Is Birmingham a Good Place to Invest in Property

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Is Birmingham a Good Place to Invest in Property
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England’s second city has been a surprisingly affordable place to live for many years. Considering its vibrant culture, impressive university and of course, famous curries, the price of property has remained significantly lower than one would expect.

Like any major city though, there are areas that are great to invest in thanks to their low prices and regeneration plans, and there are areas that are significantly more expensive. Here we will take a closer look at Birmingham and its investment opportunities and find out why cash house buyers like We Buy Any Home and private investors are looking at investing money into Birmingham’s housing market, and the areas worth looking at if you are thinking of doing the same.

Most expensive areas of Birmingham

Birmingham has plenty of high-end areas that cater for cash-rich professionals, wealthy retirees and investors. Here are some of the most expensive areas worth exploring.

Farquhar Road, Edgbaston

Situated adjacent to the University of Birmingham, the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, and the picturesque Edgbaston Pool, this road offers a truly privileged location. Some houses even boast their private parks, providing a serene oasis in the heart of the city. With the renowned Edgbaston Priory Club nearby, residents can enjoy a wide range of recreational activities such as cricket and squash. The neighbourhood is also home to esteemed educational institutions like King Edward School and King Edward VI Girls High School, as well as the BMI Edgbaston Hospital. The average price for a home on this esteemed road is valued at £1.38 million, making it a substantial investment, not to mention any potential additional costs for renovations.

Westfield Road, Edgbaston

This tree-lined avenue is characterized by its grand detached Victorian houses, boasting high hedges, expansive driveways, and lush gardens at the rear. With an approximate cost of £1.09 million to reside in this area, Westfield Road offers a piece of history within the 1,500-acre Calthorpe Farm, once the manor of Edgbaston Hall and now home to a third of all listed buildings in Birmingham. The University of Birmingham, Birmingham Botanical Gardens, and Winterbourne Botanic Gardens are just a stone’s throw away, providing residents with a serene natural environment. Chad Brook, Edgbaston Lake, and other green spaces nearby add to the allure of this picturesque neighbourhood.

Carpenter Road, Edgbaston 

This road is renowned for its opulent properties. One notable sale in this area reached a staggering £4,725,000, featuring a magnificent mansion with eight bedrooms, a sprawling garden, and an indoor swimming pool. Surrounding this luxurious property, there are various attractions to explore, such as the Botanical Gardens and Edgbaston Cricket Ground. The vibrant Birmingham City Centre is conveniently located just 5-10 minutes away. Edgbaston truly offers a remarkable living experience, making it an ideal location to invest in your dream property.

Dorridge Road, Solihull

This road epitomizes the perfect retreat, nestled next to schools, sports facilities, and local shops. Easy access to motorways and countryside routes allows for seamless travel, complemented by the nearby railway station. Dorridge strikes a harmonious balance between rural charm and modern convenience. With an average property price exceeding £882,500 over the past year, it’s a significant investment for those seeking a change of residence.

Whether you’re searching for prestige, a peaceful haven, or a blend of history and modernity, Birmingham’s most exclusive streets offer a variety of options to suit your desires. Leap and make your dreams a reality in one of these remarkable locations if you can afford it!

Least expensive areas of Birmingham

Now let’s be a bit more realistic for the average investor, shall we?! As one of the largest cities in the UK, Birmingham offers a variety of neighbourhoods with different price ranges to suit various budgets. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking for an investment opportunity, this guide will take you through the top areas where you can find more affordable houses and flats that won’t cost the earth!

Castle Vale

Castle Vale is the most affordable part of Birmingham to purchase a house or flat. Located in the northeast of Birmingham, about 6 miles from the city centre, Castle Vale is a post-war housing estate that has undergone extensive regeneration. The average house price in Castle Vale is currently £164,800, making it an attractive option for buyers looking for affordable properties.

Birmingham City Centre 

The B2 postcode area, covering parts of Birmingham’s city centre including New Street, Temple Row, Bull Street, and High Street, is surprisingly the second most affordable area to buy property in Birmingham. With an average house price of £178,044, this area is popular among those who want to live close to the city centre, amenities and workplaces. Buyers can find properties below the average price, with the cheapest property available in Birmingham city centre listed at £130,000.

Aston, Birchfield, and Witton

The B6 postcode area, comprising Aston, Birchfield, and Witton, is located north of Birmingham. This mixed commercial and residential area offers easy access to the city centre, bus and train routes, and the A34 and A38(M) roads. Aston is also home to Aston University. The average house price in this area is £193,707, with the cheapest property available listed at £160,000.

Small Heath

Situated to the east of Birmingham along Coventry Road, Small Heath is known for its traditional terraced housing and was made famous by the Peaky Blinders TV show. With a train station offering services to the West Midlands, Small Heath has an average house price of £202,671. Buyers can find properties below the average though, with prices starting at £125,000.


Handsworth is located in northwest Birmingham and offers easy access to the city centre, as well as regional towns like West Bromwich and Smethwick. With good transport links by bus, train, tram, and the A41 and M5 motorway, Handsworth has an average house price of £203,350. Affordable properties can be found, with the cheapest listed at just £70,000.

These areas in Birmingham provide affordable options for buyers looking to purchase property in the city. With a range of prices and convenient amenities, these locations offer diverse opportunities for those seeking affordable housing in Birmingham.

Most sought-out areas of Birmingham

Unlock the investment potential in Birmingham with these prime locations.

Birmingham City Centre

Birmingham city centre stands as a prominent choice for savvy investors, boasting a wide range of property options. Postcodes in the city centre, especially for one and two-bedroom flats, present landlords with attractive returns and strong rental yields. With ongoing development projects like HS2, the Paradise Development, and The Big City Plan, investing in Birmingham City Centre can prove lucrative. In the past year, properties in the city centre had an average price of £233,349, making it an enticing prospect for investors.


Keep an eye on Digbeth, a neighbourhood with immense growth potential due to significant investment and regeneration efforts. As the city’s creative hub, Digbeth attracts a young and vibrant crowd, revitalizing the former industrial heartland. Its strategic location near shipping areas, the emerging Creative Quarter, and the upcoming Curzon Street Station (HS2) add to its allure for both renters and investors. The average property price in Digbeth reached £210,130 over the last year, making it an area worth considering.

Selly Oak

For investors aiming to tap into Birmingham’s student rental market, Selly Oak emerges as a key area. Known as the “student village,” Selly Oak predominantly consists of terraced houses occupied by students. It serves as the preferred choice for second and third-year students after their initial year in university halls. Terraced properties dominated the sales market in Selly Oak, with an average price of £264,404. Investors seeking student rental opportunities should not overlook this vibrant area.

Aston & Nechells

In the north of the city centre, Aston (B6) and Nechells (B7) offer affordable options, particularly for flat buyers. Aston, home to Aston University, attracts a sizable student population, providing landlords with decent yields while maintaining affordability. The average property prices in Aston hover around £195,232. Nechells presents even more affordable options, with average property prices standing at approximately £154,250.

Whether you choose the bustling city centre, the promising growth of Digbeth, the student-driven market of Selly Oak, or the affordability of Aston and Nechells, Birmingham offers a variety of avenues for successful property investments. Seize the chance to secure your financial future in these thriving locations. Give We Buy Any Home a call and we can help you free up cash for your home no matter its condition.

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