Best Places to Live in London with Good Schools

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Best Places to Live in London with Good Schools
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When it comes to quality schools, there’s hardly a better place to go than London. The English capital is home to hundreds of private and state schools, and the best thing about them is that they are pretty evenly spread throughout the city.

That way, you don’t have to go out of your budget to live in a specific area just so your children can go to a good school. To help you figure out the best place to live in London (that also has great schools), we’ve taken it upon ourselves to do the necessary research. So below, we’ll go over a number of areas that we believe are particularly good for having some of London’s finest primary and secondary education facilities in the entire city.

Richmond Upon Thames

The London borough of Richmond Upon Thames is a great place for education. Some of the best primary and secondary schools in the area include Christ’s School, Grey Court School, Hampton High, Orleans Park School, Sacred Heart RC Primary School, and East Sheen Primary School.

What’s more, this part of London is considered to be one of the happiest in the entire city, which may or may not be because of the vast number of activities you can do and the many green spaces to explore every day of the week.

As far as property prices in the area, they are not the most affordable. The average property in the town over the last 12 months sold for £841,658. These prices are up by 3% since last year and 7% from their 2020 peak of £786,045.

Kingston Upon Thames

Kingston Upon Thames is another great area for families looking to send their children to a great school. Some of the most popular and best primary and secondary schools for boys and girls include Alexandra School, Corpus Christi RC School, Ellingham Primary School, Kingston Community School, and St Agatha’s RC Primary School. There are over 30 different schools in the area to pick from, so your children will be spoilt for choice.

As far as property prices are concerned, the average property in Kingston Upon Thames over the last 12 months sold for £799,426. Flats were the cheapest, sitting at around £430,000 while semi-detached properties went as high as £1 million.


Another hot spot for families with children is Barnet, the borough on the far north side of London. Situated 16 miles out of the city centre, Barnet is home to numerous primary and secondary state schools, including the North London Grammar School, Barnfield Primary School, The Compton School and the Orion Primary School.

Due to its location, schools, and general amenities in the area, Barnet is definitely not the cheapest of places to call home. The average home in Barnet last year sold for around £890,000, which is nearly £400,000 more than the London average. That said, if the education of your children is a priority, this area is a fantastic place to consider.


Hammersmith is one of the most central places in London that you can live in which also gives you access to some of the city’s finest education facilities. Some of the best primary and secondary schools in the area including the Addison Primary School, Brackenbury Primary School, Hammersmith Academy, Phoenix Academy, and The Hurlingham Academy.

Despite being only 4.9 miles away from the city centre, Hammersmith is a fairly relaxed area compared to other affluent parts of London. Property prices in the area will set you back on average around £945,000. Of course, that would heavily depend on the type of property you’re after. Some go as high as a few million.


Southwark is home to one of the most popular all-girl schools in London – James Allen’s Girl School. It’s home to one of London’s older institutions, having educated children in the area for over 200 years. For families with children looking at studying in this school, there’s no better area to live than Southwark. That said, if you happen to have boys or prefer to put your children in a mixed school – you’ll be spoilt for choice.

As far as living in Southwark is concerned, the average property in the area over the last 12 months sold for around £686,284. That said, please note that terraced properties sold for £965,699 while semi-detached homes went for around the £1.5 million mark. It’s definitely not the most affordable place to live in London, but what it has to offer its residents is definitely worth the financial investment.

Kensington and Chelsea

While it’s great to look for areas near schools when raising a family, you also have to think of extra-curricular activities. While Kensington and Chelsea isn’t exactly affordable, it offers a great balance between proximity to great schools and lots of recreational activities. This particular part of London is packed with museums, restaurants, parks and green spaces, and more. 

As far as primary and secondary education is concerned, this borough is also home to Chelsea Academy, Cardinal Vaughan Memorial RC School, St Thomas More Language College, and All Saints Catholic Secondary School.

As far as property prices go, this area is one of the most expensive on this list. The average home in Kensington and Chelsea over the last 12 months sold for £2,431,336, which is nearly £2 million over the London average.


When it comes to Westminster, schools aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, for those who can afford to make Westminster their home, there are a number of fantastic primary and secondary schools that your children will love. Some of them include the Ark Atwood Primary Academy, Millbank Academy, Ark King Solomon Academy, and Paddington Academy.

As Westminster is one of the most sought after locations for residents and investors, property prices are quite steep. During the last 12 months, the average property in the area sold for £1,875,156. At the end of the day, it is just 1.1 miles away from the London city centre, which is why the average property price is so high.


Redbridge is a borough on the Eastern side of London. It’s known for spacious properties and a range of great primary and secondary schools, which is why it’s another top choice for families with young children.

On top of that, it’s one of London’s most affordable areas, with the average house price floating at around £542,594. So, if you want a good London location that isn’t too expensive, Redbridge is a location to consider. And remember, even if you spend a whole lot of money on a house, when your children graduate, you can always sell it to one of London’s best cash house buyers and move on.

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