Buying a property is a huge investment and nobody wants to be lumbered with estate agent fees after emptying your pockets for the deposit, stamp duty, legal fees and removal expenses. Commission on properties usually ranges between 0.75% and 1.5% plus VAT for estate agents. See our comparison table below…

Property Price Estate Agent
0.75% + VAT
Estate Agent
1.5% + VAT
£250,000 £2,250 £4,500 £0
£425,000 £3,825 £7,650 £0
£600,000 £5,400 £10,800 £0
£850,000 £7,650 £15,300 £0
£1,000,000 £9,000 £18,000 £0


How much can I save and is it worth it?

When choosing how to sell your house, it’s always worth asking yourself “can I sell my property without an estate agent?” Whilst using an estate agent is one of the most traditional routes to getting your property sold, often, many home sellers are not aware of the many costs associated with agents until it is too late. So before you make a decision about selling your house without an estate agent, make sure you know the facts.

Estate Agent Fees  

Estate agents charge fees on a percentage basis. This means that the overall fees you are required to pay depend on how much your home sells for. Fees can range from anywhere between 0.75% to 3% of the property value, depending on what type of contract you opt for with your estate agent. The average fee is 1.42% (excluding VAT). It’s worth noting that “sell house without estate agent” services tend to have little to no fees involved. 

VAT (Value Added Tax)

Some estate agents will quote their fees to you without including VAT, which is an additional 20% of the cost. This means that a 2.5% fee is actually a 3% fee once the tax has been adding. This would mean that, were your property to sell for £300,000, your estate agent fee would be £9,000. It’s always important to take VAT into account, particularly if you could avoid it by selling your property without an estate agent.


Fees differ depending on the agent and the type of contract you sign, so it’s always important to read the contract carefully before choosing whether to use an estate agent or choose to sell without an agent. Be sure to check whether any fees are incurred if the agent doesn’t sell the property. Additionally, find out what the terms are is using a sole agent. Fees are usually lower if you appoint a sole agent, rather than a multi-agent. However, if, further on down the line, you instruct another agent, ensure your original contract has been fully terminated, as you may otherwise have to pay commission to both agents. 

Additional Fees

Depending on your estate agent, you may be required to cover the costs of some of the services required when marketing a property. This includes photographs and floor plans, listing on property portals, installing a “for sale” board, accompanied viewings and negotiating offers. It is important to ask whether these services are covered by the agency fees before deciding to use them, or instead, using a “sell house without agent” service.

Conveyancing Costs

On top of estate agent fees, you will also be required to pay for conveyancing costs when selling your property. Again, these fees are usually linked directly to the value of the property, with the average cost landing between £850 and £1500 excluding VAT. This cost includes solicitor or conveyancer charges, but you should check their terms to make sure it also covers disbursements for the transfer of ownership and the title deeds copy.

What makes WeBuyAnyHome different…

At WeBuyAnyHome, we don’t charge you a penny. Your initial cash offer to you is FREE and you are under no obligation to accept it. You can take your time and decide if you’d like to proceed with the sale. If you do, great! You can rest assured that we will not charge you any fees at any time throughout the sale of your property – we will even cover all of your legal costs.


Steps you will not need to take when you sell your house without an agent using WeBuyAnyHome

When using a traditional estate agent, there are many stages you must go through before (or if) you achieve a sale. Often these processes are long and drawn out. By using WeBuyAnyHome and selling without an estate agent, the process is much quicker and easier. We can even buy your home in as little as seven days!

Getting a valuation

At WeBuyAnyHome, we can provide a valuation and offer for your home in a matter of minutes. Our expert property analysts complete a desktop appraisal to value your home by data profiling, sourcing and electronically analysing your property over 4000 data points, along with the details you provide us. 

If you choose to use an estate agent, rather than selling a house without an estate agent, you’ll need to open up your home for the agent view, in order to provide you with a valuation. Most sellers will arrange for multiple agents to value their home before deciding which agency to use. It’s worth remembering that many estate agents will sadly over-inflate the value of a property to win the seller’s instruction, before lowering once on the market. 

Staging the property

Using a “sell house without an agent” service usually means you don’t need to stage the property. At WeBuyAnyHome, we buy your home directly from you, guaranteed. We don’t need to take any photos of the property, meaning you don’t have to spend any time or money trying to make your home look like a show home for marketing material.

When choosing to sell through an estate agent, the agent will require photos of the property to use in any marketing material they produce. This means spending time, energy (and potentially money) making your property look its absolute best.  

Listing the property

Because WeBuyAnyHome purchases your property directly, we don’t need to waste any time on listing the property online, trying to build interest from buyers and orchestrating viewings. This means we can focus on getting your property sale completed on the date you want. This isn’t the same for all “sell house without estate agent” services, so it’s always best to check.   

Taking viewings

At WeBuyAnyHome, we don’t require any viewings to buy your property. This means escaping the inconvenience and hassle of arranging and hosting public viewings. This also makes us the safest way for you to sell your home right now.  

If you choose to sell your home using an estate agent, you’ll be required to open your house for viewings as and when the potential buyer likes. This means ensuring your property is always looking it’s best, so keeping on top of housework such as tidying and gardening, is a must. During the current restrictions, you’ll be required to leave the property any time a viewing is conducted. 

Managing Offers

Managing and negotiating offers with a buyer can be stressful. At WeBuyAnyHome, we give you an honest, up-front offer for your property at the start, which you can choose to accept or decline, so you aren’t forced to deal with haggling buyers. 

When selling your property with an estate agent, you’ll likely have to experience some sort of negotiation process, as buyers attempt to haggle down the price. 

Conducting a survey

At WeBuyAnyHome, we arrange for a RICS chartered surveyor to check your property. This is completely free of charge.

When using an estate agent to sell your property, you may be required to arrange and pay for the survey yourself.

Paying for a solicitor

Part of the service we deliver at WeBuyAnyHome is sourcing and paying for a solicitor to complete all conveyancing and legal due diligence on the property. This means you don’t have to lift a finger or pay a penny!

If you opt to use an estate agent, rather than a “sell house without agent” service, you’ll be required to source and liaise with a solicitor or conveyancer in order to legally sell the property and transfer ownership. You’ll also be required to pay for the costs incurred.


Selling a house without an estate agent

It might sound bizarre; how can you possibly sell your home without an agent? If you are happy with the house value, we give to you, this is what you can expect to happen….

You will receive two phone calls.
One call from the asset management company we work with, who will arrange for two independent local estate agents to value your property.
The other call from the solicitor we’re providing you with, who will talk you through the paperwork they will send to you.
You will need to then complete and return the paperwork to the solicitor. Please note that, until the solicitor receives this, we cannot progress to the final offer stage.
Once we’ve received the valuation report and completed legal checks we provide a final price for your property.
You can then accept the offer and confirm a completion date that works for you!

The cheapest way to sell your house without an agent

If you don’t want to pay any unnecessary agent fees when you sell your home get in contact with us today. As well as offering a no fee solution to selling your property, advantages of selling with us also include…

  • We provide a fast and easy way to sell your home. We use our own cash funds which means we can buy your property now. Once you have given us the green light on your cash offer from us, we can complete on the sale within seven days, or a time frame that suits you. We offer the quickest way to sell your home.
  • We are the market leader when it comes to the cash home-buying sector. We are also a founding member of the National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB) and members of The Property Ombudsman (TPO). You can rest assured that we follow strict guidelines and offer maximum protection to house-sellers.
  • WeBuyAnyHome have had adverts featured on TV channels such as ITV and Channel 4. We have also been featured in national publications such as The Sun, The Daily Express and Hello!

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Customer Reviews

/Absolutely Amazing! These guys have been brilliant from start to finish, made our transition to our dream home possible. After we had potential buyers retract their offer on our house for sale several times We Buy Any Home were able to make our dream come true and we were able to secure our perfect house knowing we had a secure offer for our previous property. Cannot recommend them enough.

SJ Hannant

Brilliant service. I needed to sell my dads house to pay for care home fees and this company was brilliant from start to finish. No hassle and completion was really quick. I would thoroughly recommend them and have already told friends who need to sell quickly about my experience.

Kim Jedrzejewska

I shopped around a lot before finally settling on We Buy Any Home. I felt most comfortable with them after speaking to multiple cash-buying companies. You hear horror stories about similar companies but I can confirm that this company really was fantastic. I knew I was ready to take a slight loss on the property, in exchange for a quick sale and no hassle. They offered a great, hassle free service and I have no regrets in my decision to choose this company over others.

Lucy W

How to Sell Your House Without an Estate Agent FAQs

Depending on the route to sale you chose, selling without an estate agent could cost a little time on your part. However, many alternative agents and cash house buying companies will be happy to take the reigns when it comes to selling your house. Not only is selling without an estate agent a more affordable option compared to a traditional estate agent, but you will be able to sell your house fast and even stop house repossession should you be in this position. Get a cash offer from WeBuyAnyHome today and find out how we can help you sell your house on your terms with our expert guidance.

Traditional estate agents typically charge a percentage fee when you sell your house. This is also known as agent commission. It can range from 0.75% to 3.0% (plus VAT) and is based on the how much your property sells for. This can really make a dent in any profit from the sale of your home and, if you’re buying another property, you will have to pay stamp duty. It can seem like a never-ending list of expenses.

At WeBuyAnyHome we wanted to make selling simple and affordable. Selling your home with us is completely free and we even cover your legal costs. We can facilitate a quick house sale in a timeframe that suits you, including selling with tenants.

Get a free cash offer online today to get the ball rolling.

It is not compulsory to sell via a bricks and mortar estate agent. They are available to take the stress out of selling your home due to years of experience. However, selling your house privately is becoming more popular, but it can be stressful, time consuming, and costly if you hit any hurdles.

Due to advances in technology and a greater desire for quick house sales there are now property companies who offer online services that are much cheaper than traditional agents. At WeBuyAnyHome you get the expert knowledge and guidance from our agents without the high fees – we even cover your legal costs. We operate as a cash house buyer, meaning we buy your home directly from you for cash, guaranteeing you a sale free from the pitfalls of the open market. Simply get a cash offer from us today and see how we can help you sell your home.

All the popular property portals only list properties which are being sold through an estate agent. This means if you were to sell privately you would not have access to advertise on their platforms.

However, these platforms aren’t the answer to a house sale, and they certainly won’t guarantee you a buyer. This is where WeBuyAnyHome can help. We don’t charge any fees and we eliminate the stress of selling for you. As a cash house buyer, we buy your home directly from you using our own funds. This means you won’t have to facilitate any viewings or be concerned about a chain break. We offer a guaranteed sale in as little as 7 days, or within a timeframe that suits you.

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We can’t talk for everyone, but selling your home is completely free with WeBuyAnyHome. There are no hidden costs selling with us, and we even cover your legal fees. Unlike high street estate agents, we buy your home directly from you and therefore offer a guaranteed sale which we’re able to complete with the dates you provide us with. You can get a free cash offer for your home online now.

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