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Hoping to sell your house in Birmingham?

As the UKs leading cash house buyers, we buy any house in Birmingham. This means we are interested in speaking to you about your Birmingham property. We are cash house buyers using our own funds to purchase your home. This means a faster sale without the interference of third parties slowing down the process. We can give you a free no obligation offer today.

The city of Birmingham is a vibrant, exciting, and expanding area, full of opportunities for all. Recent years have seen the city council prioritise regeneration and long-term investments, making Birmingham more accessible and attractive to home buyers. The positive spending has made Birmingham a top choice for those seeking property investment opportunities. 

Birmingham has the same advantages of London, without the huge cost of living. These include a thriving job market particularly with the technology sector, leisure and entertainment options and education opportunities via the city’s five universities.

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Free cash offer within minutes, any condition, any location.

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Sell House Fast

Selling a house fast in Birmingham can be difficult. The average time on the market for a property is 114 days. When we buy houses in Birmingham, we can complete a purchase in as little as seven days.

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Cash House Buyers

We can complete transactions without any third-parties since we are cash home buyers. This indicates no time is lost while awaiting authorization from third parties. So we are confident we can buy when we make a cash offer.

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Sell Flat Fast

It can be challenging to sell a flat, especially when you need to move quickly. Some flat owners are prohibited from selling before they have finished the necessary EWS1 survey. Because there aren’t enough resources, this takes time and money. We Buy Any Home, on the other hand, is able to purchase flats in Birmingham, regardless of their location or condition, and in whatever time frame is necessary.

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Sell With Tenants

If you have renters and need to sell a house in Birmingham, you may have to choose between finding another landlord to take over the tenancy agreements already in place or having to evict, renovate, and then sell. At We Buy Any Home, we can take over tenancy agreements; we can even buy without any refurbishment required. So, there’s no disruption to the tenant, and existing landlords can continue to get paid rent until the day of purchase.

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Free cash offer within minutes, any condition, any location.

Market trends in Birmingham

  • Average price of a property in Birmingham stands at £231,659.

  • Average time on the market in Birmingham is  days.

  • Amount of properties sold in Birmingham in 2021 was 18,090.

  • Property prices in Birmingham fell 2% from previous year.

We Buy Any Home is available to buy your home across Birmingham. You no longer need to wait for a buyer to materialise on the open market. We’re always ready to buy any house in Birmingham; we make 100% cash offers, so we have the funds to go. We can even have it in your bank account with the sale completed in as little as seven days!

We Buy Any Home in Birmingham

We are proud to be the leading home-buying company in the UK. Our team has extensive experience in buying homes and in-depth knowledge of the ever-changing property industry.

Within the in-house team, we have the very best property analysts, professional underwriters and experienced legal specialists. We have worked hard to recruit the very best whist building a great reputation and rapport with all our customers, both past, present and future. Our motto is simple and effective, we go out of our way to offer the very best price for every single property.

How it works

Our process is simple, fast, and effective. Let us talk you through how it works:

Free cash offer within minutes, no legal fees, any location.

  • Initial enquiry

    First, we invite you to contact us via our customer enquiry number, or by completing the online enquiry form. During our initial conversation, we will ask you some questions to clarify the details of your Birmingham property. We do not need to visit your property at this stage, as we use valuation software. This system is linked to a database of similar properties and will determine the true value of your home. Remember, to receive an offer amount from us there with zero obligation and it’s completely free to do. Therefore, you have nothing to lose, and potentially lots to gain. 

  • Free cash offer is made

    If you wish to proceed at this point, we can discuss your needs in terms of timing. We will work to a time scale that suits you. If you require completion and funds in a short time frame, we can make this happen. Next, we will confirm that cash offer in writing and send this to you along with some paperwork for you to complete. Once you have accepted our offer and returned the completed paperwork, we can really get the ball rolling. 

  • Final offer is made

    We appoint an independent solicitor to act for you and we cover the cost of this too. Remember our promise of no hidden fees? We will also organise for qualified surveyors and valuers to assess your property. This is again at our own expense and no additional cost to you. Once we have the information, we can make a final offer.

    We will then revisit your circumstances and needs to confirm a completion date that works for you. On this date, you will receive your funds via bank transfer. No long drawn-out process, no estate agents appointments and fees and no tidying up for potential buyers. Just a fast, stress-free process.



We’ve bought 114 houses in Birmingham this year

We can buy your house within 7 days.

Why choose We Buy Any Home over estate agents?

Many of our customers are looking for a faster sale. This could be due to divorce or separation, an inheritance or probate situation, or perhaps because of financial difficulties. Unlike estate agents we can guarantee a sale without the wait.

We are using our own funds to purchase your property; we are not relying on third parties which gives you further peace of mind that your sale will be completed quickly. Often estate agent sales can fall through, even at the last minute, leaving the sellers back at square one and playing the waiting game once again.

Finally, estate agents earn their living through fees. Once a sale is complete you can expect to pay a percentage of your funds to your estate agent. Unlike using us, we promise no hidden fees or costs and you will receive 100% of your final cash offer.

Free cash offer within minutes, any condition, any location.

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Our benefits and credentials

If you are asking yourself if you should contact us, check out our top benefits and credentials for further reassurance.

  • We are the number one house buying company in the UK. We have a great reputation and thousands of happy customers.

  • We are the founding member of NAPB (The National Association of Property Buyers) Giving our customers and potential customers further peace of mind.

  • We are proud to say we have combined 300 years’ experience within the property industry.

  • We are a member of the Property Ombudsman (Government approved regulatory body.

  • We promise no hidden fees or expenses.

  • We have in-house experts including property analysts, underwriters, and legal specialists. We only recruit the very best, so you are in the very best hands.

  • We are the UK’s largest property-buying company.

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Frequently asked questions specific to Birmingham

Call our team of experts: 0800 774 0004

How long will it take to sell my property with we buy any home Birmingham?

In some cases we are able to exchange on your property in as little as 48 hours! Although please be aware that typically the process will take 14 – 21 days. We want to make your sell house Birmingham a positive experience and we will work to a timescale that suits you. Therefore, we are happy to discuss your individual needs and circumstances. If you require a slower or faster timescale, we will work with you to achieve this.

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What type of properties do you purchase in Birmingham

We buy any house in Birmingham. Whether you are selling a detached or terraced house, a flat or apartment, studio, or bungalow in Birmingham we would like to hear from you.

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Do I need to pay to receive an offer from we buy any home Birmingham

No. Our service is a no-obligation, free offer.

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I want the best possible offer for my property. Can you do this?

There are various rival companies who may initially offer high prices. However, these organisations typically lower their cash offer once this process has begun. Or make deductions for extra services which were not previously discussed. This is not how we operate. We give you the highest offer we can make for your property from the very beginning. We also guarantee zero additional or hidden fees.

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