The Pros & Cons of Living in Birmingham

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The Pros & Cons of Living in Birmingham
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Birmingham is a city on the rise. Gone are days of it being overlooked, living in the shadow of London to the south and Manchester to the north. These days the city has regained its confidence and is thriving thanks to its culture and countless other charms.

But of course, nowhere is perfect. Like any city, Birmingham has some not-so-good bits, so in this article, we will take at what the pros and cons are to living in Birmingham, and explore more about this wonderful city in the process too.

What is the quality of life in Birmingham?

Birmingham is a great, vibrant place to live. Affordable high-quality housing, robust transportation systems, and a wealth of cultural diversity make Birmingham a prime location for living and studying. There are plenty of reasons why thousands of people flock to its major universities, many from overseas!

  • One of Birmingham’s pros is that it is youthful and vibrant, with a notable 40% of its diverse population under the age of 25.
  • The city surpasses even Venice with its 35 miles of canals.
  • Retail and entertainment have experienced a renaissance in Birmingham. The city has become a hub for shoppers and revellers alike, boasting attractions like the Grand Central shopping centre and the iconic Bullring with over 160 retailers and a Selfridges store.
  • History buffs can explore over 250 years of craftsmanship in the Jewellery Quarter, home to hundreds of jewellers.
  • For education, Birmingham doesn’t disappoint, with over 400 schools, many rated highly by OFSTED, and prominent universities like the University of Birmingham, Aston University, and Birmingham City University.

Is it worth living in Birmingham?

Yes, living in Birmingham can certainly be worth it, and to make your life there as enjoyable as possible, here’s some advice:

  • Embrace the city life! Birmingham has lots to offer, from arts and culture to culinary delights. To truly appreciate what the city has in store, it’s essential to balance work with leisure and exploration.
  • Job preparation is key. The job market in Birmingham can be competitive, so proactively searching for employment before your move is a smart step. Securing a job early will ease your transition into the city.
  • Adjust your financial expectations, as the cost of living and salary scales in Birmingham may be lower than in cities like London. This adjustment can allow for a more comfortable and sustainable lifestyle.
  • Connect with the community. Birmingham is known for its friendly locals, which means making friends can be relatively straightforward.

Where not to live in Birmingham?

When considering a move to Birmingham, it’s advisable to be cautious about certain areas that experience higher crime rates. These areas include:

  • Handsworth
  • Lozells
  • Ladywood
  • Balsall Heath

It’s important to note that a significant portion of crime in these areas, as in other large cities such as London, tends to be gang-related, which generally has little impact on the general public.

 Nonetheless, it is worth knowing about the problems some areas of the city face so you can make an informed choice and get the best experience of Birmingham possible. But remember, for people looking for investment opportunities, these areas where residents may be trying to sell flat fast, are great opportunities. Speak to us if you want a quick no no-hassle sale.

The pros and cons of living in Birmingham infographic

Birmingham Pros

So now we know a bit more about this great city, let’s run down some of the key reasons why people choose to live and study in Birmingham!


Birmingham boasts an appealing cost of living, offering the amenities of urban life without the steep prices found in other major cities.

Employment Opportunities 

The city’s vast and diverse market provides plentiful job prospects, spanning various industries from corporate to freelance gigs.

Developmental Growth 

Positioning itself as an alternative to the capital, Birmingham is on the rise, with ongoing developments that promise new opportunities and amenities.

Multicultural Environment 

With its tapestry of cultures, Birmingham delights in its variety of international cuisines and the warmth of its community.

Business-Friendly Environment 

Birmingham has historically been a manufacturing powerhouse, but today, the service sector is the predominant economic driver, boasting 88 per cent of the city’s employment as of 2012. It’s also a fertile ground for entrepreneurs, with a track record of being the leading city for start-ups outside London for five consecutive years. Its affordable office spaces, ongoing developments, and rich pool of talent make it a prime location for new business ventures.

Vibrant Social Scene 

The city offers a plethora of world-class entertainment options, from theatre and concerts to ballet. With its constellation of restaurants—ranging from Michelin-starred establishments to unique local eateries—as well as a selection of bars and cafes, the city caters to all tastes. Not to mention, Birmingham houses Europe’s largest leisure and entertainment complex, Star City, and the pioneering leisure complex Resorts World Birmingham. For those with upscale preferences, The Mailbox presents a luxury shopping and dining experience.


Transportation Challenges

The city’s public transit system lags, lacking the efficiency and reach of London’s more advanced networks.

Unpredictable Weather 

Birmingham shares the classic British weather pattern, marked by frequent rain and cooler temperatures that might not appeal to those accustomed to sunnier places.

Traffic and Parking 

Navigating the city can be a test of patience due to regular traffic snarls, and owning a car comes with the hefty expense of parking fees.

Urban Intensity 

Birmingham often draws those seeking a vibrant urban lifestyle outside the London bubble. Despite its myriad offerings, Birmingham does not quite match the global metropolis’s scale and pace. Yet, it retains a significant level of urban energy and bustle, which might be overwhelming for those in search of a more tranquil, slower-paced environment.

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