Which London Borough Has the Most Green Spaces?

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Which London Borough Has the Most Green Spaces?
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As one the UK’s biggest and most commercialised cities, it can be hard to imagine that London has more than a handful of green spaces. If you’re looking at the greenest borough in London, in this article, we will tell you which one it is. Not only that, but we’ll also explore:

  • The cleanest borough in London
  • The borough in London with the best green spaces
  • The London borough with the least green spaces
  • The most affordable borough with the most green spaces

By the end, you’ll have a very good idea of what some of London’s boroughs have to offer in terms of parks, forests, and green areas. But first, we’d like to tell you more about the largest green space in the entirety of London, Richmond Park.

Richmond Park – The Largest Green Space in London

If you want to live right next to the largest green area in the entirety of London, finding a home to buy or rent near Richmond Park is a great idea. Richmond Park spans over 1000 hectares, which is around 2,500 acres.

It’s home to dozens of hills, woodlands, ponds, gardens, and grasslands. If you go deep enough, you’ll also come across ancient trees, and if you’re lucky, you might even come across one of the 650 free-roaming deers.

Bromley – The Borough With the Most Green Spaces

In the top spot, we have the borough of Bromley. This neat borough is located in the southeasternmost of the Greater London area. It is also the largest borough in London, covering over 59 square miles, 9.9 miles of which are parks and green spaces the local residents can take full advantage of.

To be more specific, the greenest part of the borough is down south, which is where Normal Park and the Bromley Football Club stadium are located. The park itself is part of a bigger green space that is over 4 miles in length.

Kensington & Chelsea – The Cleanest Borough in London

According to a new survey, London has some of the dirtiest streets and most polluted air in the whole country. The borough of Merton is one such example. Over 49% of Merton’s streets in the area fell below the government standard.

If cleanliness is your top priority, it doesn’t get any better than Kensington and Chelsea. These two affluent areas are always kept in pristine condition, allowing both tourists and residents to enjoy the nice and clean public places without getting that run-down feeling.

Richmond-on-Thames – The Borough With the Best Green Spaces

Nestled in the southwest of London, the borough of Richmond-on-Thames is the borough with the best and highest-quality green spaces in the whole of London. The area is home to the largest green area in London, Richmond Park. Due to its size (2,500 acres), this park in particular is vast in vegetation and species.

If you take a walk through the different routes that go through the park, you’re also very likely to come across some interesting animals for the English capital, free-roaming deers. Aside from Richmond Park, which takes up a good 50% of the entire borough, to the north of the town of Richmond, you’ll also find the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew.

Tower Hamlets – The Borough With the Least Green Spaces

If green spaces are important to you, there is one area in London that you want to avoid at all costs; Tower Hamlets. Situated to the right of Tower Bridge, Tower Hamlets covers an area of 22 square kilometers, of which only about 5% are public green spaces. Not only that, but Tower Hamlets is also the second worst place to live if you want your property to have a garden, as only around 60% of properties have one.

Havering – The Most Affordable Borough With the Most Green Spaces

If you’re looking for the best of both worlds (green spaces and affordable housing), the best borough for that in London is the borough of Havering. Situated just North of the River Thames, this eastmost borough is home to a dozen parks and green spaces scattered all over the area. Some of the most notable green areas here include the following:

  • Havering Country Park
  • Bedfords Park
  • Dagnam Park
  • Harold Wood Park
  • Eastbrookend Country Park
  • Hornchurch Country Park

In regards to affordability, buying a property in Havering will cost you an average of £447,476. Due to the lower-than-average property prices and many green spaces, Havering’s property market is one of London’s hot spots.

If you plan on purchasing a property to live in, don’t hesitate to do so. When you decide to move, you can sell your house fast without a problem as the demand will always be there. As far as renting is concerned, you can easily find a property in the £1,000 – £1,500 range.

Which is The Best Green Borough to Live in London?

The answer to this question will heavily depend on your individual needs. If you’re a wealthy individual that is looking to live in the best part of London without compromising on green spaces, Richmond-on-Thames is a great choice.

If you’re looking for affordable housing and fantastic green spaces, Havering is a great choice for you. And if green spaces matter so much that you want to live in an area that has the most of them, we couldn’t recommend you the borough of Bromley enough.

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