Are There Good Job Opportunities in Newcastle?

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Are There Good Job Opportunities in Newcastle?
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Moving to a new area can be both daunting and exciting, but ultimately financial security is key when upping sticks to a new location.

If you’re considering moving to the Newcastle area, you may be keen to ensure that there are ample job opportunities when you arrive, enabling you to sustain your big move and keep money coming in to pay for your outgoings.

In this guide, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive run-through of the job situation in Newcastle, including salaries, the money required to live in this area, some details about living in Newcastle and the pros/cons too.

Is Newcastle a Good Place to Get a Job?

Let’s get to the crux of the matter. If you’re moving to a new area, you’ll want to know if it’s a good place to find jobs, and that’s what we’re here to help determine.

The good news is that Newcastle is a vibrant, growing city, and therefore has many great job opportunities for locals and newcomers alike. Over 8,000 registered businesses are operating within Newcastle, and economic growth is steadily on the rise.

Businesses in Newcastle function in a variety of sectors, providing you with plenty of choices when it comes to choosing a vocation. Some of the larger businesses in Newcastle that provide jobs to the public are Tommee Tippee, The Sage Group, and Greggs. 

There’s something for everyone when it comes to moving to Newcastle and finding your next career path.

What is a Good Salary in Newcastle?

The average salary for workers in the Newcastle area is £35,000 per year, a figure which is based on 10,000 salaries in this location.

This is consistent with the national average salary in the UK which is also £35,000, showing that Newcastle is on par with other major areas to live in the UK.

Salaries in Newcastle vary based on area, with people working in South Tyneside earning an average of £31,100 per year while those working in Northumberland bring in an average of £36,700 each year. 

Therefore a ‘good’ salary in Newcastle may be more likely to be found in areas such as Northumberland where wages are often higher.

Is Newcastle Upon Tyne a Good Place to Live?

If you’re thinking about moving to the area, you’ll be pleased to hear that Newcastle upon Tyne is reported to be a great place to live. 

A recent survey shows that 56% of those living in Newcastle upon Tyne are very satisfied with general life in this location, making this area the 10th highest in terms of resident satisfaction in the UK.

There are many reasons why Newcastle upon Tyne is considered to be a good place to live, here are some of the key reasons:

  • Location – Newcastle is a beautiful coastal city, and isn’t far from popular tourist spots such as Yorkshire, Durham, and the Scottish border.
  • Walking/hiking spots – While Newcastle is an urban city, there are many great walking and hiking spots to explore such as Tosson Hill, Sighty Crag, and Carter Bar.
  • Education – Newcastle is known for its fantastic education opportunities, including St Mary’s RC High School, Newcastle College, and Newcastle University.
  • Jobs – With 8,000 registered businesses in Newcastle, there are plenty of job opportunities if you’re planning on moving to the area.
  • Culture – The Georgie culture is a primary reason why many people move to Newcastle, with most Georgies offering a friendly attitude and a great sense of humour.
  • Shopping – If you love to shop ‘til you drop, Newcastle will be the perfect city for you, with fantastic shopping centres such as the Metro Centre, The Gate and Eldon Square.
  • Transport – Newcastle is known for its excellent transport links, including the metro which has over 60 stops, extensive bus services, e-scooters, and many safe cycling routes.

How Much Money Do you Need to Live in Newcastle?

Newcastle is generally considered to be a more affordable area to live in compared with other locations in the UK. But how much money do you actually need to live in Newcastle?

Expatisan estimates that a family of four will have estimated monthly outgoings of £2,958. This is similar to the national average of £2,097 a month for a family of four in the UK.

A single person is expected to have monthly outgoings of approximately £1,440. Providing they were earning an average salary of £35,000, their monthly income (before tax) would be £2,916, leaving them with £1,476 of disposal income once average monthly outgoings have been removed.

What are the Pros and Cons of Living in Newcastle?

As with any area, there are both pros and cons to living in Newcastle. We’ve gone into some more details on each of these below to help you weigh up whether Newcastle is the best location for your next home.


There are many advantages to living in Newcastle, as it’s a vibrant, growing northern city with lots going for it. The Georgie culture is a big reason why many people decide to move to Newcastle, with Newcastle locals being famous for being very friendly and welcoming to newcomers. 

If you’re into your sport, you’ll be welcomed with open arms by Newcastle fans with Newcastle United being one of the most successful teams in the UK. There are also plenty of places to shop including Eldon Square and the Metro Centre, plus an array of transport routes to get you from A to B.

There are plenty of job opportunities, rural spots to explore, and some great education facilities including Gosforth Academy, Newcastle College, and Newcastle University.


While Newcastle is loved by most people that live there, the one main disadvantage of living in Newcastle is the weather.

As with many cities in the north of England, the weather can be very hit or miss, with very low temperatures in winter rarely reaching over 5 degrees Celsius. In the warmer months of summer, it’s unlikely that the sun will make much of an appearance, with temperatures of over 20 degrees Celsius unfortunately being a rarity.

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