Is Wigan the Perfect Location for Families?

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Is Wigan the Perfect Location for Families?
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Moving to a new town or city comes with many concerns, one of those is how well-suited the new area is for families. Many people looking to settle down in Wigan may also share the same concerns. However, they needn’t worry. Wigan, located in Greater Manchester, offers a range of amenities and attractions that will definitely entice families to consider moving.

For many families, convenience, safety, affordability, and overall quality of life are the most important aspects. In this article, we’ll take a look at these factors and see how well Wigan is suited for families looking for the perfect location. 

Wigan was voted the happiest location in 2020

Not too long ago, Wigan received the accolade of being the happiest place in the UK. In fact, this wasn’t the first time, as Wigan had also received the same award a few years earlier in 2018. The award was given as a result of residents of different cities providing their opinions. 

 ow, you may be thinking that it’s got to be a good thing that the local residents are happy; however, there are other factors that need to be considered before deciding Wigan’s suitability for families. 

Safety in Wigan

Recent data produced by the Office for National Statistics indicated that Wigan had a rate of 111.6 crimes per 1,000 people. This was considerably higher than the average rate for England and Wales, which was 89.3. Violent crimes and theft were one of the most common types identified. This should be a cause for concern for families living in Wigan. Although, it could be a case of a crime being concentrated in certain areas contributing to the overall figures available. Whatever the case, it does seem to point to Wigan having a higher rate of crime than other parts of the country.

Education Standards in Wigan

For young families, having access to high-quality education will be one of the most important aspects. Additionally, with so many schools in Wigan to choose from, finding the best-performing ones are of key importance. However, recent data identifies the three best-performing schools as Newton Westpark Primary School, St Catharine’s CofE Primary School, and Marsh Green Primary School.

Education results also seem to identify that Wigan does perform slightly better compared to the national average. Of all the students in Wigan, 27.32% achieved at least five or more GCSE grades compared to 25.55% of the national average. 

Family Attractions in Wigan

Having places to visit and enjoy weekends is important for families. In that sense, Wigan can be a perfect place. From shopping, sporting activities, or just enjoying nature – there’s plenty available.

Sports / Activities

From Wigan Athletic F.C. to Wigan Warriors, for sporting families, you’ll have some successful teams in the neighbourhood. If you’re not into either rugby or football, there are plenty of sporting facilities where you can go and get involved with your family too. 


There are plenty of shopping facilities in Wigan, from the Grand Arcade Shopping Centre to Robin Retail Park. If there’s still something needed, then luckily, Manchester is a short journey away. There you can visit the Trafford Centre or Arndale for more retail therapy.


Families need to be fed, and luckily Wigan is the home of pies. Don’t worry if you don’t enjoy pies either; there are plenty of other culinary delights available in Wigan. If you’re still not satisfied, a short trip to Manchester will open up a whole new world of opportunities too. 

Parks / Recreation opportunities 

A little bit of research goes a long way. We found that Wigan has 113 parks and playgrounds, and 35 are urban parks. That’s a lot! So if you have a family and need more outdoor activities, Wigan is a perfect choice. You could go for picnics or walks or just let the kids run free. Whatever works for you!

Cost of Living

So how much does it cost to live in Wigan? An important question for sure, especially as raising a family isn’t always cheap. In terms of property prices, you may be interested in renting or purchasing a property. The current average rent is £870 pcm, while the average selling price for properties is £176,707. Considering that the UK average rent is often over £1,000 and the national average property price is usually just below £300,000 – Wigan is definitely one of the cheaper places to live in the UK, at least in the current climate of increasing living costs. 

Find Happiness in Wigan

Wigan offers a range of possibilities for families. There are plenty of things to do to keep young families occupied. Additionally, data suggests that education standards in Wigan are around the national average, which may be a source of relief. However, as with many cities and towns in the UK – Wigan is certainly not crime-free. As a result, you may need to factor this within the grand scheme of things. 

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