Are There Good Job Opportunities in Manchester?

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Are There Good Job Opportunities in Manchester?
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Manchester, often considered the London of the North, is one of the UK’s fastest-developing cities. And it’s easy to see why. Not only has the economy in Manchester grown faster than expected, but the sheer amount of career opportunities available have started to attract tens of thousands of individuals to the biggest city in the North of England.

If you’re reading this article with the hope of finding out whether or not Manchester is a good place to move to – to find better career opportunities, the answer is a definitive yes. However, we don’t just want to make a bold statement without providing some context. So, in the next 5-10 minutes, we’ll go over:

  • What the average salary is like in Manchester
  • How hard it is to find a job in Manchester
  • Which sectors are currently thriving in Manchester

But before we do any of that, let’s first take a quick look at what it’s like to live and work in Manchester.

What Is It Like Living and Working in Manchester?

Working and living in Manchester is a dream come true for many people, especially young professionals who have just started to acquire their first bit of money and are looking to enjoy it.

As one of the UK’s biggest cities, Manchester offers just about everything for everyone. In other words, whether you’re into chess, dancing, yoga, sports, or anything else, you’re guaranteed to find your place. The sheer diversity of people in Manchester definitely makes it an awesome place to work and, more importantly, have a blast during your time off work.

What Is the Average Salary in Manchester?

The average salary in Manchester as of 2023 is £37,498 or £19.23 per hour. This is around £2,500 more than what the median worker earns anywhere else in the United Kingdom each year. That said, please note that most starting positions in Manchester start at around £27,500 per year, while the most experienced workers make upwards of £57,000.

It’s also worth mentioning that the average salary in Manchester varies greatly between the different industries. For example, the need for competent cyber-security specialists is on the rise across Manchester, and it’s not uncommon for employees with less than 5 years of experience to be making over £60,000 per year.

Is It Hard to Find a Job in Manchester?

As is the case with most major cities, some people have a tremendously easy time finding a great job, while others find the job-hunting process more challenging. How easy it is for you to find a job in Manchester really depends on a few things, including:

  • The field you work in
  • How experienced you are
  • How dedicated you are to finding a job
  • How flexible you are (whether you prefer to work from home or you don’t mind coming to the office)

Generally speaking, though, Manchester is definitely the place to go if you want to find a job easily. And we aren’t just saying this. According to data, Manchester’s job market has seen a 39% rise in job opportunities over the past two years.

And remember, even if you do settle here for the next 10 years and purchase a house, when it’s time to move on, you can not only easily sell your house fast but will also likely do it at a profit.

Thriving Job Sectors in Manchester

There are many sectors across Manchester that are thriving and are actively looking for professionals to fill the open positions. Some of the sectors that are looking for staff the most include:

Technology and Digital Innovation

As the UK is massively invested in the service business, and as businesses expand outside of London, professionals that specialise in technology and digital innovation are constantly in extremely high demand. Some of the most in-demand positions in Manchester include:

  • Software development
  • Data science and analytics
  • Cybersecurity

Healthcare and Life Sciences

As a major UK city, Manchester’s very own healthcare and life sciences industry is also on the rise. There are three sectors in particular that are constantly on the lookout for new professionals. They include:

  • Biotechnology and research
  • HealthTech
  • Pharmaceuticals

Creative and Media Industries

As the world is becoming increasingly more digital, the need for creative individuals with an understanding of the digital world is on the rise. Sectors like digital marketing, media production, gaming, and animation are some of the sectors in Manchester that have grown significantly over the last decade.

Renewable Energy and Environmental Sustainability

In 2019, the British government legislated a net zero emissions target for our nation by 2050. And now that we’re in 2023, we only have 27 years to reach that target. Due to the short amount of time we have to meet our goal, the market for renewable energy and environmental sustainability has grown rapidly over the last several years.

In other words, if you’re looking for a job in green technology, environmental consultancy, or renewable energy infrastructure, you will easily find a job in Manchester.

Financial Services and FinTech

The last and arguably most popular sector in Manchester is the one dealing with FinTech and financial services. The three sectors within this industry that have been on the lookout for more talent than ever before include:

  • Banking and Finance
  • FinTech
  • Accounting and Consultancy

If you’re looking for good career opportunities, Manchester is one of the best places to be. With several thriving job sectors, your specialisation is almost always guaranteed to be in demand, especially now that the city is still growing at a rapid rate.

If you’re looking to find out more about what job opportunities are available in Manchester within your specific field, we recommend you do some more digging on the internet and see for yourself. And who knows, you may just come by your dream job and finally make your move to Manchester.

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