The Best Places to Live in Newcastle

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The Best Places to Live in Newcastle
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Newcastle is the Northeast’s most populous city for a reason. With lots of excellent places to live, socialise, party, work and raise a family, there are thousands of people who love living in the city.

The significant size of Newcastle, however, means that there are many options available to you when deciding where to live in the city. With attractive places in the centre of Newcastle, and in the outlying suburbs, you need to identify which location is best for you.

Read on for an in-depth look at the best places to live in Newcastle. 


Located south-west of Newcastle city centre, Chopwell is an ideal place to live if you enjoy a quiet life in the countryside. 

The village is a less than 30 minute drive from the centre, which makes it a viable place to live if you need to commute into the city on a daily basis. Chopwell is the perfect place to live for parents looking to raise a family, or for elderly people keen to retire.

The average property price in Chopwell is £75,358, with this going down to £64,790 for terraced houses.


In the west-end of Newcastle is Fenham, a suburb with lots to offer. With a public library and many local schools, there are no shortage of education options for parents looking to raise children in the area.

Fenham is also well-known for having a large Asian community, with many local businesses being Asian-owned.

The average property price in Fenham is £150,052, with this increasing for semi-detached properties to £161,377.


Gosforth is north of the city centre, and has excellent travel connections into the city. The area is known to be relatively affluent, and is therefore a common place to live for parents with young children, or pensioners looking to retire in a quiet, leafy suburb of the city.

There is a significant range of prices for people looking to purchase property in the area. While flats sell for an average of £162,345, the overall average property price in Gosforth is £289,804. This number is brought up by some detached luxury villages, which can be bought at £2.5 million.


Heaton is located two miles east of Newcastle city centre, and is a popular place to live, due to its trendy atmosphere. Many young families and students live in the area, due to there being several bars in Heaton, and there also being excellent transport connections into the city centre.

With lots of young people living in Heaton, it is no surprise that property prices are relatively affordable. Flats sell for an average of £131,172 – a bargain for a location so central in the city – while the overall average property price is £205,148.


Jesmond is renowned throughout Newcastle as being the city’s most fashionable district. With many clothing boutiques, trendy cafes, and stylish cocktail bars, there is lots to do in the area. You can even visit the petting zoo in Jesmond Dene Park. All of these features make this suburb a popular one to move into for families. 

Jesmond is one of the city’s most pricey areas. The average property price is £339,849, with semi-detached houses selling for an average of £491,276.

North Shields

North Shields is a coastal town located 8 miles north-east of Newcastle city centre. The town is well known for its fishing trade, and is also home to the Royal Quays shopping centre. The town has excellent transport links into the city, which means that many people who work in Newcastle city centre live in this town.

The average property price is £215,938 in North Shields. Flats sell for less than this, at an average of £148,275.


At the heart of Newcastle city, Sandyford is an extremely popular place for student accommodation. This is due to its close proximity to both Northumbria University and Newcastle University. 

Sandyford also has good transport connections into the city centre, where most of the bars and nightclubs are densely populated. This is therefore an excellent, affordable place to live for first-time buyers and people in their early 20s.

The average property price in Sandyford is £208,624, with this increasing for terraced properties to an average £298,094.


Located further along the coast from North Shields, Tynemouth is another coastal town with excellent transport connections into Newcastle city centre.

There are lots of things to do in Tynemouth, including visiting Tynemouth Priory and Castle, walking around Tynemouth A quarium, and going to the locally-famous Riley’s Fish Shack on the beach.

The average price for a property in Tynemouth is £351,466. If trying to buy a semi-detached property, this average number goes up further to £438,919.


Quayside is a district of Newcastle located along the River Tyne which goes through the city centre. The Tyne Bridge is a significant local landmark for people in the city, while Newcastle castle is just a stone’s throw from this area.

Almost every part of Newcastle city is within walking distance of Quayside. This accessibility makes it an extremely popular place to live.

The average property price in Quayside is £165,766. This goes down to £161,253 for flats.

Whitley Bay

Approximately 10 miles north east of Newcastle city centre, Whitley Bay is a seaside town famed for its golden sand, promenade, and excellent fish and chips. There is a booming fish industry in the area, which means that only the freshest catches make it onto your plate.

Whitley Bay is well connected to Newcastle city centre, which makes it a viable place to live for families who want to raise their children away from the hustle and bustle of city life, but still need to commute into the city.

The average property price in Whitley Bay is £289,489.

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