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We believe that you should have the choice of when and how to sell your house.

We all assume that we will move out of our home as and when we are ready. But what do we do when this decision is taken out of our hands?

While the idea of having our homes repossessed may never have crossed our minds, we may find ourselves in a situation beyond our control, such as an unexpected change in financial circumstances, which means we are suddenly faced with this incredibly stressful situation.

With 1.4 million UK households struggling to pay their mortgage, house repossession is a harsh reality for some. However, there are alternative options…

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Are you currently trying to avoid having your home repossessed? Then get in touch and see how we can help you. There are NO FEES and NO HIDDEN CHARGES with our services.

House repossession process

If you fall behind on your mortgage payments your lender will inform you of your mortgage arrears. This is how much money you currently owe them. Remaining calm and communicating with your mortgage provider will often halt the repossession process there and then, with many lenders giving time frames and alternative payment plans to help you take control of your situation.

If you fail to get in contact with your lender they will file for a possession order; this means that the courts have decided your mortgage provider can repossess your home. You will be required to attend a court hearing where you can voice your case to a judge. Often, solutions to stop repossession can take place at this point.

If the court decided that repossession is the best option you will be provided a date you must leave your property. If you fail to do so bailiffs will be sent to your home to remove you. Your mortgage lender will then sell your home and return any remaining funds to you.

However, repossession doesn’t need to be the answer.

How to avoid repossession of your home

Most people are aware if they are not keeping up with their mortgage payments and it doesn’t take a notification from your lender for the panic to set in. Whether you have received a letter or not, get in touch with your lender as soon as possible; communication is key.

House repossession advice

Mortgage lenders aren’t out to get you. You are a customer and they will often be keen to find a solution for you if you are upfront and honest. They are human too and will be sympathetic to your case. Solutions could include any of the following:

  • Changing to an interest-only mortgage
  • Adding your arrears to the mortgage itself
  • Taking a ‘mortgage holiday’
  • Selling an endowment policy

However, if you would prefer to get out of arrears with your provider you have the following options:

Stop repossession now

If you are currently trying to avoid having your home repossessed get in touch with us today. We are here to help and offer a no fee solution for anyone who is facing repossession, as well as free advice to those with mortgage difficulties.

So, if you need to stop the repossession of your home, simply fill in our enquiry form and we will be in touch to help you resolve the problem quickly and easily.

House repossession FAQs

House repossession; what happens after?

Once you have been evicted from the property you will not be able to return. Your mortgage lender will sell your property and keep the money which they are owed. The remaining money will be forwarded to you.

My house is being repossessed what can I do?

Getting in touch with your lender as soon as possible is key. Open lines of communication between you and your lender may stop repossession altogether as solutions can be created. You can also raise the funds yourself to repay your lender or sell your home before it is repossessed.

When your house is repossessed what happens?

You will receive notice from your lender that you are in mortgage arrears. Unless a solution is put in place you will have to attend court and relay your case to a judge. Your case will either dismissed or you could receive a ‘suspended possession’. Alternatively, the repossession will be granted, and you will be given a date to leave your home.

Can you stop a repossession?

Yes, getting in touch with your lender and putting a plan of action in place can stop repossession. You can also get in touch with us today on 0808 278 8309 for free advice and information.

What happens to my mortgage debt after repossession?

If your home is repossessed your lender will put it on the market. Once the property has sold, your mortgage lender will keep the money they owe you and your debt will be cleared. You will be given the remaining sum of money.

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