Top 10 Cheapest Areas to Live in Birmingham

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Top 10 Cheapest Areas to Live in Birmingham
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As the second largest city in the UK, Birmingham has no shortage of places to live. There is a good mix of housing at both ends of the price scale. One of the great things about the city is just how varied some areas are, too. 

If you’re looking to move to Birmingham, whether renting or buying a property, this page is essential reading. Treat it as your guide to living in Birmingham

In this article, we’ll discuss the ten cheapest areas to live in Birmingham. Don’t think these are bad areas to live in because they’re more affordable, either. Birmingham is a truly incredible city, and many of these areas boast access to great schools, shopping, and low crime rates.

Let’s dive in.

Why Live in Birmingham?

Before we talk about the top 10 cheapest areas to live in Birmingham, we thought we’d cover why you may wish to move there. Despite the low prices, Birmingham is rife with opportunities, and you could quickly build up a life in this tremendous city.

Job Opportunities

As the second largest city in the UK, Birmingham has plenty of employment opportunities. It is a leader in business and healthcare, although you also have many jobs that require far fewer qualifications. Birmingham is constantly receiving investment, and many international companies that want to avoid setting up shop in London often make a beeline for Birmingham. 


Birmingham has several universities known for providing a quality education. This attracts a large number of students who contribute heavily to the economy.


Birmingham is a very cultural place. You can think of it as a mini-London. It has top sports teams, like Aston Villa and Birmingham City. It has great museums, shopping opportunities, and more. Everything is on your doorstep, and many of the cheapest places to live in Birmingham are not more than a stone’s throw away from these top cultural activities. 

Food and Drink

Birmingham is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the UK, contributing to a thriving food and drink scene. 

Transport Links

Birmingham is situated in the UK Midlands. Major roads and several major railway lines travel through Birmingham, so you can easily get to almost anywhere you want from Birmingham. Many people choose Birmingham as their city to live in while they commute to other nearby areas for work (including London).

The Top 10 Cheapest Areas to Live in Birmingham 

So, now we’ll go through where to live in Birmingham. We’ve gone for a mix of different locations here. Some will be more affordable than others, but we want to ensure that we have a little something for everybody planning on moving to the UK’s second city. 

Erdington (B23)

Erdington is around 5 miles from Birmingham city centre, but there are tremendous transport links into the city, so it never really feels like it. The low-priced housing in Erdington has made it very popular among the student population.

The average house price in Erdington is £206,279, with flats starting at £70,000.

If you live here, you’d rarely need to head into the centre of Birmingham. Many shops, including a bustling high street, are within easy reach.

Erdington is undergoing some renovation right now, so we expect property prices to increase massively in the future.

Kingstanding (B44)

Kingstanding is 5 miles from the centre of Birmingham and, once again, you have good transport connections if you want to head into the city. However, because Kingstanding is closer to Sutton Coldfield than Birmingham, it is often home to people who work there rather than in the ‘big city’.

Average home prices in Kingstanding are around £218,000, with the lowest-priced properties starting at £120,000. As this is a major commercial and residential area, and although properties are often bought up quickly, prices remain the same.

Perry Barr (B42)

Perry Barr isn’t too far from Kingstanding. Its slightly higher average property price of £215,000 is to be expected, though. Perry Barr has recently undergone a huge transformation, with over £400 million spent on sprucing it up.

Despite being close to Birmingham’s centre, Perry Barr is well known for its wide open spaces and beautiful buildings. You’re even within a stone’s throw of Alexander Stadium (perfect if you want to catch some athletics).

Northfield (B31)

With an average property price of £229,328, Northfield is certainly on the higher end of things on this list (although still considerably lower than the UK average property price). Sitting on the outskirts of Birmingham, Northfield is often a top choice for families, with family homes often being the biggest seller here which, of course, does pump up the average property price a little. 

Nechells (B7)

In recent years, the average property price in Nechells has climbed massively. It now sits at £142,000 and could hit £150,000 in the next year or so. The lower average property price in Nechells is partly due to the fact that many of the properties for sale here are old 1970s builds, which, while in good condition, are hardly the most modern properties.

There’s plenty to do if you live in Nechells. This includes the Nechells Pool and Park, a community centre, and many shops. Live here, and you’ll be well-connected not just with Birmingham but the rest of the UK. 

Winson Green (B18)

Winson Green is one of the more cultural parts of Birmingham, and you can tell the second you step foot into the area. It is packed with wonderful shops and restaurants run by people from all over the world. If there is some unique cuisine you want to sink your teeth into, then Winson Green has it. 

Close to the centre of Birmingham, the average property price in Winson Green is £155,000. This area does have a slightly higher crime rate and lower property quality. 

Castle Vale (B35)

Castle Vale is a housing estate just outside the centre of Birmingham. The average home price here is £174,233, considerably higher than just a few years ago. However, many people feel that it is worth it. Many of the Castle Vale homes do seem modern and well-maintained, and it is clear that the local council is investing heavily in the area. There’s property for everybody here, too, including plenty of houses and flats for sale/rent. You’ll also benefit from a more suburban feel, which is perfect for those who aren’t fans of the hustle and bustle of the inner city. 

Aston (B6)

When most people think of Aston, they think of the football team Aston Villa, which calls the area home. First mentioned in the Domesday Book, Aston is one of the oldest areas of Birmingham, and you can sense the history as soon as you step into it. This includes the stunning Aston Hall and Aston University. 

Aston is an area of Birmingham that was severely deprived for a few decades, which has considerably lowered the cost of property here. However, thankfully, Aston is going through rejuvenation. The crime rate in the area is falling – one of a few areas of Birmingham to do. You can expect to pay an average of £156,776 for a property now. 

Newtown (B19)

Newtown is more part of Aston than its specific area since it was initially built following World War II as an expansion of Aston. The official name is ‘Aston New Town’. Most of the housing here will be in one of the 11 tower blocks in the area, so you can pick up an affordable flat quickly. There are also a few houses scattered around. The average property price in Newtown is £143,000.

Birchfield (B6 & B20)

Birchfield is one of the cheapest places to live in Birmingham, with properties starting at £100,000 (the average property price is £140,000). While some may feel the area is a bit run down, particularly on Birchfield Road, there’s been a lot of investment into it, and property prices have started to rise. It has a nice ‘community feel’ in some parts, and there are some great schools here, too. 

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