safe, standardised, and in line with government requirements. These guidelines have been put in place following the Grenfell Tower Disaster, a stark reminder of the crucial importance of building safety.

The current cladding on flats can fall into one of five categories. These categories can be assessed through an External Wall System (EWS) and must be completed by a chartered surveyor. 

They are categorised using the following system:

  • A1. This is the best outcome and states there are no combustible materials present. 
  • A2
  • A3
  • B1
  • B2. This is the worst outcome and states that the cladding is the most dangerous type. 

The review will assess all the external elements of a structure, including all cladding, wiring, and other components like insulation. From this, you will get an EWS1 certificate, confirming that an accredited expert has evaluated the building’s external 

wall system and ensured its compliance with any safety criteria.

But, there’s a catch: There is currently a large backlog in these surveys being completed, and a mortgaged flat sale cannot be completed without this certificate. This means flat-owners are struggling to sell flats quickly in Bristol and cannot move forward with property purchases.

However, cash property buyers like We Buy Any Home are not limited by these stringent rules. As a result, we can offer an alternative solution for flat owners looking to navigate this intricate landscape.

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