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<strong>Up and Coming Areas in Birmingham</strong>
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Birmingham, England’s second city, has been enjoying a resurgence in popularity in recent years, no doubt buoyed by the international success of the Peaky Blinders TV show (not so much by the exploits of either Birmingham City or Aton Villa!) 

Anyone who is familiar with Birmingham though will know there is so much more to it than this. An often-repeated fact about the city is that is Birmingham has more miles of canals than Venice, Italy. The canals were vital during the Industrial Revolution for transporting goods, and today they serve as a popular tourist attraction and leisure destination. Perhaps even more famous is its curries. The city’s “Balti Triangle” is famous for its concentration of Indian and South Asian restaurants serving delicious Balti dishes, which originated in Birmingham. Add to this its world renowned jewellery quarter and art galleries, and you have got one hot city on the rise. 

So if you are an investor looking to purchase property in Birmingham, where should you look to buy? Let’s guide you through so f the hottest places to live in Birmingham in 2023 and beyond. 


Digbeth is a trendy hotspot. In fact, it was named as the ‘coolest neighbourhood in Britain’ by the Sunday Times, quite the honour! Due to this Digbeth is quickly emerging as one of the best places to live in Birmingham, also helped in part to it hosting basketball and volleyball events in the heart of the Smithfield Regeneration Site during the Commonwealth Games in 2022.  Often described as Birmingham’s ‘bohemian’ district and compared to the likes of Camden and Shoreditch, Digbeth is home to independent shops, pubs and cinemas, all intertwined with a network of digitally savvy entrepreneurs. It is the place to be if you consider yourself a bit of a hipster!

Anchored by the ‘Custard Factory’, a mixed-use development housing independent businesses and progressive digital businesses, Digbeth represents the young, progressive side of Birmingham. So why not sell house fast and invest in this unique area of Birmingham? The average price of properties in Digbeth for the past year was around £180,000 so quite affordable compared to other major cities. 

City Centre 

Birmingham’s city centre is consistently praised as an ideal location for young professionals to live and work. The area’s excellent connectivity to other major UK destinations such as London and Manchester as well as a flourishing business district providing outstanding career opportunities. The city’s commercial sector has attracted a multitude of global corporations, including prominent financial institutions such as HSBC, Mazars, and PwC. This growth in employment opportunities will maintain the city centre’s status as one of the top places to live in Birmingham.

Birmingham City Council’s ongoing efforts to develop new facilities in the heart of the city, including the expansion of Centenary Square and the construction of both Paradise and Arena Central, will continue to draw new businesses and, consequently, new residents seeking fresh opportunities. So if you want to live in an up and coming, techy area full of vibrant young professionals, the city centre is the place for you. 

Jewellery Quarter

Birmingham’s iconic Jewellery District is home to over 500 jewellery enterprises throughout the area. With a rich history and over 200 listed buildings, the district continues to attract a variety of independent businesses to the city.

The Jewellery District boasts a unique combination of family-owned restaurants, independent pubs, and cocktail bars, all within close proximity to the city centre. This balance of a close-knit community atmosphere and easy access to Birmingham’s core makes it an attractive choice for people seeking relaxed environment and picturesque surroundings without sacrificing urban conveniences. Over the past year, the average property price in Jewellery Quarter was £213,268, well below the nationwide average of £365,000. 


Serving as a crucial entry point to Birmingham, Eastside is predominantly home to two of the city’s major educational institutions – Aston University and Birmingham City University.

While these universities have consistently drawn students to the city, they are also increasingly contributing to a growing pool of graduates, creating one of the best places to live in Birmingham for young professionals who decide to stay and take advantage of the city’s offerings. A three bed masionette can go for a s little as £150,000, another key reason many see it is an ideal investment opportunity. 

Simultaneously, Eastside is undergoing a comprehensive regeneration project, a key component of which is the UK’s largest transport initiative – HS2 (if it is ever completed that is!). Curzon Street Station will play a vital role in the area, becoming the main hub for the train line and connecting London to Birmingham in just 49 minutes.

Considering this, it’s easy to envision Birmingham Eastside becoming highly popular with London-bound commuters seeking proximity to essential transport links. Conversely, this also applies in the opposite direction. London workers looking for a more affordable living situation may view Birmingham – and Eastside in particular – as a cost-effective alternative.


Meandering along Birmingham’s charming canal network leads you to Brindleyplace, a prime location in the city filled with lively bars and restaurants. With its prosperity, facilities, and stunning waterfront views, Brindleyplace has become one of Birmingham’s premier places to live, with flats on the market for well over £600,000. 

As a relatively recent addition to the city, Brindleyplace experienced early rejuvenation and long-term investments through the ‘Big City Plan,’ elevating it to one of Birmingham’s most upscale neighborhoods.

Perfectly suited for basking in warm summer evenings by the canal, the growing assortment of global enterprises, recreational hotspots, and adjacent residential areas make Brindleyplace a distinct hub for living, social interaction, and work. Home to canal side office spaces favoured by companies like Deloitte and Deutsche Bank, Brindleyplace has gained popularity among Birmingham’s top-tier professionals.

Birmingham’s up and coming areas offer a diverse range of living experiences for various lifestyles, from young professionals to families and everyone in between. The vibrant city is not only famous for its rich history and attractions, such as the canal network and the Balti Triangle, but also for its emerging neighborhoods like Digbeth, the City Centre, Jewellery Quarter, Eastside, and Brindleyplace. Each area has its unique charm, whether it’s a thriving nightlife, a strong business district, or a picturesque community atmosphere. With affordable housing options, excellent transport links, and a burgeoning cultural scene, these areas promise to make Birmingham an increasingly attractive city to live, work, and invest in for 2023 and beyond.

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