Sell a House During Divorce in Swansea

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Sell a House During Divorce in Swansea
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Divorce is an unfortunate part of life. Although it affects 40% of couples, it does not make it any easier if you go through it yourself. Not only do you need to go through the emotional challenges, but often the needs and considerations of children and dependents come into the equation too, and then of course the big question of what happens to the house. Divorce is stressful and expensive, so getting the right advice and understanding your options is critical.

This is where We Buy Any Home comes in. As cash house buyers, we can help divorcees sell house fast which in turn removes a lot of unnecessary stress. The house can be sold to us in as little as 7 days, freeing up everyone’s time to move on with life as necessary.

What to do when selling a house during a divorce

If you have decided to divorce your spouse, the big financial issue is what happens to the house. There are several options available for dividing or transferring ownership of your property, including:

• Selling and moving out

• Selling at a later date

• Buying your partner out

• Making it part of the divorce settlement

• Let the courts decide

Some couples may choose to wait until a certain event occurs before selling their home, such as when their youngest child turns 18, or the kids finish school or university, but this in turn can add on another layer of complexity and heap on more stress.

While going to court can be an option, it’s usually more time-consuming and expensive. It is always best to try and come to some sort of agreement and only use the court as a last resort.

One of the key reasons why divorcees turn to We Buy Any Home is we can sell your home in as little as 7 days. We can help you bypass all these complex decisions and legal requirements, and we can even let you rent your home back from us whilst you get yourself sorted.

How to sell a house when separated

Navigating a divorce and having to sell your Swansea house at the same time can feel overwhelming, but there are several things you can do.

You could hire an estate agent from the high street or use an online service, but remember, this comes with additional fees and the potential for a long wait before you receive an attractive offer. With the market as it is today, there is no guarantee of sale so you could end up paying for the mortgage for many months or even years, costing you money in the long run. Plus, you’ll need to add on a percentage of the sale price as commission and have to fork out for legal fees too.

Auctioning your house is another route, although it offers no guarantees of a sale or a price, you’d be happy with either. You work to their schedule, not your own and it is very difficult to get a price you want via this method.

For a smoother, speedier solution, consider using a quick home sale service like We Buy Any Home. We provide a special house-buying service tailored to those experiencing a divorce. Our approach is simple, saving you the stress of dealing with real estate agents, endless house viewings, and tedious negotiations with potential buyers.

Do you have to sell if you get divorced?

When you get divorced, there are generally three options for what to do with your marital home:

• sell it and divide the proceeds

• one spouse buys out the other

• defer the sale until a specified time.

If you have children, keeping the home may be an option to minimize disruption. You don’t need to go to court to decide what happens to your home – you can agree yourselves or try mediation. If you can’t agree, the court will consider various factors, including the welfare of the children, length of the marriage and value of assets. The court may make a property order, such as selling the home or transferring ownership. In the meantime, each spouse can apply for interim legal rights to the home, known as ‘home rights’.

Getting the right advice

Finding advice is easy. Finding the right advice though, is not. There are lots of things you need to do to make the process simple, quick, and above all, legal in Wales.

During a divorce, it’s important to ensure that you know who owns the property, whether it’s owned jointly or by one person. To check this, you can visit the HM Land Registry e-services website to view the deed. You’ll need to pay a small fee to do so.

If you find that your name is not listed on the Title Deeds, you can protect your rights by registering your interest with a ‘home rights’ or ‘matrimonial home rights’ notice through the HR1 form on the Gov.UK website. This will allow you to cover any mortgage payment shortfall if your ex-spouse stops paying for example.

It’s recommended that you write a Will after your divorce, specifying how your assets will be distributed in case of your passing. You should also confirm how you own the property, whether it’s jointly or as tenants in common, and seek legal advice if you wish to change your legal ownership status.

How We Buy Any Home Can Help 

Dealing with property during a divorce can be complex. This is why some people look to sell to a cash buyer like us. Our service includes all selling costs, and we can complete the purchase quickly. We understand that selling a home during or after a divorce can be a challenging and emotional experience. Call us today to get free, expert, and thoughtful advice regarding selling your Swansea home following a divorce.

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