Why You Should Live in Manchester

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Why You Should Live in Manchester
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Tens of thousands of people from all over the UK and abroad move to Manchester every year. And as a result of Manchester’s staggering growth over the last couple of decades, the number of people that move to the city is growing every year.

So, if you’re considering living in Manchester on a permanent basis, you want to read this article until the very end. In this blog, we’re going to:

  • Provide you with an overview of Manchester as a place to live
  • Provide you with some of the biggest reasons why people move to Manchester
  • Discuss whether Manchester would be a suitable choice for you based on your needs

An Overview of Manchester As a Place to Live

Manchester is the UK’s second biggest city, which over 2 million people call their home today. In the entire area of Manchester, there are a total of ten boroughs, each of which is diverse and attractive in its own way.

Some are greener, and some are designed for shopping, while others are designed for entertainment, work, education, and more. So, no matter your reason for moving to Manchester, with some research, you’re guaranteed to find a place that perfectly meets every one of your needs.

Why People Choose to Live in Manchester

There are many different reasons why Manchester is such an attractive hot spot for people who want to move to the city. Below, we’ll go over five of the biggest reasons why tens of thousands of people move to Manchester each and every year.

To Continue Their Higher Education

Manchester is home to several prestigious universities, including the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, the University of Salford, and the Royal Northern College of Music. The sheer amount of choice in terms of education makes Manchester a particularly lucrative destination for students not just from the UK but from all over the world.

To Chase New Career Opportunities

Over the last few decades, Manchester has evolved from its industrial roots and has become one of Europe’s biggest economic hubs. As a result of that, the number and variety of career opportunities have evolved dramatically.

Today, some of the most thriving sectors in Manchester include finance, media, and technology. So, it’s no wonder that professionals from all ages and backgrounds move to Manchester to climb the corporate ladder and achieve their professional goals.

It’s Cheaper Than London

Naturally, people seeking the best quality of life flock to the biggest city in the country. This is the case all over the world, and not just in the UK. However, London has always been renowned as being an expensive city to live in.

Based on rough data, consumer prices in Manchester are around 30% lower. If we look at rent alone, the average property in Manchester is 120% more affordable than in London. As a result of the staggering difference in cost of living, Manchester has become a primary alternative for people who wanted to move to London but have found it to be far too expensive.

To Enjoy the Vast Entertainment and Nightlife

When in Manchester, no matter what you’re into, you’re guaranteed to have a blast. Whether you like to have a drink on a Friday after work or enjoy music, literature, and art, there is a place for you to go. Some of the most popular entertainment and nightlife spots in Manchester include:

  • The Northern Quarter
  • Deansgate Locks
  • Oxford Road
  • Albert hall
  • The Warehouse Project

To Get a Fantastic Quality of Life

There is hardly a better place to live in the UK than Manchester. The city has quite literally everything you need to live a truly fantastic life. From world-class sports and recreation facilities and around-the-clock entertainment to superb transportation links and renowned medical facilities, everything you could ever need is just a step away.

To Live a More Dynamic Lifestyle

It’s not uncommon for people who live in the rural parts of the UK to crave a more dynamic and thrilling lifestyle. At the end of the day, Manchester doesn’t sleep, which is one of the reasons why so many people who are looking for a change of pace in their life end up moving to Manchester.

Will Manchester Be a Good Place to Live for You?

This is certainly a tough question to answer, as it heavily depends on what you want from the place you call home. Manchester is a fantastic place to live if you’re a young person looking to get the right career opportunities while enjoying the city life.

With that said, Manchester can also be a great place to live for families, as commuting around is quite easy, and there are plenty of fantastic primary and secondary schools, colleges, and universities in the area.

Manchester is also a great place for people looking to invest in the property market. There are many people who have lived in Manchester for many years for that very reason. And once the time for retirement was around the corner, people would sell their tenanted property and move on.

On the flip side, if you are someone who’s looking at living a rural lifestyle around Manchester, you’re going to have to spend a very decent amount of money to purchase a good amount of land that you can live on. Sadly, stretching your budget that much isn’t always possible, in which case you should look elsewhere.

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